Ciara ve 50 cent partner

Rapper 50 Cent will face legal action in the revenge-porn case involving “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Teairra Mari, her attorney Lisa Bloom said Wednesday. Will Smith tells 50 Cent 'f--k you' over Jada Pinkett Smith jabs This story has been shared 59,615 times. 59,615 Katie Holmes follows Thandie Newton after Tom Cruise quotes go viral Relationships. Ciara has been engaged to Future (2013 - 2014) and Shad Moss (2005 - 2006).. Ciara has been in relationships with Cam Newton (2011), Amar'e Stoudemire (2010 - 2011), 50 Cent (2007 - 2012), Lloyd Polite (2003 - 2004) and Lakyle Thomas (2002 - 2003).. About. Ciara is a 34 year old American Singer. Born Ciara Princess Harris on 25th October, 1985 in Austin, Texas, she is famous for ... 50 Cent Produced Show 'For Life' Shut Down Over Coronavirus Fears Celebrity Motion Capture -- Happy Video Game Day! Tamar Braxton's Ex-BF Claims She Punched Him, Threatened to Kill Him See what name calling went down inside, plus get the deets on 50's production projects with his bestie Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Seems as though the bevy of Playboy bunnies that 50 Cent met at Hugh Hefner's mansion the other night had him feeling himself because he put some pretty racy comments on Twitter. New Orleans up-and-comer Kidd Kidd has some of the biggest co-signs in his arsenal. From his initial signing under Lil Wayne to his recent alliance with 50 Cent on G-Unit Records in 2011, the Kidd ... On if 50 Cent was the First Black Guy She’s Dated. No, I dated black guys in high school and stuff. I’ve always had a little thing for black guys. I really don’t know what it is, but I think it runs in my family. My dad likes black women. I inherited the gene. Black guys are very, very masculine, and I really like that. Ciara shared a heart-melting selfie video to her Insta Stories of her newborn son Win sleeping against her front in a baby sling. She is raising her children with her husband Russell Wilson. Ciara is a multi-talented artist, who deals with producing, singing, songwriting and even acting. A future star was welcomed in Austin, Texas. Due to the fact that her father worked in military services, the family often moved from one place to another one. During the discussion, Ciara opened up about her very public, 2014 split from rapper Future. The 'Level Up' singer and Future were engaged in Oct. 2013. They welcomed their son, Future, in May 2014.

Ultimate Song Tournament 1992-2007, or why “Under the Bridge” is the best song of the 90s and 00s.

2019.04.28 04:54 d8uv Ultimate Song Tournament 1992-2007, or why “Under the Bridge” is the best song of the 90s and 00s.

I was curious as to what the best song of the 90s and 00s would be. To figure this out, I created a massive 256-song tournament, and ran through it with my partner antarris

Our Filled Bracket

What the hell is that thing up there

For each year in our tournament, I took the top 16 songs from Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 chart (which measures a song’s overall popularity over the course of the year), and seeded them appropriately (so that the more popular songs have a slight advantage). Then, I took the output of the 16 years, and ran a tournament to find the best song of the 90s, the best song of the 00s, then pitted those two winners in the grand final.
Note: In the filled-out bracket, we were mostly in agreement. When we absolutely couldn’t agree, we had to split. Splits are denoted by slashes; the song on top is d8uv’s choice, and the song on bottom is antarris’s choice.

Notes from the tournament

1992—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: Note: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–you know, the song that changed the entire rock genre—only got up to 32. And yet, “Just Another Day”, a song that you have never heard of, was the 10th most popular song. What the hell was wrong with the people of 1992? antarris: Not everyone was an angsty white suburban teenager, you know.

1993—Winner: “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang”

antarris: I don’t even know who like a third of these people even are. “I Will Always Love You” nearly won my bracket.

1994—Winner: d8uv: “Whatta Man”, antarris: “Don’t Turn Around”

antarris: The Sign was the first album I ever owned. I sang “Don’t Turn Around” in the shower through my mid-twenties. Sorry-not-sorry. d8uv: This was the year of Ace of Base, and as much as I love my trashy eurodance, the sound hasn’t aged particularly well. antarris: I live for my trashy eurodance. Fight me.

1995—Winner: d8uv: “Waterfalls”, antarris: “Gangsta’s Paradise”

antarris: “Waterfalls” is just a touch behind for me, probably because my little sister played it incessantly. She was seven. d8uv: Antarris called “Gangsta’s Paradise” out as “the only rap song every white person knows”. This was meant as a compliment, but I know better.

1996—Winner: d8uv: “Tha Crossroads”, antarris: “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”

d8uv: When pressed for comment, all antarris said was “... it’s a choo-choo train.” antarris: Pure fucking lyrical genius. “Tha Crossroads” is my second favorite, though. d8uv: Still, I found myself honestly surprised at how much I liked “Tha Crossroads”.

1997—Winner: “Wannabe”

d8uv: This—like 1994—was a surprisingly weak year. Every matchup other than the final was super easy, and even the final wasn’t that hard. antarris: “Semi-Charmed Life” was #17. It would have won my bracket. I probably should’ve bought it instead of recording the video off MTV.

1998—Winner: “How’s It Going To Be”

antarris: This year was also surprisingly weak. Lots of “this is my third favorite song from this artist.” d8uv: Elton John cheated with a mediocre song that made into two years of this tournament.

1999—Winner: “Livin’ la Vida Loca”

d8uv: This had the hardest matchup in the entire tournament. The seeding was unkind, and forced two songs that would have won the year if they didn’t have to clash. “No Scrubs” vs. “Livin’ la Vida Loca”. But, in the end, Ricky Martin just barely beat TLC. I’m still not sure if this was the right choice. antarris: If “No Scrubs” had won, it would have made it just as far as “Livin’ La Vida Loca” did. It’s that good. My mom thinks we made the wrong choice, though.

2000—Winner: “Smooth”

antarris: I honestly thought d8uv would fight me on this one. I remembered him saying he absolutely hated “Smooth”. d8uv: My dad only listens to Classic Rock. So, when Santana came out with new music, of course he had to Limewire it, and he loved those singles. I heard “Smooth” so many times my teeth fell right out of my head. Turns out, it’s actually a great song. Who knew?

2001—Winner: “Fallin’”

antarris: A garbage-ass year. I’m pretty sure I rounded third base listening to that Staind song, though. d8uv: I thought Dido would win, since I love that song and still play it. antarris: I think you mean “Stan”.

2002—Winner: “In The End”

d8uv: Hybrid Theory is the rare album that became better over time. antarris: Seriously. I hated this in 2002. Love it now.

2003—Winner: “Crazy in Love”

antarris: I had somehow never even heard “Crazy in Love” before. Wow. d8uv: This did not win because it was novel. Lord knows, these pop charts are filled with random songs that we’ve forgotten. Almost every single one was forgotten for a reason. antarris: To be fair, I think 2001 made me give up on pop music for like a decade.

2004—Winner: “Hey Ya!”

d8uv: Outkast was as popular as they deserve, for once. antarris: I was promised Enya. I got baby Adam Levine instead. What the actual fuck.

2005—Winner: “Gold Digger”

antarris: That’s not even the best song named “Shake It Off.” d8uv: Kanye can be very VERY good when he tries.

2006—Winner: “Crazy”

antarris: “Crazy” vs. “Ridin’” was hard for me. I’m still not sure if I made the right call. d8uv: Are you sure you weren’t thinking of the Weird Al version? antarris: Yes. Fuck off.

2007—Winner: “Umbrella”

d8uv: Here it is, the weakest year of the tournament. There’s like one, maybe two good songs in this list.

90s Grand Tournament—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: This was harder than the individual years, because we love every single one of these songs. “Under The Bridge” vs. “Nuthin’ but A ‘G’ Thang” was particularly brutal for me. antarris: We started listening to high-quality versions of the songs here instead of just streaming YouTube. Coolio going over Ace of Base in my bracket surprised me.

00s Grand Tournament—Winner: “In The End”

antarris: “Umbrella” over “Crazy” and “Gold Digger”? Really? It’s like I don’t even know you! d8uv: Should I pack up and leave? Maybe head to the train station? antarris: I picked the song about choo-choo tr--oh, I see what you did there. Not cool. d8uv: This song was always great, it just took a few years for people to forget the stank of nu-metal.

The Grand Final—Winner: “Under The Bridge”

d8uv: They tried so hard, and got so far. But, in the end, it didn’t even matter. antarris: Afterwards, I looked up some of the history on “Under the Bridge”, and this makes sense. A funk-rock band wrote a song based on a poem and had it produced by Rick Rubin. It’s like catnip to both of us for completely different reasons. d8uv: The thing that clinched it for me was the realization that this song builds so beautifully. It’s dynamic in a way most pop songs are, but maintains being interesting even during the subdued opening. antarris: Yeah, I used an orgasm metaphor when I advocated for it. d8uv: Most of the songs on this list were pop songs that became art. This song felt like art that became a pop song. That’s pretentious to say, so just remember—I almost went with “Umbrella”.


I chose these years because I needed to cut 4 years to get 20 years down to 16. Because of this, I excluded the two lowest-revenue (according to the RIAA, adj. for inflation) years from the 90s (1990 and 1991), and the two lowest-revenue years for the 00s (2008 and 2009). It might have been better to include them, but I didn’t want to.
Because the Billboard year ends in November, if a song is released during the winter, it’s likely that it won’t show up as a smash hit for one year; instead, it will show up as a mediocre hit across two years. Some songs can pull off charting highly in consecutive years, but that’s really rare.
It’s important to remember the wise words of Binary Star: Everything that glitters ain’t gold, and every gold record don’t glitter—that’s for damn sure. The Hot 100 measures popularity, not cultural relevance or quality. A lot of very good, very important songs didn’t make the cut for this tournament, while a lot of long-forgotten dross did. Ultimately, I’m fine with this. Most of the fun of filling out the bracket was running into songs I don’t remember and going “What the fuck are YOU, song?”
For singles with an A-side and a B-Side (ex: “Follow You Down / Til I Hear It from You - Gin Blossoms”) I chose the first song. This is a little arbitrary, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.
Some additional caveats (because antarris is an academic pedant): this obviously has too small and homogenous a viewing audience to be objective truth. While both of us have pretty broad taste in music, there are some genres—mainstream country and slow R&B in particular—that neither of us is super into. This probably skews our results significantly, especially in the 90s bracket.
Also, a better way to determine our sample of songs would be to take a page from Good Mythical Morning’s cereal tournament and set up a poll for each year. However, getting a survey sample that’s representative of the population at large would be extremely challenging with an internet poll and, let’s face it, we’re not getting grant money for this shit.

If you disagree, you should fill out your own bracket:
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2018.07.12 23:59 sandmeal Highlights of AMA session with Bgogo Team! 12th July 2018

Dear Bgogo Community,
We had a fruitful and comprehensive AMA session on 12th July 2018 Bgogo official Telegram group. (AMA = Ask me Anything)
For the AMA session we had with us:
  Bgogo CMO, Maximilian Wong, former software engineer at Facebook, former founder of Facebook’s Crypto syndicate. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UCSD. He is also a senior blockchain researcher, influencer and adviser. He helped and directed several popular blockchain projects in Silicon Valley such as QuarkChain.
Following are the highlights of the AMA session:
Q 1. What’s the private equity hard cap for this round of BGG token? What’s the market cap? What’s the token distribution proportion?
A: There are 10 billion BGG tokens in total. 10% was sold during private sale for 15,000 ETH. The investors are our 21 Supernodes, as well as some strategic partners.
  The token distribution looks like this:
  50% (5 billion) will be mine-able by users through trading.
  20% (2 billion) will be reserved for ecosystem developments and Bgogo daily operations.
  20% (2 billion) will be reserved for the team.
  10% (1 billion) will be allocated among the first generation of Supernodes and strategic investors.
Q 2. What is the unlock mechanism for private equity investors?
A: On the first day, the founding generation of Supernodes and strategic investors will unlock 50% of their BGG tokens (500 million), totaling 7,500 ETH (approx. $3.45 million not considering appreciation). This provides a baseline of liquidity in circulation. The rest 50% will be unlocked over a period of 5 months, with 10% at the end of each month. For each Supernode, 250 ETH (approx. $117,000) worth of BGG tokens (16.67 million) are unlocked during the first day of token listing.
Q 3. Bgogo mentions that all trading commission will be used for BGG buybacks, then how will Bgogo handle all these BGG tokens repurchased?
A: All BGG tokens repurchased by Bgogo will be permanently burnt at the end of the trading day (9:59AM UTC+8 the next trading day). The buyback tokens will be sent to a burn address made public.
Q 4. Bgogo platform choose to use its commission proceeds to repurchase BGG tokens, rather than distributing dividends among BGG holders, why?
A: There's lots of new exchanges that's providing a dividend model such as fcoin. But platform dividends, as a matter of fact, still extract commissions from platform users, even if it claims to pay out 100% of its commission revenue to its token holders through dividends. However, through this method there are two ways in which the 100% is redistributed, either by trade mining or by the platform itself. Ultimately, the claimed utilization of 100% commission revenue as dividends is in fact only 50%. This means that token holders only receive half of the claimed amount through the platform dividend method.
We're using a buyback model, meaning 100% of the commission goes to supporting the price action. Bgogo platform will not take a cent from the commission revenue for other purposes. We are not the first to use this buyback model. In the past BNB as well as HT conducted quarterly repurchases with 20% of their commission revenue. We use 100% of our commission.
Q 5. When Can I trade BGG?
  A: After the Genesis Mining event, we will list the BGG trading pair, and this is where you can either start mining BGG through trading, or purchasing it from the exchange.
Q 6. What are the benefits of holding BGG tokens?
A: The value of holding BGG tokens can be derived from the following aspects: 1. As the platform’s traffic increases so does our commission revenue. so our daily buyback power goes up. 2. As the impact of the platform grows, the value of listing authority will increase (a similar trend with Huobi and Binance’s listing price). Thus, more supernodes will be inclined to secure their position by purchasing BGG. 3. For traders, we're coming with a very cool idea of "decentralized VC", so basically we will be working with our partnered projects to provide private sale allocations to Bgogo users, and folks can contribute with a personal cap related to their BGG holdings.
Q 7. Do you have anymore airdrops in the future?
A: Yes, there will be lots of promotions in the near future. The next big one is our genesis mining.
Q 8: What’ does “daily mining quota” actually mean? And strategically how can this term be applied?
A: Its a daily mining cap. There's a limited number of BGG tokens can be mined every day. The release schedule is on the whitepaper page 4:
Q 9. What’s the trade mining hard cap for each individual account?
A: Currently, a single account can mine up to the volume cap of 1 million USD during one trading day. We believe that 1 million USD is sufficient in accommodating the trading demands of most users.
Q 10. Without trading commissions and listing fees, how does the Bgogo platform make money?
A: Yes, in plain words, we're giving away free money in order to build a strong user base. Think about Amazon, Amazon was not a profitable company until its 7th year. Bgogo, has already advanced to its second round of equity financing with participants such as BAI fund, Sky9 Capital and, Node Capital. Currently, Bgogo has more than 10 million USD in cash, sufficient to sustain regular operation for more than four years.
We are are currently in the process of building "Blabs", which will utilize the platform’s own fund to incubate and invest in projects. This will in turn generate more revenue. Blabs can also offer pre-sale allocations to BGG token holders.
Q 11. Who are the core team members of Bgogo?
A: In short Amber is our CEO, Nick is our CTO, I am the CMO, Oscar is the COO and Ciara the CSO. You may find the details of the team profile in the last section of the whitepaper.
Q 12. I've heard about the BGG‘s Genesis Mining, can u explain about it ?
A: BGG’s Genesis Mining is an event that starts 24 hours prior to when mining opens to the public. Only whitelisted users may participate in the Genesis Mining event. During this event, users can trade on the Bgogo platform and receive a 105% trading fee rebate in the form of BGG tokens.
But here is the cool thing,
Given the fact that no BGG trading pairs are listed during the Genesis mining event, the value of BGG will be pegged to ETH at the same price as the private sale. This means that whitelisted users can enjoy an extra 5% bonus on top of our private sale price, with NO lockup. This is an unprecedented case in crypto history where a token is sold to the public at a lower price than private sale. The rebate will be paid to users' accounts in only 30 minutes after the trade.
Q 13. What's the exact rules for Genesis mining?
A: Genesis Mining rules: - Users are whitelisted based on their performance in the ”BGG Proof of Care” contest. - During Genesis Mining, the total cap is 133,333,333 BGG tokens. - During Genesis Mining, the personal cap granted starts from 1ETH. The higher quality the contributions are, the more allocations are granted. The platform will inform the user once their cap has been reached, and no additional BGG tokens can be mined through trading afterwards. - BGG private sale price is 1ETH = 66,666 BGG. All supernodes and strategic investors are subject to this price with no exceptions. - APIs are closed during this event. - No BGG trading pairs are listed during the Genesis Mining event, therefore, the value of BGG will be pegged to ETH at the same price as the private sale. This means that whitelisted users can obtain BGG tokens at private sale price with a 5% bonus.
Q 14. How to be on the whitelist of genesis mining?
A: Users are whitelisted based on their performance in the ”BGG Proof of Care” contest. There are three tiers of prizes, with a respective mining allocation. The higher quality the contributions are, the more allocations are granted. Tier 1: 15 contestants, each granted with a personal cap of 10 ETH; Tier 2: 30 contestants, each granted with a personal cap of 5 ETH; Tier 3: 300 contestants, each granted with a personal cap of 2 ETH; Tier 4: 500 contestants, each granted with a personal cap of 1ETH;
Q 15. Please tell me more about the contest!
A: We will be running a ”BGG Proof of Care” contest
  We'd love to see our community members submitting a written article, a meme, a Youtube video or work your imagination! All submissions must be original. we love creativity and surprises. And post them to social media. Then please send a copy to us: [email protected] with subject: BGG POC Contest_. Please include your Bgogo UID in order to link your submissions to your Bgogo account.
Q 16. I am a huge fan of Bgogo but……...I’m not a writer! I can’t even draw a stick! And I am way too shy in front of a camera! Is there any other ways I can still get whitelisted?
A: There sure is!
  There’s one more option for you to get on the Genesis Mining ride! You can share our promotional posters, related media coverage, short messages with thoughts and comments on the social media platform of your choosing! Easy enough right? You will still have a chance to get whitelisted if you send us snapshots or any proof of your caring about Bgogo. Please send them to our official email address: [email protected] with subject: BGG POC Contest_. Please include your Bgogo UID in order to link your submissions to your Bgogo account.
  Bgogo will quantify your contributions and spirit based on the content you submit. All the submission will be reviewed by our team including the CEO to make our final decisions.
Please visit this link for more information on the Genesis Mining Event:
  Genesis Mining Event Information Page
Whitepaper: Official BGG Token Whitepaper
Support Email: [email protected]
Business Email: [email protected]
Bgogo Team
13th July 2018
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