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Happy 1st of September! Let the 2021 Eurovision season BEGIN! 🎉

2020.08.31 23:59 NitroGnome Happy 1st of September! Let the 2021 Eurovision season BEGIN! 🎉

🎉🎉 Good morning Europe, and good evening Australia!

Today is September 1st 2020, so you know what that means? That’s right - the year is one month closer to being over!! Oh, and the Eurovision season has officially begun! Any song released between now and the submission deadline in March is eligible for this year’s contest!

(i) Release date

The compositions (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released before 1 September 2019 2020 (the Release Date).
In case the composition has been made available to the public, for example, but not limited to, on online video platforms, social networks or (semi-) publicly accessible databanks and/or performed publicly, for example but not limited to during concerts, the Participating Broadcaster must inform the ESC Executive Supervisor, who shall have authority to evaluate whether the composition is eligible for participation in the Event.
In particular, the ESC Executive Supervisor shall assess whether such disclosure prior to the Release Date is likely to give to the composition an advantage in the Event vis-à-vis the other compositions.
The ESC Executive Supervisor shall authorise or deny participation of a composition which may have been available to the public as described above, subject to the prior approval of the Reference Group.
Even though the season has just begun, we’ve been getting news about the 2021 contest consistently since the cancellation of the 2020 contest, so let’s recap (strap in, this will be a long one).

The Show Itself:

The three shows will take place on:
The host city is once again Rotterdam, and the stage design from 2020 will be carried over for this year so get ready for some fancy LEDs and holographic screens! At present it is unconfirmed as to whether Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, and Jan Smit will host the 2021 contest.
As a precautionary measure to guarantee a contest this year, the EBU have announced that pre-recorded backing vocals will be permitted during the shows as an option for each delegation. This will be trialed in the 2021 edition and may be carried forward to future contests if it proves successful.
Unfortunately, as we head into the 2021 contest we say farewell to the iconic executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand. Martin Österdahl has taken the position and this year’s contest will be the first of many under his watch!

The Artists and Songs:

While the 2020 songs are not able to compete in this year’s contest, many of the artists will be returning to represent their country on the Eurovision stage. The returnees (so far) are:
Further information on the confirmed artists can be found here:

National Finals and Other Selections:

While a fair few artists are set to return for the 2021 contest, some countries have opted to host open national finals and some artists have opted not to represent their country at the 2021 contest.

Other countries:

Andorra, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Morocco, and Turkey are not expected to debut/return.
At present there has been no information from the following countries; Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Iceland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, or Russia.


Are you Still Breathing? Do you want to Think about Things? Join the community on Discord!
Don't just dare to dream, let's come together in building bridges across Europe and around the world. Open up to sharing the moment and celebrating diversity! All Aboard!

Douze points to u/Happy_Moth for putting this post together!

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2019.01.31 15:04 MrTigs Eurovision Song Contest 2019 @ Tel Aviv, Israel

Latest update at 18:25, 05/04/2019
Good evening, Europe World! In this thread you should find the essentials about this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, following Netta's victory in Lisbon with her song Toy.
As of 11th of March, all the artists and songs from all the 41 participating countries are known. All the entries were approved by the Heads of Delegation meeting held in Tel Aviv. The songs are available in official YouTube and Spotify playlists.
If you're already missing the national final season, the complete calendar and all the detailed information about each country's selection process can still be found in this thread. Plus, don't forget that you can always live chat with the community on our Discord server.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 (64th Edition)


Semi-final #1 Tuesday, 14th of May
Semi-final #2 Thursday, 16th of May
Final Saturday, 18th of May


Expo Tel Aviv


Assi Azar, Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal and Lucy Ayoub


Dare To Dream

Withdrawing Countries

Bulgaria, Ukraine

Semi-final 1

Country Artist Song Language Selection Method
01 🇨🇾 Cyprus Tamta Replay English Internal Selection
02 🇲🇪 Montenegro D-Moll Heaven English Montevizija
03 🇫🇮 Finland Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman Look Away English Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu
04 🇵🇱 Poland Tulia Fire of Love (Pali się) Polish, English Internal Selection
05 🇸🇮 Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl Sebi Slovene EMA
06 🇨🇿 Czech Republic Lake Malawi Friend of a Friend English Eurovision Song CZ
07 🇭🇺 Hungary Pápai Joci Az Én Apám Hungarian A Dal
08 🇧🇾 Belarus ZENA Like It English Eurofest
09 🇷🇸 Serbia Nevena Božović Kruna Serbian Beovizija
10 🇧🇪 Belgium Eliot Wake Up English Internal Selection
11 🇬🇪 Georgia Oto Nemsadze Keep On Going Georgian Georgian Idol
12 🇦🇺 Australia Kate Miller-Heidke Zero Gravity English Eurovision - Australia Decides
13 🇮🇸 Iceland Hatari Hatrið Mun Sigra Icelandic Söngvakeppnin
14 🇪🇪 Estonia Victor Crone Storm English Eesti Laul
15 🇵🇹 Portugal Conan Osíris Telemóveis Portuguese Festival da Canção
16 🇬🇷 Greece Katerine Duska Better Love English Internal Selection
17 🇸🇲 San Marino Serhat Say Na Na Na English Internal Selection

Semi-final 2

Country Artist Song Language Selection Method
01 🇦🇲 Armenia Srbuk Walking Out English Internal Selection
02 🇮🇪 Ireland Sarah McTernan 22 English Internal Selection
03 🇲🇩 Moldova Anna Odobescu Stay English O Melodie Pentru Europa
04 🇨🇭 Switzerland Luca Hänni She Got Me English Internal Selection
05 🇱🇻 Latvia Carousel That Night English Supernova
06 🇷🇴 Romania Ester Peony On a Sunday English Selecția Națională
07 🇩🇰 Denmark Leonora Love Is Forever English, French Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
08 🇸🇪 Sweden John Lundvik Too Late For Love English Melodifestivalen
09 🇦🇹 Austria Pænda Limits English Internal Selection
10 🇭🇷 Croatia Roko The Dream English, Croatian Dora
11 🇲🇹 Malta Michela Pace Chameleon English X Factor
12 🇱🇹 Lithuania Jurij Veklenko Run With The Lions English Eurovizijos Atranka
13 🇷🇺 Russia Sergey Lazarev Scream English Internal Selection
14 🇦🇱 Albania Jonida Maliqi Ktheju Tokës Albanian Festivali i Këngës
15 🇳🇴 Norway KEiiNO Spirit In The Sky English Melodi Grand Prix
16 🇳🇱 The Netherlands Duncan Laurence Arcade English Internal Selection
17 🇲🇰 North Macedonia Tamara Todevska Proud English Internal Selection
18 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan Chingiz Truth English Internal Selection


Country Voting SF Artist Song Language Selection Method
🇫🇷 France SF 1 Bilal Hassani Roi French, English Destination Eurovision
🇩🇪 Germany SF 2 S!sters Sister English Unser Lied Für Israel
14 🇮🇱 Israel SF 1 Kobi Marimi Home English HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion
🇮🇹 Italy SF 2 Mahmood Soldi Italian Sanremo
🇪🇸 Spain SF 1 Miki La Venda Spanish Operación Triunfo
🇬🇧 United Kingdom SF 2 Michael Rice Bigger Than Us English Eurovision: You Decide

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2018.09.28 18:29 rootatkali Megathread: National Selection Shows 2019

Albania 🇦🇱 Festival i Këngës

Dates: 20 Dec (SF1), 21 Dec (SF2), 22 Dec (Final)
Hosts: Ana Golja, Viktor Zhusti
Links: [al] Website Live Broadcast
Winner: Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju Tokës

Australia 🇦🇺 Eurovision: Australia Decides

Date: 9 Feb
Hosts: Myf Warhurst, Joel Creasey
Winner: Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity

Belarus 🇧🇾 Eurofest

Date: 8 Mar
Winner: ZENA - Like It

Croatia 🇭🇷 Dora

Date: 16 Feb
Winner: Roko - The Dream

Denmark 🇩🇰 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Date: 23 Feb
Winner: Leonora - Love is Forever

Estonia 🇪🇪 Eesti Laul

Dates: 31 Jan (SF1), 2 Feb (SF2), 16 Feb (Final)
Winner: Victor Crone - Storm
Links: [et] Website

Finland 🇫🇮 Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (Song Only)

Date: 2 Mar
Artist: Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman
Host: Krista Siegfrids
Winner: Look Away

France 🇫🇷 Destination Eurovision

Dates: 12 Jan (SF1), 19 Jan (SF2), 26 Jan (Final)
All video links from France are Geoblocked
Host: Garou
Links: [fr] Website [fr] Live Broadcast (Geoblocked)
Winner: Bilal Hassani - Roi

Georgia 🇬🇪 Georgia's Star

Dates: 5 Jan (Start), ..., 2 Mar (Final)
Hosts: Vaniko Tarkhnishvili, Ruska Makashvili
Winner: Oto Nemsadze - Sul tsin iare
Links: Website Live Broadcast

Germany 🇩🇪 Unser Lied Für Israel

Date: 22 Feb
Hosts: Barbara Schöneberger, Linda Zervakis
Winner: S!sters - Sister

Hungary 🇭🇺 A Dal

Dates: 19 Jan (Start), ..., 23 Feb (Final)
Hosts: Bogi Dallos, Freddie
Winner: Joci Pápai - Az én apám
Links: [hu] Live Broadcast [hu] Website

Iceland 🇮🇸 Söngvakeppin

Dates: 9 Feb (SF1), 16 Feb (SF2), 2 Mar (Final)
Winner: Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra

Israel 🇮🇱 HaKokhav HaBa (Artist Only)

Dates: 24 Nov (Start), ..., 12 Feb (Final)
Hosts: Assi Azar, Rotem Sela
Winner: Kobi Marimi
Links: [he] Website [he] Entire Season [he] Live Broadcast

Italy 🇮🇹 Festival di Sanremo

Winner: Mahmood - Soldi

Latvia 🇱🇻 Supernova

Dates: 26 Jan (SF1), 2 Feb (SF2), 9 Feb (SF3), 16 Feb (Final)
Hosts: Dagmar Legant, Ketija Schoenberg
Links: [lv] Website

Lithuania 🇱🇹 Eurovizijos Atranka

Dates: 5 Jan (Start), ..., 23 Feb (Final)
Hosts: Gabrielė Martirosianaitė, Giedrius Masalskis
Links: [lt] Live Broadcast [lt] Website

Malta 🇲🇹 X Factor Malta (Artist Only)

Dates: 7 Oct (Start), ..., 26 Jan (Final)
Host: Ben Camill
Links: [mt] Entire Season (Geoblocked) Live Broadcast

Moldova 🇲🇩 O Melodie Pentru Europa

Dates: 2 Mar (Semi Final), 3 Mar (Final)

Montenegro 🇲🇪 Montevizija

Date: 9 Feb

Norway 🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix

Date: 2 Mar
Hosts: Kåre Magnus Bergh, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen

Portugal 🇵🇹 Festival da Canção

Dates: 16 Feb (SF1), 23 Feb (SF2), 2 Mar (Final)
Hosts: Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, Sónia Araújo (SF1); Jorge Gabriel, José Carlos Malato (SF2); Filomena Cautela, Vasco Palmeirim (Final)

Romania 🇷🇴 Selecţia Naţională

Dates: 20 Jan (SF1), 27 Jan (SF2), 17 Feb (Final)

Serbia 🇷🇸 Beovizija

Dates: 27 Feb (SF1), 28 Feb (SF2), 3 Mar (Final)

Slovenia 🇸🇮 EMA

Date: 16 Feb

Spain 🇪🇸 Operación Triunfo

Dates: 19 Sep (Start), ..., 19 Dec (Final), 20 Jan (Gala Eurovision)
All On-Demand links from Spain are Geoblocked
Host: Roberto Leal
Links: [es] Entire Season (Geoblocked) [es] Live Broadcast - Galas [es] Live Broadcast - 24h
Winner: Regular season: Famous; Gala Eurovision: Miki - La Venda

Sweden 🇸🇪 Melodifestivalen


Hosts: Eric Saade, Marika Carlsson, Sarah Dawn Finer, Kodjo Akolor
Links: [se] Website

Ukraine 🇺🇦 Vidbir

Update: Ukraine has withdrawn due to the broadcaster and the winning entry not reaching an agreement on the contract.

Dates: 9 Feb (SF1), 16 Feb (SF2), 23 Feb (Final)
Host: Sergey Pritula

United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Eurovision: You Decide

Date: 8 Feb
Hosts: Mel Giedroyc, Måns Zelmerlöw




Date Countries
16 Sep 🇪🇸 (St)
07 Oct 🇲🇹 (St A)
24 Nov 🇮🇱 (St A)
22 Dec 🇦🇱


Date Countries
05 Jan 🇬🇪 (St), 🇱🇹 (St)
19 Jan 🇭🇺 (St)
20 Jan 🇪🇸
26 Jan 🇫🇷, 🇲🇹 (A)
08 Feb 🇬🇧
09 Feb 🇦🇺, 🇮🇹, 🇲🇪
12 Feb 🇮🇱 (A)
16 Feb 🇭🇷, 🇪🇪, 🇱🇻, 🇸🇮
17 Feb 🇷🇴
22 Feb 🇩🇪
23 Feb 🇩🇰, 🇭🇺, 🇱🇹, 🇺🇦
02 Mar 🇫🇮 (S), 🇬🇪, 🇮🇸, 🇳🇴, 🇵🇹
03 Mar 🇲🇩, 🇷🇸
08 Mar 🇧🇾
09 Mar 🇸🇪
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2018.02.18 03:53 MrTigs Eurovision Song Contest 2018 @ Lisbon, Portugal

Good evening, Europe World! In this thread you should find the essentials about this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, following Salvador Sobral's victory in Kiev with his song Amar Pelos Dois.
This thread will be updated regularly, as the artists and songs from all the 43 participating countries are known. Whenever available, songs from the national finals will also be posted, as well as the artists' official social media. All the songs are available in this playlist of Eurovision's official YouTube channel.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (63rd Edition)


Semi-final #1 Tuesday, 8th of May
Semi-final #2 Thursday, 10th of May
Final Saturday, 12th of May


Altice Arena, Lisbon


Catarina Furtado, Daniela Ruah, Filomena Cautela and Sílvia Alberto


All Aboard!

Returning Countries

Russia (absent since 2016)

Semi-final #1

Country Artist Song Language Selection Method Q/NQ
1 Azerbaijan Aisel X My Heart English Internal Selection NQ
2 Iceland Ari Ólafsson Our Choice English Söngvakeppnin NQ
3 Albania Eugent Bushpepa Mall Albanian Festivali i Këngës Q
4 Belgium Sennek A Matter Of Time English Internal Selection NQ
5 Czech Republic Mikolas Josef Lie To Me English Eurovision Song CZ Q
6 Lithuania Ieva Zasimauskaitė When We're Old English Eurovizijos Q
7 Israel Netta Barzilai Toy English HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion Q
8 Belarus ALEKSEEV Forever English Eurofest NQ
9 Estonia Elina Nechayeva La Forza Italian Eesti Laul Q
10 Bulgaria EQUINOX Bones English Internal Selection Q
11 FYR Macedonia Eye Cue Lost And Found English Internal Selection NQ
12 Croatia Franka Crazy English Internal Selection NQ
13 Austria Cesár Sampson Nobody But You English Internal Selection Q
14 Greece Yianna Terzi Oneiro Mou Greek Internal Selection NQ
15 Finland Saara Alto Monsters English Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu Q
16 Armenia Sevak Khanagyan Qami Armenian Depi Evratesil NQ
17 Switzerland Zibbz Stones English Die Entscheidungsshow NQ
18 Ireland Ryan O'Shaughnessy Together English Internal Selection Q
19 Cyprus Eleni Foureira Fuego English Internal Selection Q

Semi-final #2

Country Artist Song Language Selection Method Q/NQ
1 Norway Alexander Rybak That's How You Write A Song English Melodi Grand Prix Q
2 Romania The Humans Goodbye English Selecția Națională NQ
3 Serbia Sanja Ilić & Balkanika Nova Deca Serbian Beovizija Q
4 San Marino Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening Who We Are English 1in360 NQ
5 Denmark Rasmussen Higher Ground English Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Q
6 Russia Yulia Samoylova I Won't Break English Internal Selection NQ
7 Moldova DoReDos My Lucky Day English O Melodie Pentru Europa Q
8 The Netherlands Waylon Outlaw In 'Em English Internal Selection Q
9 Australia Jessica Mauboy We Got Love English Internal Selection Q
10 Georgia Iriao For You Georgian Internal Selection NQ
11 Poland Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer Light Me Up English Krajowe Eliminacje NQ
12 Malta Christabelle Taboo English Malta Eurovision Song Contest NQ
13 Hungary AWS Viszlát Nyár Hungarian A Dal Q
14 Latvia Laura Rizzotto Funny Girl English Supernova NQ
15 Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso Dance You Off English Melodifestivalen Q
16 Montenegro Vanja Radovanović Inje Montenegrin Montevizija NQ
17 Slovenia Lea Sirk Hvala, Ne Slovene EMA Q
18 Ukraine Mélovin Under The Ladder English Vidbir Q


Country Voting Artist Song Language Selection Method
2 Spain SF #1 Alfred & Amaia Tu Canción Spanish Operación Triunfo
8 Portugal SF #1 Cláudia Pascoal O Jardim Portuguese Festival da Canção
9 United Kingdom SF #1 SuRie Storm English Eurovision: You Decide
11 Germany SF #2 Michael Schulte You Let Me Walk Alone English Unser Lied für Lissabon
13 France SF #2 Madame Monsieur Mercy French Destination Eurovision
26 Italy SF #2 Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente Italian Festival di Sanremo
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2017.11.30 17:15 IdahoSciGuy Edition 13 National Final Masterpost

Hey! It's time once again for the National Final Masterpost! Here's is an overview of the national finals for the 13th Redditvision Song Contest. If you also want to host one, please do so here.
Here is the complete list of all the NFs:
Country Redditor # of Songs Length Link
Wales Phoenix963 6 5 Days HERE
England bipolarbear17 7 5 Days HERE
The Netherlands ollieg99 6 5 Days HERE
Belarus HuriChuri 7 4 Days HERE
Spain Notorious_Park 3 5 Days HERE
Italy SaltyPopcorn02 6 5 Days HERE
San Marino Wierdmeansawesome 5 5 Days HERE
Canada FlohNumba1 6 5 Days HERE
Finland Stardust112 4 5 Days HERE
Estonia _xSyracuse 15(not a typo) Every Day* HERE
Turkey throwawayravenclaw 5 4 Days HERE
*Refers to the format of the NF, with a Semi-final taking place each day, culminating with a Grand Final. Each Semi-Final, Second Chance, and Grand Final has a Televote that people can vote in.
Length means length as of the day that the thread was posted, go to the National Final's post to see how much time you have left!
You can go to one of the National Finals by clicking on one of the links on the column on the right on the table, under Link.
In the comments, you can tell people they've got only 1 day left to vote, for example.
Discord Live Shows
Event Redditor Date Time
Estonian Results Show _xSyracuse Literally Every Day 23:00 CET
Finnish Grand Final Results Show Stardust112 3rd December 20:00 CET
Italian Grand Final Results Show SaltyPopcorn02 3rd December 21:00 CET
English Grand Final Results Show bipolarbear17 3rd December 22:00 CET
Canadian Grand Final Results Show FlohNumba1 4th December 20:00 CET
Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone!
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2017.01.31 08:10 MrTigs Eurovision Song Contest 2017 @ Kiev, Ukraine

Good evening, Europe World! In this post you should find the essentials about this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, following Jamala's victory in Stockholm with her song 1944.
This post will be updated regularly, as the artists and songs from all the 43 participating countries are known. Whenever available, songs from the national finals will also be posted, as well as the artists' official social media.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (62nd Edition)


Semifinal #1 Tuesday, 9th of May
Semifinal #2 Thursday, 11th of May
Final Saturday, 13th of May


International Exhibition Centre, Kiev


Oleksandr Skichko, Timur Miroshnychenko and Volodymyr Ostapchuk


Celebrate Diversity

Returning Countries

Portugal, Romania (both absent since 2015)

Withdrawing Countries

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia

Semifinal #1

Draw Country Artist Song Language Selection Method
01 Sweden Robin Bengtsson I Can't Go On English Melodifestivalen
02 Georgia Tako Gachechiladze Keep The Faith English National Final
03 Australia Isaiah Don't Come Easy English Internal Selection
04 Albania Lindita World English Festivali i Këngës
05 Belgium Blanche City Lights English Internal Selection
06 Montenegro Slavko Kalezić Space English Internal Selection
07 Finland Norma John Blackbird English Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu
08 Azerbaijan Dihaj Skeletons English Internal Selection
09 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois Portuguese Festival da Canção
10 Greece Demy This Is Love English Internal Selection
11 Poland Kasia Moś Flashlight English Krajowe Eliminacje
12 Moldova SunStroke Project Hey Mamma English O Melodie Pentru Europa
13 Iceland Svala Paper English Söngvakeppnin
14 Czech Republic Martina Bárta My Turn English Internal Selection
15 Cyprus Hovig Gravity English Internal Selection
16 Armenia Artsvik Fly With Me English Depi Evratesil
17 Slovenia Omar Naber On My Way English EMA
18 Latvia Triana Park Line English Supernova
Italy, Spain and United Kingdom vote in this semifinal.

Semifinal #2

Draw Country Artist Song Language Selection Method
01 Serbia Tijana Bogićević In Too Deep English Internal Selection
02 Austria Nathan Trent Running On Air English Internal Selection
03 Macedonia Jana Burčeska Dance Alone English Internal Selection
04 Malta Claudia Faniello Breathlessly English Malta Eurovision Song Contest
05 Romania Ilinca feat. Alex Florea Yodel It! English Selecția Națională
06 Netherlands O'G3NE Lights And Shadows English Internal Selection
07 Hungary Pápai Joci Origo Hungarian A Dal
08 Denmark Anja Where I Am English Melodi Grand Prix
09 Ireland Brendan Murray Dying To Try English Internal Selection
10 San Marino Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson Spirit Of The Night English Internal Selection
11 Croatia Jacques Houdek My Friend English Internal Selection
12 Norway JOWST Grab The Moment English Melodi Grand Prix
13 Switzerland Timebelle Apollo English Die Entscheidungsshow
14 Belarus NAVI Historyja Majho Zyccia Belorussian National Final
15 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess English Internal Selection
16 Lithuania Fusedmarc Rain Of Revolution English Eurovizijos
17 Estonia Koit Toome & Laura Verona English Eesti Laul
18 Israel Imri Ziv I Feel Alive English HaKokhav HaBa L'Eirovizion
France, Germany and Ukraine vote in this semifinal.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Selection Method
22 Ukraine O.Torvald Time English National Final
TBD France Alma Requiem French, English Internal Selection
TBD Germany Levina Perfect Life English Unser Song
TBD Italy Francesco Gabbani Occidentali's Karma Italian Sanremo
TBD Spain Manel Navarro Do It For Your Lover Spanish, English Objetivo Eurovisión
TBD United Kingdom Lucie Jones Never Give Up On You English Eurovision: You Decide
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Banana Fish AMV - Isukkiongelmia - collab w/ cloud\berry [Tampere Kuplii 2020] GAME OF MINITRAMP  1K SPECIAL Favorites - YouTube Miss USA Winners Pose Naked for New PETA Ad! - YouTube Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016: Saara Aalto - No Fear [Male version] 5Street tanssi-video Stefan Speelsburger - YouTube

  1. Banana Fish AMV - Isukkiongelmia - collab w/ cloud\berry [Tampere Kuplii 2020]
  3. Favorites - YouTube
  4. Miss USA Winners Pose Naked for New PETA Ad! - YouTube
  5. Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016: Saara Aalto - No Fear [Male version]
  6. 5Street tanssi-video
  7. Stefan Speelsburger - YouTube
  8. Rapidairpistol Live-stream
  9. Eurovision Ukraine 2020 / My Top 16

Ilmaolympiapistoolin esi SM-kilpailu Finaali Rauma 2020. This Song is Called Boston - Kikash (NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2019) - Duration: 3 minutes, 35 seconds. tälläinen tuli sitten tehtyä ei kovin pitkä mut tässähän näitä on esim ekat kerrat kun kävin 5streetissä musiikkia en muista. Four Miss USA winners pose nude for PETA's New Ad to Promote a Fur-free Policy. ★ Tampere Kuplii 2020 AMV contest finalist ★ Collab partner: cloud\berry ♥ ★ Apologies again for a Finnish humor video. I don't think you'll get much out of this if you only speak English ... Skip navigation The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue •🇫🇮Finland: UUDEN MUSIIKIN KILPAILU 2020, 07-03-2020 •🇫🇷France: Tom Leeb •🇬🇪Georgia: Tornike Kipiani •🇩🇪Germany: INTERNAL SELECTION •🇬🇷Greece: Stefania ... The next video is starting stop. Loading...