Dating i Paris

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2020.09.19 14:38 dominiksk How many monsters does Percy kill in the HoO series?

So due to several requests after my most recent post (and my own general curiosity), I will be conducting an investigation into just how many monsters Percy kills in the Heroes of Olympus series (including the Demigod Diaries). I hope to be doing this for the rest of the Seven as well, but it will take time since the books are longer and there’s seven of them.
Note: I’m not doing this for any other characters in the PJO series because we only get Percy’s POV, so there’s just not enough content of the other characters to warrant a whole project.
The Son of Neptune (513 pages): 428. Lots of kills for Percy in his return to the Riordanverse after a 1 book hiatus. A few notables include him killing Medusa’s sisters Stethno and Euryale 4 times each, so 8 total. The big contributors for his count came from the destroying of all 100 Roman ghosts at the Alaskan glacier, and then 300 miscellaneous monsters at the battle on the Feast of Fortuna. He uses the eagle standard of the Fifth Cohort to reduce a section of the monster army to “several hundred smoking piles of ash.” To end the battle, Percy uses the head of Terminus to kill Polybotes. Add in a few extra miscellaneous kills here and there and that’s where the 428 comes in.
Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes (42 pages): 1. Cacus the giant. Percy and Annabeth both get credit here, as Annabeth sends the giant flying with the crane, and Percy zaps him with the titular staff. And then they go on their date in Paris. Awwwwww.
The Mark of Athena (586): 2. His two kills belong to the Hydra that is in the giants Otis and Ephialtes’ lair, and Otis himself. Giants in general are a tough kill to judge, since they require both a demigod and a god to kill, and often it is the god that lays the final blow, but since Bacchus here only whacks Otis in the head with a pinecone staff to finish the job, I’ll give the credit to Percy (and Jason). Ephialtes gets killed by the Argo II cannons (and Bacchus).
The House of Hades (597): 79 143 163. The main victims of Percy’s in this book were the Arai. Percy has to do the majority of the killing since Annabeth did not yet have her drakon-bone sword. He is described as killing first a dozen, and then “several dozen” (36) more, plus another 12 throughout as he, Annabeth, and Bob flee. So 60 in total of just Arai. He also kills Arachne in the beginning of their Tartarus journey. And throughout the rest of book, he kills half a dozen Telekhines, 1 empousa, 1 gryphon, and a phalanx of Cyclops (so let’s say 10 thanks to u/YanARock for bringing my attention to this, but a phalanx usually consists of anywhere from 8x8 to 16x16 soldiers. Since Cyclopes are much bigger than regular soldiers, and Percy takes ALL of them out at once, I'll stay conservative and say this group was 8x8, so 64 Cyclopes). Edit: forgot to add the miscellaneous kills where Percy is covering Bob and Damasen at the Doors of Death, bursting more blood vessels in the ground. So add another 20 to his total for this book.
The Blood of Olympus (516): 55. This book was probably the hardest to do, since none of it is from Percy’s POV, so it took a lot more hunting through context clues and educated guesses. When fighting Nike, Percy kills 1 of the 4 Nikettes/Nikai, then when he and Jason encounter Polybotes and Kymopoleia underwater, he kills 2 basilisks, but is then poisoned and trapped under a net while Jason kills the giant. Then in the big fight of the Olympians/Seven vs. the Giants, Percy is described as fighting Otis and Ephialtes with Poseidon, so that gives him 2 more kills. And finally, at the battle with Gaea’s army at Camp Half-Blood, we don’t get any description of Percy fighting, so I had to make a very educated guess. The army of monsters is larger than the one Percy fought in the Battle of Manhattan, so there are more enemies. However, there are also a lot more demigods, with Camp Half-Blood having more campers plus the addition of Camp Jupiter. And on top of all of that, Percy doesn’t have the Curse of Achilles in this war, so he can’t take on an entire army by himself. But I still gave him 50 kills, since he is the best fighter among the two camps.
TOTALS: 565 629 649 kills over 2254 pages, which averages out to one monster killed every 3.99 3.58 3.47 pages. So by comparison, Percy kills 17 81 101 more monsters in the HoO series, but does so over 793 more pages. One reason for this is that the HOO books weren’t packed as tightly with action/story as the PJO series (there was more breathing room for backstory, flashbacks, exposition), and they also had multiple stories going on. Not every page was dedicated to Percy.
In conclusion, Percy kills a lot of monsters again, this time only in 4 books. Next up is Jason, though I’m not sure if his will get posted next week or not; depends on how busy I am with my real statistics work.
Predictions: Might as well do this since no experiment is any good without a hypothesis. Here’s my prediction for the standings of the Seven, in terms of who is the most deadly. 1. Percy 2. Jason 3. Frank 4. Hazel 5. Annabeth 6. Leo 7. Piper (sorry Pipes, you’re a great character, but don’t really become a fighter until BoO). Obviously Percy is the physically strongest and most skilled fighter (since Jason’s Roman training is more about the group and less about the individual), so he’s going to have the most kills. And although Annabeth is the leader of the Seven and is the smartest and strongest-willed of the group, she doesn’t have a weapon for half of HoH and is more of a strategist, and will try to outsmart an opponent before killing it (which she can still do quite well).
And with that, see you all soon when I discover how many monsters another member of the Seven kills (I haven't decided who to do next yet).
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2020.09.19 10:31 Ainsoph777 Reports (1947, declassified) from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd on Vatican Ratlines and Ustashi terrorists

Reports (1947, declassified) from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd on Vatican Ratlines and Ustashi terrorists
These documents can be found in the Pavelic Papers collection: ,
The italicized text above each document is a summary given by the researchers who have put together these collection of documents.
Further reading on this topic : Avro Manhattan , Terror Over Yugoslavia : The Threat to Europe (1953)
Edmond Paris, Genocide In Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945 : A Record of Racial and Religious Persecutions and Massacres, (1961)
J.J. Murphy, Papal Murder In Croatia, , The Converted Catholic Magazine , December 1945
Drew Pearson, Croat Himmler Finds U. S. Haven, Washington Post (October 16 1963)
Karlheinz Deschner , God and the Fascists : The Vatican alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic, (1965) 2013 edition
An excerpt from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd's January 30th 1947 report on Jesuit trained dictator Ante Pavelic fleeing Croatia via a Vatican ratline.
The Vatican Ratline being exposed here in 1947.

From the US Army file on Ante Pavelic: Special Agent Robert Clayton Mudd gives an extensive outline of Pavelic's career to date. Paragraph Five is a bombshell: the first glimpse of what would eventually be revealed as the Vatican Ratline, designed to shield Nazi fugitives from arrest and shepherding them to safe locations in countries outside of Europe.
January 30 1947
SUMMARY OF INFORMATION SUBJECT: Present Whereabouts and Past Background of Ante PAVELIC, Croat Quisling
  1. From a usually reliable source the following information has been obtained concerning the present whereabouts of Ante PAVELIC,Croat Quisling.
  2. With the collapse of German resistance in the Balkans and the subsequent withdrawal of support of the puppet Croat government on the part of the Germans, Ante PAVELIC, fearing for his personal safety at the hands of the Partisans fled from Jugoslavia into Austria where he took refuge in the small village of CELOVAC near the Austrian-Jugoslav frontier. Pavelic had an apartment and a villa there.
  3. In April of 1946 PAVELIC left Austria and came to ROME accompanied only by an Ustasa Lieutenant named DOCHSEN. Both were dressed as Roman Catholic priests. They took refuge in a college there in Via Giavomo Belli, 3, which is the only college in ROME enjoying complete extra-territoriality, and which can be entered only by presenting the proper credentials. (Presumably the Papal seal is needed because it is said that this is the only college in ROME directly under the administration of the Pope.)
  4. This informant further states that a short time ago PAVELIC obtained at the Spanish Consulate in MILANO a passport under the name of DON PEDRO GONNER. This passport is ready for Spain and has a visa either for South America or Canada. Three other members of the Ustashi are being taken care of in this same fashion but the only one so far identified is General Vlado KREN, Chief of the Croat Air Force under PAVELIC. KREN is an old-time Yugoslav officer who at the outset of the war deserted to the Germans taking with him as much loot and money as he could. He was decorated by the Germans after a lengthy inspection tour of the Croat Air Force on the Eastern Front.
  5. This informant, directed by this Agent to try to penetrate the Ustashi intelligence network in Italy and Jugoslavia, has managed to do so and it has been determined that the network runs from GRUMO-ROME-VENICE-TRIESTE-LJUBLJANA-ZAGREB. The whole affair is run under cover of the Roman Catholic clergy whose priests in these monasteries are nearly all of Croat extraction. Complete penetration of this organization is a rather lengthy process but efforts are being continued in that direction. There is no doubt that Ustashi elements in Italy communicate with one another, and that the focal point of all intelligence and activity is the Monastery of Saint Jerome , Via Tomacelli, 132,ROME.
  1. Ante PAVELIC was born in 1896 in Ivan Planina in Bosnia and practiced law in ZAGREB. An extremist even in his youth he became a member of the arch-terrorist organization known as the"Frankovci" whose founder, Dr. Josip FRANK, was a Jew and the father-in-law of Slavko KVATERNIK, the first Croat to be elevated to the rank of Field Marshall. KVATERNIK had long been a strong advocate of Croat separatism and the German ideas on a separate Croat state found in him a reday tool.
  2. The quarrelsome nature of PAVELIC became more and more apparent in the years immediately after the first war when he became involved in one dispute after another with the Centralist Party and the Croat Peasant Party of RADIC. He was the sole representative of his Party in the Skupstina (Jugoslav Parliament)but rarely attended sessions and when he did he sulked in his seat and only occasionally indulged in a long harangue in protest against some measure which he did not approve.
  3. In the early 1920's, PAVELIC began to establish his contacts with Croat emigrees in VIENNA and BUDAPEST and later on he established a close accord with the Macedonian terrorist society,IMRO. In 1927 he acted as counsel for the defense of the Macedonian terrorists at the SKOPLJE trials.
  4. Shortly after the proclamation of the establishment of the dictatorship of King ALEKSANDAR in January 1929, PAVELIC fled abroad and was subsequently condemned to death in absentia at BELGRADE for his part in anti-Serb demonstrations organized at SOFIA by Bulgarian and Macedonian terrorists.
  5. From 1930 onwards while living abroad, a great part of the time in Italy, he became the leader of a terrorist organization eventually to be known as the Ustasha. This organization was financed by ROME and BUDAPEST and given moral encouragement by the Germans. Together with JELIC, ARTUKOVIC , and the younger KVATERNIK and others he was responsible for a serious flurry of bomb outrages, the weapons and explosives all supplied by Italy. This occurred in the period between 1930 and 1935.
  6. Camps for training terrorists and saboteurs were set up in Italy and Hungary, chiefly at BRESCIA and BORGOTARO in Italy and JANKA PUSZTA in Hungary and an armed insurrection was attempted in 1933 when the Ustashi, armed by the Italians, attempted to invade the country by crossing the Adriatic in motorboats. This was unsuccessful but its lack of success probably was instrumental in the decision to assassinate King ALEKSANDAR. Two attempts were made, the last one successful and ALEKSANDAR was slain at MARSEILLES 14 October, 1943 along with the French Minister of the Interior, Jean BARTHOU. The singular lack of armed protection afforded by the Jugoslav monarch, and the general laxity of security precautions when it was well-known that one attempt had already been made on ALEKSANDAR'S life are rather ghastly tributes to the organizational ability of PAVELIC, who apparently had been able to bribe some high official in the Surete General. The Prefect of Police of MARSEILLES, JOUHANNAUD, was subsequently removed from office.
  7. Yugoslavia took her case to the League of Nations offering evidence that Italy and Hungary had openly conspired against her sovereignty. However, for some strange reason Italy's role in the affair was never considered and Hungary bore the brunt of the charges. Italy, furthermore, stubbornly refused to extradite PAVELIC who, along with the younger KVATERNIK, was placed under the permanent supervision of the Italian police until sometime in 1941.During the course of his "house arrest" he was subsidized by the Italians and he conferred long and often with Count Galeazzo CIANO on the prospective coup d'etat in Croatia.
  8. In April of 1941 he arrived in ZAGREB and proclaimed the"Free and Independent State of Croatia" with himself as the head of the government. What prompted the Axis powers to put a man like PAVELIC at the head of a puppet government is not too well-known for it was an established fact that he was an ardent extremist of the worse sort and an international gangster. Perhaps it was the fact that the Nazis and Fascists were not looking for leadership. The only thing that they needed was a fanatic, an ultra-chauvinist, who could and would do what they suggested and do it with a vengeance. At any rate in June and July, 1941 PAVELIC and his Croatian nationalists, representing the lunatic fringe of Balkan life,slaughtered in a few weeks tens of thousands of Serbians living in his "independent state" and along its peripheries.
  9. PAVELIC remained as head of the "Free and Independent State of Croatia" until early 1945 when he disappeared from the limelight and little trace of him has been found since.
  10. PAVELIC'S name tops the list of quislings whom the State Department and the Foreign Office have agreed to hand over to the Yugoslavs for trial. At the present time this Agent is expending every effort to try to trace PAVELIC AND HIS WIFE. One source yet unconfirmed states that she is living in VENICE under an assumed name while yet another says that she is living somewhere in ROME.
AGENTS COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: IN view of the fact that this man, while generally considered a criminal, is not a criminal in just the ordinary sense but a political criminal as well, and in view of the fact that the Yugoslav Government through its controlled press has on several occasions accused the Anglo-Americans of hiding PAVELIC to further their own aims, this Agent recommends that every effort should be made to apprehend him and ship him back to the Jugoslav Government for trial. In so doing not only would the Yugoslav propaganda guns be silenced and the people of Jugoslavia forced to admit that their previous propaganda was all false, but also a serious threat to security would be removed and the position of the Anglo-Americans strengthened with regard to those south Slav elements who were pro-Allied before the war. The Ustashi organization in Italy is at the present moment a tightly-knit group still maintaining its "cell" organization, still publishing its papers, and still interested in the same aims that they professed before and during the war. The center of this organization is the Monastery of St. Jerome, Via Tomacelli, 132, ROME.
Approved:EDWIN F. COWAN Chief, CIC DISTRIBUTION:CIC, Zone 1 (1)CIC, Zone 3 (1) CIC, Zone 5 (1)CIC, Zone 6 (1)AC of S, G-2, AFHQ (2)Chief, CIC, AFHQ (1):: filing information


Excerpt from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd's February 12th report

This is a follow-up report to Counter-Intelligence Corps Agent Robert Clayton Mudd's earlier report in which he indicated that the Monastery of San Girolamo was acting as a haven for Ustashi fugitives, and that he had run an agent into the network smuggling accused Ustashi war criminals out of Croatia. Mudd appeared earlier to be suspicious that Ustashi agents had infiltrated legitimate networks to help refugees, rather than that these networks themselves had been set up in order to smuggle out hunted Ustashi officials. His conclusions in Paragraph 15 remain unchallenged to this day. This is an improved copy of the document originally published :

February 12, 1947
  1. Fr. Krunoslav DRAGANOVIC is a Croatian Catholic priest in the Monastery of San Geronimo, 132 Via Tomacelli. ROME. This man has for some time now been associated with Ustashi elements in Italy and, while in many instances it is hard to distinguish the activity of the Church from the activity of one man whose personal convictions might lie along a certain line, it is fairly evident in the case of Fr. DRAGANOVIC that his sponsorship of the Ustashi cause stems from a deep-rooted conviction that the ideas espoused by this arch-nationalist organization,half logical, half lunatic, are basically sound concepts.
  2. Fr. DRAGANOVIC is a native of TRAVNIK where he finished his elementary and secondary school. Shortly after this he went to SARAJEVO to study theology and philosophy. Here he fell under the personal magnetism of Dr. Ivan SARIC,archbishop of SARAJEVO, whose particular interest he soon became and after graduation he was sent to ROME under the auspices of Dr. SARIC who had some good connections in the Vatican.
  3. Having completed his studies at ROME where he majored in ethnology and Balkan affairs he returned to SARAJEVO where he held various political offices, all of a minor importance.Shortly after the formation of the Independent State of Croatia under Ante PAVELIC in April 1941 DRAGANOVIC became one of the leading figures in the Bureau of Colonization. In the middle of 1943 however he became involved in a disagreement over the relative merits of the younger Eugen KVATERNIK, whom he called a "madman and a lunatic", and he left Croatia and returned to ROME.
  4. According to a reliable informant it is believed that this departure of DRAGANOVIC from Croatia to Italy is a classic example of "kicking a man upstairs" inasmuch as it is fairly well established that the leaders of the Independent State of Croatia expected the prelate, through his good connections in the Vatican, to be instrumental in working out the orientation of Croatia towards the West rather than the East. These same leaders, being occidental-minded and knowing full well that Croatia's militant Catholocism made her a"natural" in such a deal, relied on DRAGANOVIC to assist in their aims. He was eminently unsuccessful.
  5. DRAGANOVIC has a brother still in ZAGREB who is a member of the Napredak Co., who recently was ignored in the elections to determine the members of the Board of Directors. He has another brother, whereabouts unknown, who was a member of the Croatian Embassy in BERLIN. He is in touch with his brother, ZVONKO, in ZAGREB but not with KRESO, whose whereabouts are not definetly known although he has been reported in the British zone in Germany.
  6. About a year ago DRAGANOVIC is alleged in some circles to have somewhat denounced his now ardent pro-Ustashi sentiments during a conference of Croats in ROME. Having been accused by a certain Dr. KLJAKOVIC (apparently a member of the Croat Peasant Party) of being in very close contact with only Ustashi emogrees DRAGANOVIC is said to have replied that if working for an independent Croatia meant being an Ustasha then "I am an Ustasha". "However," he added, "I disassociate myself from all other attributes of the Ustashi."
  7. With this aim in view DRAGANOVIC is working with the Ustashi and also with some leftovers of the Croat Peasant Party in exile. When Milan PRIBANIC, erstwhile Commandant of the Guard of Vlado MACEK, appeared in ROME, he immediately contacted him and thus made his aims and purposes clear to MACEK.
  8. Many of the more prominent Ustashi war criminals and Quislings are living in ROME illegally, many of them under false names. Their cells are still maintained, their papers still published, and their intelligence agencies still in operation. All this activity seems to stem from the Vatican,through the Monastary of San Geronimo to Fermo, the chief Croat Camp in Italy. Chief among the intelligence operatives in the Monastery of San Geronimo appear to be Dr. DRAGANOVIC and Monsignor MADJARAC.
  9. The main messenger between the Vatican, the Monastary and Fermo is an Ustasha student by the name of BRISKI. BRISKI was interned in the 209 POW Camp at AFRAGOLA and was with the Ustashi Cabinet members when their escape was organized from there. His physical description is as follows: 25 years old,medium height, black hair, seen mostly without a hat. Has very bad teeth in upper and lower jaw. Appears to be very wise.
  10. This Agent managed to run a counter-operative into this Monastary to find out if possible if the internal setup of the place was as had been alleged, namely that it was honeycombed with cells of Ustashi operatives. This was established and several things more but operations were stopped abruptly when it became too dangerous for the counter-intelligence agent in the Monastary. The following facts were ascertained:
  11. In order to enter this Monastary one must submit to a personal search for weapons and identification documents,must answer questions as to where he is from, who he is, whom he knows, what is purpose is in the visit, and how he heard about the fact that there were Croats in the Monastary. All doors from one room to another are locked and those that are not have an armed guard in front of them and a pass-word is necessary to go from one room to another. The whole area is guarded by armed Ustashi youths in civilian clothes and the Ustashi salute is exchanged continually.
  12. It was further established that the following prominent ex-Ustashi Ministers are either living in the monastery, or living in the Vatican and attending meetings several times a week at San Girolamo: Ivan DEVCIC, Lt. Colonel VRANCIC, Dr. Vjekoslav, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. TOTH, Dr. Dragutin, Minister of Croat State Treasury. SUSIC, Lovro, Minister of Corporations in Croatian Quisling Government STARCEVIC, Dr. Mile, Croat Minister of Education. RUPCIC, General Dragutin, General of Ustashi Air Force. PERIC, Djordje, Serbian Minster of Propaganda under NEDIC. PECNIKAR, Vilko - Ustasha General and CO of Ustashi Gendarmerie MARKOVIC, Josip, Minister of Transport in Pavelic Government. KREN, Vladimir - Commander-in-Chief of the Croat AirForce.

  1. While this "Croat", directed by this Agent to try to penetrate the Croat intelligence network, was inside the Monastary he personally heard a conversation ensue between this Monsignor MADJERAC and Dr. SUSIC, who, at the time of the conversation, was in the Vatican library. He also heard a conversation between two of the Ustashi in the monastary which established the fact that a brother of Dr. PERIC runs a hotel in ROME, and that often this hotel is visited at night for the purpose of holding important Ustahi conferences. The money for the purchase of the hotel was given this man by his brother, Dr. PERIC.
  2. It was further established that these Croats travel back and forth from the Vatican several times a week in a car with a chauffeur whose license plate bears the two initials CD,"Corpo Diplomatico". It issues forth from the Vatican and discharges its passengers inside the Monastary of San Geronimo. Subject to diplomatic immunity it is impossible to stop the car and discover who are its passengers.
  3. DRAGANOVIC's sponsorship of these Croat Qusilings definitely links him up with the plan of the Vatican to shield these ex-Ustashi nationalists until such time as they are able to procure for them the proper documents to enable them to go to South America. The Vatican, undoubtedly banking on the strong anti-Communist feelings of these men, is endeavoring to infiltrate them into South America in any way possible to counteract the spread of Red doctrine. It has been reliably reported, for example that Dr. VRANCIC has already gone to South America and that Ante PAVELIC and General KREN are scheduled for an early departure to South America through Spain. All these operations are said to have been negotiated by DRAGANOVIC because of his influence in the Vatican.
  4. This agent will continue to make an effort to keep abreast of the situation in this area and also to advise G-2 of any new plans or changes of operations on the part of DRAGANOVIC and his satellites.


Excerpt from the September 5th report, showing that Jesuit trained, Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganovic acquired immigration visas for his Ustashi Nazi terrorists so that they could escape to South America.

Father Krunoslav Draganovic, one of the main operatives on the Ratline, kept detailed lists of the "refugees" granted hospitality and a place of refuge at the monastery of San Girolamo, Rome. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps Agent William Gowen obtained these lists, which included the Ustashi suspects' real names as well as the aliases. After making copies, Gowen wrote up a lengthy memorandum and sent four copies to his superiors. None have ever been found, but one of the agents who received a copy of the list was Naples CIC Agent Robert Clayton Mudd. The following document summarizes Gowen's memorandum and draws attention to several Ustashi war criminals wanted by the Allied authorities on Draganovic's lists. Coming as it does after the famous instructions from Gowen's superiors to keep his "hands off" of Pavelic and other Ustashi leaders in Rome, it is possible to speculate that this report represented the last attempt by CIC agents still "in the dark" of the American plans to rescue Pavelic and Co. to inform their superiors of the vast extent of the Nazi and Ustashi smuggling network that Father Draganovic - and, unknown to Mudd and Gowen, those same superiors - had put into operation.

5 September 1947
SUMMARY OF INFORMATION : SUBJECT: DRAGANOVIC, Krunoslav RE: Documentary Evidence Involving SUBJECT with Ustasha Activity at the San Girolamo Monastery, Rome.
  1. Attached photostats of personal files and documents of the Croat Nationalist priest DRAGANOVIC, Krunoslav procured in Rome indicate clearly his involvement in aiding and abetting the Ustashi to escape into South America. The documents also indicate his connections with Ustasha personnel, a fact which DRAGANOVIC has formally denied personally to this Agent.(Photostats to G 2 TRUST only).
  2. The first list includes the nominal role of all Croats who are fed, clothed, housed and otherwise provided for by the Monastery of San Girolamo, but it also includes the names of several long sought after Jugoslav War Criminals whose presence in the Monastery and whose sponsorship by the Vatican DRAGANOVIC has consistently denied.
  3. The names of the following Ustashi War Criminals are to benoted on this list :DEVCIC, Ivan Serial " 351
DOSEN, Drago " 389
IMPER, Dragutin " 639
JURKOVIC, Blaz " 705
MARKOVIC, Josip " 1018, 1019, and 1020
MAVREK, Stanko " 1062
ORSANIC, Ante " 1176
PAVICIC, Ante " 1208
RUKAVINA, Ante " 1407
SEKULIC, Ivan " 1444
SRNAK, Rudolph " 1484
SREDL, Josip " 1627
VLAHOVIC, Ante " 1773[illegible],
Dusan " 1841
BELOBRAJDIC, Leopold " 109
DJAK, Jakob " 370 (believed to be alias of DJAL, Jakov)BIOSIC, Josip " 136
DOBRENIC, Stjepan " 376
BARANOVIC, Ante " 70
MATAJA, Milan " 10474.
The second series of photostats indicates that DRAGANOVIC and the Monastery were doing their utmost to get immigration visas for Croat sailors in answer to the offers of several Central and South American countries to accept certain specified amounts of qualified sailors and maritime men. However, on this list are known names of compromised people.
  1. The Third List written in Spanish contains the names of 115 Croats with all their personal particulars. These 115 people have all expressed a desire to emigrate to ARGENTINA. It is very possible that this list of individuals have already shipped to the Argentine and it must be assumed that in the majority they are compromised Ustashi personalities with aliases. It seems only reasonable to assume that the more important personages will be, or would have been shipped out first.
  2. Enclosed here with also are the photographs of documents containing the pertinent data on such Ustasha personalities as BARIC, Vice, Kren, Vladimir, alias KRENMIR, Vladimir,BABIC, Ivan, HIBL, Josip alias HUBL, Josip, KAMBER, Dragutinalias KAMBER, Blaz, PAVICIC, Ante alias PAVICIC, Anton,SARIC, Ivan, SUSIC, Lovro alias SUSIC, Marijan, VRANCIC,Vjekoslav alias VRANIC, Petar.
  1. Ref para 3 identification and background of personalities mentioned here are contained in CIC TRUST SOI y-3097 dtd 22 August 1947.
  2. Photostats attached were obtained by Special Agent WILLIAM GOWEN of the Rome CIC Detachment and passed on to this Agent for use and evaluation.
[signed]ROBERT C. MUDD Special Agent, CIC
submitted by Ainsoph777 to Jesuitworldorder [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 07:07 LuckyDuck99 Andromeda - Thoughts and Observations - Part 5.

Well I told you not to go expecting part 5 for a while didn’t I? ( I did. Go back and read my last words on part 4 in the comments..... )
And I was right ( as I often am..... )
The fact is I just couldn’t find the will to wade through another 4 episodes. Hence the delay. Now sure when you’ve lived over 800 years it’s hard to find the will to keep breathing every few seconds but it was really hard to find the 4 hours needed to watch more episodes and then God knows how much time writing about them. I’m wasting even more time now telling YOU all this when I could just be getting on with it.
Sighhhhh. Damn it I wasn’t even supposed to be alive right now, and neither were YOU. Does anyone remember when the world was ending earlier this year? What the hell happened to that!!??!!
God damn it!!!! Alright lets do this if we must.......
So, the final round up? Sort of, since if I live long enough to do a part six ( and when you’ve lived 800 plus years you have to assume every day will be your last.... ) it will deal with the final two episodes of this series and maybe round up some other ideas and thoughts I missed along the way. So yeah the final round up of the last four proper episodes if you like is contained here. ( and even if you don’t like..... )
So what do I have to say about these episodes you ask... well read on... wait, you are thinking.... no crazy stuff about this or that? You are just getting on with it now? Well, yeah. What else is there to say about life, reality, death and the indoctrination process of decades of wasted youth? Not a lot my end so yeah lets get on with it.
Although..... having said that......
There was this funny story about this guy who dropped dead.
You know how it is when you are 9/10 and your mom is talking to some friend of hers that she knew long before you were dragged here, when you are out shopping and all you want to do is.... ( leave the planet far, far behind / be back home in your room / go on an adventure like in The Ring, wait was that Wagner’s Ring or the one with the guy out of The Office in it????..... )
And the convo goes something like this......
“Oh my God Jean, did you hear about Albert?”
“No, what’s happened?”
“He went out like a light last Thursday”
“Good God almighty not Albert? Not Susie’s husband?”
“The very same”
“Dear God Almighty, I only saw him the other day, what happened?”
“Doctor said it was a massive heart attack. He never felt a thing”
“God Almighty, how old was he? He can’t have been all that old?”
“Sixty Two”
“What!!! No he had to be older than that. My brother went to school with him”
“No that’s all he was, 62. I couldn’t believe it myself. It’s no age is it Jean”
“God Almighty, He never smoked. He never drank. He used to walk everywhere. He used to cycle miles on that bike of his. He’d make two of my old man. He was as fit as a fiddle”
“I know. I know. Susie said she was in the kitchen putting the dishes away and she heard a thud. She came in and he was gone, his head was in the soup bowl”
“Oh My Good God. There will be another now. It always goes in threes.....”
Sure enough there were others. And it did always go in threes.
Looking back now, maybe funny wasn’t the right word to describe this story.......
Anyway where was I? Oh right....................
Episode 17.
Well damn, this is odd. Odd for a couple of reasons. The first one being that as you may know ( as I’ve said it before.... ) this isn’t my first time wading through series 5. I first did ( from my point of view a few hundred years ago... ) yet I didn’t remember a single thing about this episode. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. What does that tell us? Well, it tells me that either I’m cracking up memory wise and can no longer trust my own thoughts or that for ( some reason.... ) never saw this episode the first go round hence my lack of any memories of it.
I have no answer to that of course. Either I didn’t see it or having lived so very long things are finally starting to delete from my head. It does of course raise the question of what a human really is. Just a collection of memories which may or may not have even happened. Hell, the next thing you’ll be telling me is I’m not 800 years of age.
So anyway we start off on the ship ( guess no one cares about the bar anymore..... ) wait lets just break this down cause it’s an odd episode anyway. Basically it’s like this. This is a stand alone, not really connected in any way to series 5, it was all a dream type episode in which the main players get to act up and act out different roles. Be wacky, oddball and ummmm different. If you remember Farscape you’ll remember EVERY episode played out like that. ( Which is why it got canned. You can only take a joke so far.... )
Dylan gets hit by space goo and goes in to a coma. From there he travels around different realities in which the other crew get to play roles cause they had to give them something to do. Well apart from Harper and Beka who don’t do shit. Oh and Rommie of course who is for the third episode in a row just a voice over. God damn you Rommie. You just had to go and get yourself knocked up didn’t you!!!!
Oh and there’s an ugly Space God guy who is in all realities ( as is often the case... ) Wait did Dylan’s real world religious antics influence this episode? It feels like it might have.... ( as indeed it has others long before, think series 4’s two part final.... )
We go back to the bar where Harper is doing stand up and still running the bar, but Space God shows up and kills Dylan.
We go to the ship where the crew are trying to save his life.... but Space God shows up and kills Dylan.
We go to yap with Trace who is acting good even though she is now the bad Trance.... ( or is she the good one in this reality????.... )
We go to a room with Andrea inside it who has for ( some reason.... ) been locked in it for 100 years....
We go back in time to a world where the series never happened and Dylan married the hot chick but she is now Andrea and Space God shows up and..... maybe kills Dylan?
Oh and Space God plays Space Chess. And has a passion for white. Of course he does. He can also go all Matrix Agent on your ass and jump in to anyone in the universe and take them over.
He’s every woman.... and every man.
This sort of episode has been done by pretty much all sci fi series at some point. Enterprise did it. Farscape WAS it. I’m sure Stargate did it, right? And so on and so on.
Dylan finally sorts out the mystery, something about saying words backwards and waking up to stop the universe blowing up by switching off / not switching off something. I dunno. At that point I was more worried about the gaps in my memory than the episode to be honest.
Final twist? Space God shows up as the captain of some ship that for some reason would also have been blown up.
Wait, if Space God was real did he do all this to avoid getting blown up?
But... he’s Space God he couldn’t just stop it himself????????
Plus why the hell was Space God flying a damn space ship in a pocket reality anyway????
So was it all a dream? A drug induced hallucination? The final mad thoughts of a dying mind as it shuts down and travels towards the light... or the pitch black darkness of the void? Or was Dylan really travelling through unrealised realities? We may never know......
Good or bad then. What say I? Well.......................
It’s kind of neither ( I said this was all very odd at the start remember... ) You could take this whole episode out and it wouldn’t effect the series in any way. Maybe that’s what my mind did. I did watch it so long ago and my mind simply couldn’t retain the information ( like in Doctor Who with the Silence, remember them? ) Or you could say it’s an ok episode if you haven’t seen ( and remember... ) the dozens of others times all this has played out in other sci fi series. As such I can’t score it. It belongs in a sort of no mans land. Neither here or there. Oh well one down three to go. Lets hope my memory improves. Damn it how can a person remember 1921 yet can’t remember a damn TV episode from 20 years ago.
Bonus Thoughts.....
If all those realities were real then what the hell are we worrying about any of this for. Let the Abyss blow everything up, there are an infinite number of realities left.
Plus... Space God. Where the hell was he when the bastard Magog were eating entire planets? I’ll tell you where. Sitting on his ass playing Space Chess. But he pulls all this shit to save his own sorry ass!!! Fuck him!
Andrea finally gets some stuff to do so there’s that I guess. She has been pretty much wasted since episode 4 after all. Too bad she’s largely wasted here as well. Course she wouldn’t even be here at all if a certain person had ever heard of condoms......
Episode 18.
Son of a bitch, Rommies back!!!!!!
After 17 more or less wasted Rommie less episodes she finally returns with ummm..... five episodes to go before the series ends forever.... yeah.....
I guess she finally popped that damn kid out but as a result that instantly pole vaults this episode in to the Goodish category even though it’s not really all that good. ( more on that later..... )
It is great to see her back though and shows what series 5 has been missing up to this point. Hell Rommie should have had her own show all along. We never needed any of the rest of them. One hour of each of the three Rommies arguing with each other would have been better than ALL the episodes of Andromeda combined.
Anyway..... we kick off with the crew moving the entire population of planet 9 to the Maru before the sun cooks it. Which is fine, IF the Maru has infinite fuel and infinite storage space and the crew have about 300 years to get this job done. Or the planet only has a population of a hundred people. Since we know that the first three don’t apply we have to go with the last option. The planet only has one hundred people total on it. Either that or 7 billion people die in a few hours when the planet gets cooked.
The Andromeda finally has power and slipstream and is FINALLY ready to LEAVE THIS SYSTEM. This is IT. It’s taken 18, count em’, 18 episodes to get to this point but we are outta here boi!!!!! Yeah, lets do this. All flight systems on!! Maximum power!!!!
And we are gone!!!..... ohhh... no...... it was another fake out.
Slipstream won’t work now without Rommie the android even though it worked fine back in Episode 1, Series 1, when there was NO android Rommie.
Ok then well that means Dylan finally gives a fuck and wants to rebuild Rommie after 17 episodes where he didn’t give a monkeys. Lets hope those guys on the planet can hold on........
Meanwhile Trace who is now the bad one right? is on the planet that is going to blow up with Rhade and tells him something about his dead family that sets him off. Too bad he wasn’t that set off when he was carrying on with Number 1 from B5 back at the end of series 4 right?
Meanwhile Harper is back to running the bar ( this fucking bar, am I right?..... ) And is not happy about rebuilding Rommie cause she might come out evil this time, but he gets Andrea to do it anyway cause we can’t leave this system if we don’t. Or save the billions on the planet that will blow up in a few hours.....
Andrea builds a perfect Rommie in I guess a few hours at most?
Damn, someone sure could make a LOT of space money with this kind of tech. Although she now has a Borg Implant and a sexy silly walk. Ok, but fuck, it’s Rommie!!!!!
However when she gets aboard the ship she does what Harper suspected and turns evil. So now we have evil Rommie. The girls have a girl fight and although Rommie wants to kill Dylan and really who can blame her, she doesn’t. The ship is of course in more or less pitch darkness though out as we have discussed before. How anyone sees anything on that flight deck is beyond me. The sun gets closer to the planet. Billions will die and Trance, the bad one, has a chat with Rommie which sets her off even more just when the others had done a deal with her to give her, her memories back so she goes back to kill Dylan but Andrea instead shocks her and this somehow gives her back her core memories and so now she’s on our side again, maybe, I guess...... unless she’s playing the long game here and will wipe out the crew at a later date. ( kill them, kill them all in their sleep........ )
The sun destroys planet 9 and seven billion people die!
Wait but then the crew say that NO ONE died so how did they move seven billion people? You see, it don’t be adding up. So there could only have been a hundred people on the planet total.
So now at last after 18 fucking episodes and with a new improved Rommie we can FINALLY LEAVE THIS FUCKING SYSTEM!!!!! Do it, go to slipstream NOW!!!!!
And............................... we do. We are out of this........ wait no... you have got to be shitting me!!!! We are back in the same place. We went to slipstream and it still didn’t work. Son of a bitch. Not that it really matters at this point we have 4, count em’, 4 episodes to go.
The episode ends back in the bar where Andrea ( with her hair now done up, maybe it was the shock?... ) says she feels like a new woman ( even though she’s a robot.... ) and Harper apologises for being an arsehole. ( but since he’s also a LAIR do we believe him?..... )
The crew have a laugh despite knowing they will never leave this system now no matter what and that trillions of people will soon die on the other 7 planets that will very soon go the way of planet 9.
Wait, so we did all that just to get slipstream working again and now we have it and it still isn’t any use to us. Son of a bitch!!!............
The verdict? Hey, it’s got Rommie center stage, I can’t say anything bad about it. ( well apart from what I said above..... ) but yeah one of the better episodes of this series and the best since the first 4 I guess. It just proves how much better this whole series would have been had Rommie been there from day 1.
Episode 19.
Oh Gawdddd! Is this the one I think it is? Yep. It is. Son of a bitch. Ok, strike it, I’m outta here, see you at Axeley 2 bois.
..... Really? You WANT me to suffer? Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Alright but I’m calling it right now this episode throws us right back to the bad stuff and is pure bullshit. There. That’s my verdict. In the same way the mind will wipe some memories it will keep others locked away like in a safe. THIS episode is one of those.
We are back to worrying our guts out about Warlords now. We gave that a rest for a bit didn’t we, we did. We had bigger fish to fry. Suns blowing up planets. Rommie going bad and Trance too ( although no one noticed with that one.... ) So now knowing that we have NO WAY of EVER leaving this DAMN SYSTEM we are back to worrying our guts out over fucking Warlords.
All we need now is that little rat faced weasel White Vampire killer to show up as well.
Dylan. Dylan. Dylan, listen to me. Listen to me. It doesn’t matter. All these planets only have 100 people on each of them. Because as we know if they had billions of people on them, the Maru would need.... infinite fuel.... infinite space... and about 300 years of non stop not resting for a single second of time to be able to MOVE THOSE PEOPLE to planet 1 where your arse is nice and safe anyway. So you see Dylan you are worrying over a total of 700 people.
Let them all die. Let the Warlords die with them. Dylan. Let it go. Let it all go.
Lets just sit back, let the sun do it’s job and then when this shit hole planet is a new paradise maybe you can finally settle down and think of all the people that died back in your universe because you wouldn’t do what needed to be done with the whole Magog thing. ( ie the total and utter genocide of every single last one of them... )
So we start off in, of course, pitch darkness aboard the Andromeda. Somebody give that crew a flashlight cause someone is gonna have an accident. For a ship now at FULL POWER it’s too bad NONE of it is going towards the lighting system. ( remember in series 1 when the whole ship had LIGHTING????? )
Hey look it’s Rommie. I mean you are sort of 18 episodes too late at this stage Rom but hell it’s always good to see you. Andrea is there as well. Which is odd when she literally said at the end of the last episode she was now her own woman yet here acts like Rommies right arm and twin.
There’s trouble a brewing. It seems, quite rightly, the folk of planet 1 aren’t too happy about DYLAN, yes remember this is ALL HIS DOING, dumping the 700 ( or 22 trillion, you pick... ) people of the other planets on theirs. I mean they aren’t wrong. But this is Dylan. It’s always easy to play the hero when you never have to pay the price because you can just fly away at the end.
A meat head explains the issue quite well. There just ain’t enough food and stuff to feed/house 700/22 trillion people.
Where’s the lie though? He’s right. Hence my point earlier of letting them all die.
If only Dylan had been this worried about life when the Magog were eating whole planets instead of wiping them out back then, what did the Commonwealth do? Gave them more planets to eat. Which is why it fell in the first place. The Nietzscheans were right. The Commonwealth literally brought about it’s own downfall through sheer stupidity!!!!!
The girls beat up the meathead and Dylan walks away from the problem HE created as he has done all his life. As people like him ALWAYS do. ( Think The Doctor out of Doctor Who.... )
Meanwhile Harper who for once isn’t running/worrying about that damn bar is on the Warlord planet with Rhade and of course you guessed it. It’s in PITCH DARK. Anyone got any Night Vision Googles I can use? This fucking show. Couldn’t they afford lighting AT ALL this series?????
Anyway from what I could make out in PITCH AND TOTAL DARKNESS. The duo are in the teleport room wait, what!!!!! How did I over look that?????
Of course, all these planets have teleport rooms. YOU DON’T NEED A STARSHIP TO MOVE PEOPLE.
Fuck me I’d forgotten all about that. So why the fuck did we make such a big deal last episode of having to move the planets population by SHIP when all they had to do, all 100/1 trillion, of them was walk in to a room and walk through a door?????
However the teleport door is stuck so Harper needs to work on it while Rhade who has a hard on for the Warlords sister ( who may be cute..... ) goes back to save hekill the bag guy. But Harper shoots a big Asian guy first. Funny how saving lives isn’t so much of a priority when your own life is on the line eh?
The Warlord is of course standing in a cave in PITCH DARKNESS giving his cult members a speech. Telling them the planet will not blow up and that tech is too be feared.
And that’s the thing. You can’t un-brainwash people like this. It’s too late. They are too far indoctrinated for anything you say to have any effect. But we have to play the hero just to learn that lesson yet again the hard way don’t we. Rhade tries to save the sister ( who is cute.... ) and wastes breath trying to convince people that have been lied to from birth, that he is telling them the truth.
It goes, as anyone over the age of 245 would expect it to go.
Meanwhile the crew are starting to suspect something might be up with Trance. Don’t know why since she’s acting exactly like she always has. Odd how Dillion talks of having to save millions of lives when we know each planet can only house 100 people ( otherwise the meathead guy at the start was CORRECT. Save them now just to watch them starve in a few weeks time.... because that’s totally going to happen. Sure the planet has the ROOM but it DOESN’T have the RESOURCES..... )
Oh Jesus I didn’t even mention the D Plot yet did I? Like this episode needed MORE plots.
Beka is doing her thing in space when she for some reason.... runs in to a ship full of Nietzscheans, yes those guys. ( How did they get here?.... We may never know..... ) I still don’t buy all this Mother of Dragons crap either. Beka, you are a mother alright but not of Dragons, I’m thinking more of something beginning with an F and ending in an R.
For some reason the head guy has got a couple of S&M guys with him ( shades of Farscape rear their head again....... ) Is Sci Fi big in S&M circles then? I mean I’m 800 odd so I might be a little out of touch with things. All I know is it wasn’t like this in back in 1928. I mean, sure, ok, there was this one time in Paris, but..... oh you don’t wanna hear about that.
Look at that I’ve already written more on this crap episode than I have on any other, and I’m not even half way through the damn episode!!!! Go figure right. Guess it’s just so bad and it’s pissed me off so much I’ve gotta let you folk know.
Mother of Dragons. GTFOOHWTBS. ( think about it..... )
Andrea and Rommie now seemed to be joined at the hip, almost as if the show only needed Andrea when Rommie wasn’t around and now that she is hasn’t got a clue what to do with her.
This is where we get the sex scene. Oh yes.
The girls override Bekas cameras ( which raises many questions, none of which will be answered.... ) and we see that she is busy having... well.. how can I put this, you see... well.... we are made to think at least that one of the S&M guys or maybe the head Nietzschean is ummmmm licking a certain part of Beka’s body as you were. See, it’s funny. Apart from the whole lack of privacy issue of course, but to hell with that. Guess this scene wouldn’t fly in 2020 right?
But of course when we see it for real it turns out the S&M guys were only washing her feet. Not eating her out as we were lead to believe and what Dylan, Rommie and Andrea still all believe ( cause they only saw the close up, and heard all the moaning.... ha, ha..... ) Ok.... not sure why that would give her an orgasm but hey maybe she hasn’t washed them in a long time?
Back to the “A” plot. Remember that?
Cute sister goes to see Rhade who is in jail and he tries to talk sense into her... yeah... Trance flash’s up in a sun, is that the good Trance now or the bad one? We may never know. And we are back with bullshitter Beka and the S&M guys, say how did you folks cross universes and how can we do it?????
And I thought things could only improve with Rommie back, God was I wrong. This might just be the worst series 5 episode yet. Son of a bitch!!!!!!
Head Nietzschean drugs Beka and plans on stealing her ship. ( even he doesn’t buy all the Mother of Dragons crap...... ) Despite already having one and stealing it with her still onboard. How does that work???? Odd how someone who claims to be smart and experienced would fall for an old trick like that, yet here we are. Guess you aren’t as bright as you like to think eh Beka?
Cute sister goes back to see Rhade ( she is cute.... ) and helps him escape. ( by giving him his communicator and something... ) he does, then bad Trance turns up for...... some reason....... Then she goes to see the Wizard ( Warlord... ) and tells him his sister is no good. Cute, but no good. He agrees. The Warlord is also Asian by the way. Is this all about the Vietnam War by any chance???? It does have those sort of finger prints all over it. In the same way Aliens was Vietnam in Space.
Trance goes back to the ship. The ship that is STILL IN PITCH DARKNESS. And runs in to Rommie. ( literally, lack of lighting maybe?.... ) Well this episode just improved.
Rommie has been sent by Dylan to sound Trance out cause he don’t be trusting her no more. ( unlike the good Trance this one talks too much sense..... it was finally her undoing.... ) In the same way he lied to Rommie last episode about helping her when he planned to shut her down all along. He now sends Rommie out to lie to Trance and in the same way he did nothing to help Rommie for 17 whole episodes until HE needed her for HIS OWN personal gain he only now takes action against Trance 2 because it benefits HIM.
The Great Captain Hunt, people. You’ve gotta love him.
But Trance who really at this point is the smartest person in any room is wise to all this and shocks Rommie. God damn it. We just got Rommie back, don’t you be fucking her up again!!
Warlord goes to confront his cute sister. Faith vs Science, yadda, yadda, yadda. These speeches might carry more weight if WE didn’t live in a world where WE are brainwashed from birth by the very same nonsense the Warlord believes. So he kills her. Damn... she was cute. Course she would have died anyway when the planet blows up in about 4 minutes from now, but still. Always the cute ones..... God damn it!
The D plot. They send Andrea out to save Beka’s lame ass and beat up the Nietzschean guy and his S&M friends ( How DID they get into this universe again?????? ) She does.
Rhade finds cute sister and vows revenge even though she is dead BECAUSE of him. Just like Number 1 from B5 is dead BECAUSE of him. No wonder this guy drinks. But... he gets taken by the cult members so Dylan shows up and kills the people he was so eager to save. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Harper as luck would have it has finally repaired the teleport door but then the Warlord shows up, but it’s ok cause then Dylan shows up and kills more people he was hell bent on saving not too long ago. But Warlord and Harper teleport out.
Back on the ship Trance is finally revealed to be bad thanks to, of all things, CCTV footage.
Trance and Dylan watch as seven billion cult members die a swift death.
Is there a message here at all? If there is, it feels like it’s sort of the wrong one. Faith just got seven billion people killed, science would have saved them all. Isn’t Dylan all about faith in real life? The hell???? He APPROVED this?????
To Be Continued....
What??? Oh fuck no, no.. Jesus H Christ. That means there will be more of the fucking Warlord in the next episode. God damn it why did I ever start any of this??!!!??
Well there it is. In case you couldn’t tell this wasn’t one of my favourite episodes. In fact I’m officially ranking it THE worst episode of Series 5 right here, right now.
I mean it could have been a good episode if you took out.... The Warlord, Mother of Dragons, S&M guys, Faith vs Science, Rhade, Harper, Beka, Trance, Pitch Darkness, Dylan and just had a story about the cute sister teaming up with Rommie and Andrea to ummmm go on a treasure hunt.... or something. But no, we get this.
AND if I live another 800 years I NEVER want to sit through this again. I have nothing more to say about this episode.
Episode 20.
Well we already know that the Warlord is going to be in this and that Rhade is going to be bitching about revenge ( try looking in a mirror Rhade.... ) and it’s a given that PITCH DARKNESS will play a huge role so I don’t have high hopes before I even press play but here we go..............
Oh Gawwwdddd. We are doing a recap. Last time on.... FFS what did I just say!!!!!!
Mute. Fast Forward. God damn it!!!!!
The ship. Pitch Dark. Of course. How the actors didn’t break their necks filming this series I will never know. Rommie and her twin, ( her own woman.... ) Andrea walk and talk with Dylan. It seems more folk have been “saved” well I mean at least until they starve to death in a few weeks time, but hey three extra weeks right? Did they all use the teleport rooms this time, cause that would seem to be the better choice given the whole 300 years needed the other way.
The Warlord then gets in touch with the ship and says he will kill Harper. I don’t see a problem here. I mean Harper’s had a good run and lets be honest his stick got old back in series 1, episode 2. Him dying two episodes before the series ends for good wouldn’t bother me.
The Warlord calls Dylan out on his BS saying all this is his fault and he’s not wrong is he? ALL this is Dylan’s fault. If he’d just died back at the end of series 4 and never come to this universe Trance wouldn’t have woken up and her sun wouldn’t have killed seven billion cult members on that planet. Not to mention all the gimps, bar owners, gun runners, cute sisters, bounty hunters, mature women and crazy MF’s that would also still be alive now had Dylan died back on the Ark. Also everyone on board the Ark would also be alive had the Commonwealth done what needed to be done long ago.
How much blood do you have on your hands Dylan Hunt?
Ah but, you say, it is all fate. Destiny. Fine then. So that means there is no free will in this universe. Dylan was always going to survive and Number 1 from B5 was always going to die.
Whatever, Dylan says he doesn’t give a damn about Harper and then we turn our attention to Trance. Dylan figures out she must be back in the robot Sun from episode 16, although how they are going to get to her is anyone’s guess. It only shuts down for an hour once every hundred years remember?
The Warlord who was going to kill Harper..... doesn’t kill Harper. Instead his new plan is to get onboard the Andromeda. Hell he might break his neck if he does, then again he was pretty used to pitch dark back on his own planet so he should be ok.
The ladies watch as another planet goes bust. We must be running out of planets at this point right? Sure hope all seven billion people teleported out so they can now die a slow death rather than a swift one like the cult members did. Andrea continues to act like Rommies little sister rather than in her own words a new woman....
As luck would have it the fake sun is playing up which is just as well as without that good fortune Dylan had NO WAY AT ALL of getting back inside there without waiting a hundred years. Lucky. Or fate made it play up cause no free will remember.
What the fuck!!!!??!!! Harper and the Warlord are now onboard Andromeda. HOW DID THEY DO THAT???? We may never know......
Trance does a little dance.... The Rommie twins do a double act and the Warlord is revealed to be The Abyss all along. His new plan is to blow up the ship. Oh noes!!!!
The corridors of the fake sun are, just as they were in episode 16, pitch dark but that sort of makes sense given that it’s an unmanned fake sun that can only be accessed once every hundred years..... apart from today of course.....
The twins fight the bad guys and win, because, well they are hyper strong super robots, of course they were going to win. Then Trance shows up, she does get around.... Then Beka shows up as well. The ladies figure out that Harper has betrayed them ( cause he totally did..... ) and that the Warlord is also somehow on board. The ladies then fight more bad guys in a scene that goes on for about half an hour. They win of course but that’s because they know Kung Fu.
Meanwhile Dylan has reached the core of the fake sun and figured out that Trance 1 is trapped here cause she left her coat there.......
Andrea tricks one of the Asian cult members ( so is the show saying that all Asians are cult members, like they all conform to a certain ideology or maybe follow a ONE PARTY system, something like that...... it sort of seems like it is..... ) And the girls find out about the bombs and oh Harper is dead.
Ha, like hell he is. It’s another fake out. He was fooling them although why he needed to fool Beka and the twins we may never know. It almost feels as if he was trying to fool a hidden fourth wall breaking audience that may or may not have been looking in.....................
Now them, he would have fooled.
Dylan finds Trance after shooting up the place. She was in a sort of Time Cocoon even though the end of episode 16 made it very clear she was held prisoner in the core chamber. She regenerates and teleports everyone out right before the sun destroys the ummmmm sun..... Lucky.... or fate, lack of free will, etc.....
Beka confronts the Warlord/Abyss but rather than shoot him on sight she... doesn’t.... Instead she does more Kung Fu. The hell Beka!!!!! More fighting, killing and teleporting but all to no avail The Abyss pulls one of those guns that everyone made a huge fuss about back in episode 5 or 6. ( I’m not going back to check. The one about the mines and the whole they took our land subtext. You figure it out. ) and is about to kill Beka when the wonder twins show up. Then Dylan shows up and..... everyone shoots The Abyss. But as you know he’s the Abyss, he’ll be back.
Now for the Trance problem. They have a Trance fight and now we don’t know which is which. See, if only good Trance had stayed next to Dylan we’d know exactly which was which. But it’s ok cause the bad Trance beams out ( or was she the bad Trance?????...... )
The crew watch as the sun goes off course and blows up planet 1 making all their efforts futile... no wait, it stopped just before it got there. Sure seems hella’ close though on the screen. Pretty sure a star that close to any planet would cook all life off it in about 3 seconds flat. Then the crew asks the same question I pondered earlier, namely how did the Warlord get on board the ship and did Harper betray them all ( he did... ) but it’s all played as a joke and Harper is once again off the hook.
Well, we started the series with nine planets, now we have one.
22 trillion people will die in three weeks time due to starvation.
We may still have the bad Trance onboard and seven billion Asian cult members died a few hours ago but we get a sitcom style happy ending where all the girls team up in a sort of sistas are doing it for themselves thing.
Dylan reflects that his work as saviour of all reality will never be done. The End.
The verdict? Ah it’s 50/50. It’s a step up from the worst one ever last time but it also follows on from that. There’s too much girrrruuuuullllll pppooowwweeerrrrr and Kung Fu. The fake sun is just a rerun of episode 16. The Warlord is an arsehole. Pitch darkness. It’s part 2 of a 2 parter and it shows. It’s padded out. It’s reusing ideas. It is lacking any new ideas. It is lacking pretty much anything really. Even Rommie didn’t help here, not least because she has now become a twin and is slaved to Andrea. That isn’t going to go away at this point.
So yeah throw it in the bad pile. See now why it took me a month to get back to all this?
Still at least it’s over. This just leaves the final two parter to finish things off. It’s a wonder I haven’t been finished off doing all this.
Oh yeah they did a Star Wars joke I forgot to mention when the twins were fighting the bad guys, so does that mean Star Wars was real in their universe? Is the Andromeda universe our future? How else do you explain it?
Well then to anyone who read ALL this I salute you. If I survive I will see you all at the finish line for the sixth and final part. If I don’t well, it was fate, destiny and a lack of freewill on my and this universes part.
To Be Concluded..........
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2020.09.19 04:38 BS_bagsandshoes [Review] Birkin 25 Noir Togo Palladium Hardware Non TS Steven

I am in the process of TRYING to buy an authentic Birkin at the store. I would LOVE to be able to go to Hermes and try on bags and see what size I like best, what leather type and hardware and all that comes with shopping in most stores, however as most of you know we can not do this at Hermes. Hermes is basically forcing us to buy reps! (Yes, like Kanye, if you saw my previous review on his Yeezys. I actually think Kanye copied the Hermes business model lol) Seriously though thank goodness for reps! I am now able to test drive all the birkin sizes in the rep versions to help me decide which authentic bag I would most prefer first, but more importantly reps allow us to have a bag to enjoy while we wait for Hermes to “offer” us the real thing some day at the store. Yes I know we can buy them preowned or brand new from a reseller but I think the bags are expensive enough at the store already, I don’t want to pay a reseller even more and worry for life that it might actually be a really good rep I just paid double over retail for. I do hope I am able to get an authentic at the store soon, but for now here is my review on my now favorite Hermes seller Steven.
Seller: Steven (wechat: Steven_therry) (If wechat gets banned in the US his Whatsapp is +86 180 2855 7563) I was not given anything for this review.
Price: $750 (DHL and EMS are included in the price)
Payment method: Paypal FF
Order Timeline:
August 16- I contacted Steven on Wechat and told him I wanted to order a black birkin 25 with Palladium hardware and asked how much it would be then sent him the payment.
September 4- Steven sent me a photo of the date stamp and a video of the bag inside out almost done and told me it was almost done.
September 10- Steven messaged me to say my bag is ready and sent me psp. I said it looked good and sent him the remainder of the money.
September 11- Steven shipped my bag
September 18- My bag arrived!
Quality- 10/10
I do not own any authentic birkins yet and I have never felt one in person. I have been trying to learn as much as I can in the last year and I have bought lower quality rep birkins in the past to see what they were like too. This is by far the best I have experienced yet and it seems very legit to my knowledge at this time. It smells like leather and it is very soft and moves like high quality real leather. The hardware is shiny and all the stamps seem accurate to me and neat. The stitching seems neat and tight. Sangles look good to me. Measurements seem correct to me. Hardware came with protective stickers and coverings. The numbers on the lock and keys match. The pearling looks present to me but I am not a pearling expert or expert on any of these authentic check points. The shape and size of the handles look good to me and there is veining present on the bag which is very common in authentic togo leather. Please let me know if you notice anything off that I am missing but the quality at least of this bag is TOP QUALITY to me.
Accuracy - 10/10
As I said in the accuracy the quality of this bag is TOP QUALITY to me. I can not be 100% sure of the accuracy because I don’t have an authentic to compare. From my research as well there are varying differences in authentic bags I see online too. Measurements can vary and a centimeter or 2, stamps are not always perfect on authentic I see and not always placed in the exact same spot, they vary a millimeter or so too I notice. From what I believe to be accurate, the measurements of this bag are accurate. The leather feels correct and has the correct texture and light veining present. The handles are the correct shape and measurements. The stamp looks acceptable to me, however not perfect, I was going to take points off but I have been seeing authentic bags with similar stamps so I think it is actually acceptable and can be like this authentic too. The engraving of the Hermes Paris on the sangle hardware may be a touch light too but I am not deducting points because I really don’t know what the authentic should look like in person and I still have the tape on too which I think is making it look lighter. The lock and keys look accurate and have matching numbers. The bag smells like leather. The pearling around the pins on the hardware seems accurate to me but I am not a real pearling expert. Stitching seams neat and tight and has the correct slant. The date stamp in the bag is correct for 2019. It is a black bag so the glazing is hard to see but it appears neat to me and accurate. Please let me know if you notice anything off that I have missed.
Satisfaction 10/10
I am very satisfied with this bag. As I said above I still have yet to obtain an authentic birkin or any bag from Hermes or feel an authentic Birkin in person but I imagine this is what it feels like because this bag feels so soft and amazing to me I am in love.
Seller Communication and Service 10/10
Steven is now my go to Hermes seller. He is always so nice and responsive. He never makes me feel my questions are annoying him. He is polite and friendly and most important he has very good quality Hermes. This is my second birkin from Steven and I will be ordering more.
My Photos:
Factory Photos: none shown
Links to Authentic:
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2020.09.18 19:18 pink1199 Boyfriend still friends with the girl he was in love with who dumped him

My boyfriend is an amazing guy and has no red flags other than the fact that he’s still close friends with a girl he used to be in love with. Last year around this time he was studying abroad. There he met a girl who was in the same program, had a major crush on her, but she had an abusive boyfriend. Eventually she broke up with the boyfriend and they started hooking up. He said they had sex a few times and even went on a trip to Paris together, but then after the trip she decided she didn’t like him and instead went after his best friend. My boyfriend, not wanting to lose her friendship, stayed friends while she started dating his friend. Eventually she and that guy broke up and now she’s single. We officially got together last month but had been talking for 6months because of COVID. I believe him when he says that’s he’s 100% committed to me and have expressed my dislike that he’s still friends with this girl but won’t force him to not be friends with her. I know I have anxious attachment and am actively working on my jealously issues. I won’t ever say he can’t be friends with her, but am I overstepping by asking him to tell me whenever they hangout? I wouldn’t care if they were just fuck buddys, but the fact that he had strong feelings for her scares me.
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2020.09.18 18:56 PhatA18Sepl G-ay Se-x Big Di--ck Video

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2020.09.18 17:09 zionius_ (Spoilers Extended) So Spake Martin Extended: rarely seen quotes from GRRM part 5

I've made four posts (1, 2, 3, 4 ) presenting some rarely seen or discussed quotes from GRRM on ASOIAF. Now it's time for the 5th part. (Some were posted before as standalone posts, but for the sake of completeness I'd still include them here)
In my original proposal, I estimated that each volume of the trilogy might run as long as 800 pages in manuscript...The three books of the trilogy would be structured around the long, slow seasons of Westeros. A Game of Thrones would be summer’s book, A Dance with Dragons would take us through autumn, and The Winds of Winter…well, the title says it all.
[After he reached 1300 pages when writing AGOT] Out went the elegantly structured trilogy, with each volume built around a single season, I would tell the tale that I’d set out to tell, from beginning to middle to end, and never mind how many books or years it might require. By rearranging a bit, moving some chapters up and some others out, I found a very satisfactory resolution for first volume, and delivered a massive manuscript of 1188 pages to my publishers in October, 1995.
Elio: Back in 2003, when George was talking to Tom Maringer at Shire Post about replica coins, I received an email which went into George's idea that certain coinages that were circulating prior to the Conquest were co-opted by Aegon and the Targaryens and became part of the standard currency of the Seven Kingdoms. In the case of stags, they were coins used in the stormlands and became part of the currency of the Seven Kingdoms. There are also silver moons, a larger coin than a stag, originated from the Vale of Aryn.
In a partial manuscript of AFFC dated Jan. 2004, Boros Blount was looking increasingly ill and died at the end of the partial manuscript,
In THK, some Blackwoods were at the Ashford tourney. Their names were given in a roll of arms in the comic version of THK Note: only the four Blackwoods were not called "ser". They were squires. Elio asked about why the Blackwoods, who followed Old Gods took part in the tourney, and GRRM replied:
House Blackwood follows the old gods, so the Blackwoods are technically only squires, not knights, since they have never taken vows. The house is very old and high in honor, though, so allowances are made.
PS. You can find many more interesting tidbits in the roll of arms in THK comic, including GRRM's own sigil!
A fan was wearing a "Benjen Lives" t-shirt. George saw it and said that he couldn't say whether that was true or not, but that we'll definitely have more about him in ADwD.
George said that he knows the ending of the story and how many of the major characters will end. He explained that it is like travelling; you want to go from Barcelona to Paris, you know your destination and the roads you plan to take but you don't know what is going to happen in your way there. You have to be there, in your way to learn it. As an example he explained that he had Bran's first chapter in his mind from the very beginning but he didn't know who the man that Eddard Stark executes was, it was not until he was writing the eighth chapter that he realized that this man was the one from the Prologue.
Ted Nasmith: You may have seen my small painting of Eastwatch by the Sea. That was a private commission, for which I relied on the very limited info in the novel. On doing it, he remarked that it was inaccurate, then admitted that any descriptions were in his head, as yet, but were to be included in one of the sequels.
In a podcast recorded in May 2010, GRRM said:
There’s actually one thing under consideration right now. I can’t say too much about it, but that might impact… It’s very minor, though, it would be changing a character’s name, changing the name of a minor character for the television series, and if we go ahead and change that name, I might go back in the books and change his name in the books, as well. So in the later editions of the book, the minor character would have a different name. But it’s still up in the air whether we’ll actually do that or not. So that’s really all I can say about it right now.
Then in July, he hinted:
Lysa's son has been renamed for the series. "Robin" instead of "Robert," as in the books. He's still Sweetrobin.Marillion has not been renamed, though I offered to do so. I was tired of people assuming he was named after the band. I had never heard of the band when I named him, though I've heard a lot about them since.
Finally in Oct, he confirmed:
The name change that was being contemplated (as mentioned in the podcast was for Marillion, to avoid confusion with the band.HBO decided it was not necessary.The Marillion thing has annoyed me for years. So far as I knew at the time, I'd made up the name. It was never meant to refer to the band of the same name.
According to Elio, "pie or wine was poisoned during Purple Wedding" was one of the 100+ things they asked GRRM to verify, in order to make A World of Ice and Fire app.
And the app says the wine is poisoned.
On the issue of the differences between the series and books. I recently interviewed actor Ivan Reon, and he said that playing Ramsay Bolton was easy. Because, the quote, "Ramsey is a happy man." Did you make this character happy?
(laughs) Wow ... Actually, no. I did not write Ramsay as a happy person, at least in books. You know, you need to make a distinction between my version and the one you see on the screen. There is a lot of Ramsey background in the books - he is a child born after rape, which was not interesting to anyone. Until mother brought him to the castle. And since Roose Bolton had no legitimate heirs, he took Ramsay to himself, deciding: “This is the best I have. I am not very pleased with this, but that is it. " Ramsay in the books is motivated by this huge uncertainty due to the fact that he is unwanted. And at the same time he inherits the titles of Roose Bolton, and many around doubt his abilities and rights. He is, you know, the guy who doesn't fit. Because of this, there is a lot of anger in him and, of course, innate cruelty.
The transcription of the whole interview was posted before, but in that video the signal was lost for 2 mins. I find another video showing what GRRM said during the lost 2 mins.
ASOIAF is already older than 20 years. There is a lot of fan theories. Do these help you or influence you?
No the fan theories don’t influence the books. I largely try not to hear about the fan theories. In some cases those people write me emails. Back in the late 90s when around the time the 2nd book came out in 1999, the first few fan sites poped up on the internet. And I did visit them at that time, I was thrilled. “Oh they are talking about my book, what are they saying? Let me read them.” And it was fascinating to read, it was very ego gratifying. But at a certain point I realized there were difficulties here. I didn’t want to know about fan theories that may be wrong. It might give my some ideas, it might change something. I don’t want to change something, I want to be true to my own envision. And I also don’t want to know when they were right, which might also cause me to change something. “My god, they already guessed this twist, and guessed it like three books before I write it. I don’t like that. Should I change it? Make it something different?” No I already structured it, I set the twist since 1991, changing it now would spoil the structure to a ruined state. So there is really nothing to be gained by me reading the fan sites. Although I meet fans at conventions and public events. I don’t want to hear their theories. Let them enjoy making them up, but leave me out of it.
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2020.09.18 13:49 Rattaporn05 French Open 2020: Naomi Osaka pulls out with hamstring injury

French Open 2020: Naomi Osaka pulls out with hamstring injury
US Open champion Naomi Osaka has pulled out of the French Open, which is scheduled to start on 27 September.
On Saturday, the Japanese player won her second US Open, and third Grand Slam title, with a 1-6 6-3 6-3 victory over Victoria Azarenka in New York.
She said in a statement: "I won't be able to play at the French Open.
"My hamstring is still sore so I won't have enough time to prepare for the clay. These two tournaments came too close to each other for me."
The 22-year-old had her left hamstring wrapped in tape when she beat Azarenka in the final at Flushing Meadows. macau888
The world number three, who won the Australian Open in 2019, has never gone beyond the third round at Roland Garros.
Earlier this month, world number one Ashleigh Barty announced she would not defend her French Open title, pulling out of the tournament because of coronavirus restrictions.
In the men's draw, 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer is the most high-profile absentee as he recovers from knee surgery.
On Thursday, French Open organisers cut the number of fans allowed to attend each day of the tournament to 5,000 because of surging coronavirus figures in the country.
The Paris tournament was moved from its original start date of 24 May because of the pandemic.
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2020.09.18 13:14 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 20: RADIOHEAD

Ah, change. Don't we all love it? Don't we all hate it? Remember moving out of your parents house and into some dingy college dorm for the first time? Getting married and having children? How about being forced by a global pandemic to live inside for literal months?
Yep. Change can be good, like the kind you find in your couch cushions. But change can also be very, very bad, like the kind of change that Weezer went through, going from indie rock darlings to a meme-driven cover band. Side note: get your fucking shit together, Rivers Cuomo. Either way, change is often divisive - and this concept is core to understanding today’s band of the week.
There is constant pressure for an artist to evolve and change their sound, to develop and create something new. Any real songwriter knows that they can’t just slap a different label on the same can and sell it back to their audience without losing the respect of their peers...unless you happen to be AC/DC, who somehow made the same album 15 times with two different singers. The pop industry’s oversaturated mess of recycled garbage is never going to be admired by critics, even though pre-programmed FM radio and tweens seem to love it.
Our very own Queens of prehistory are the perfect example of how an artist can experiment and advance their sound from record to record. Every album builds on the last one and takes their sound in a new direction. This can be both amazing AND divisive, depending on your point of view.
Today, we will look at a band that did even more. These guys went through one of the most daring style changes in music history, and came out the other side completely unscathed. They’re a shining example of how to evolve, and how to not only change your sound, but to change the very concept of rock music.
You guessed it, today’s artist is none other than RADIOHEAD
About Them
You know how music makes you happy?
This is not that kind of music.
If you are looking for a pick-me-up, for that Walkin’ On Sunshine vibe to make you bop down the sidewalk, then you need to run far, far away from this band. It is not that their music is Soundgarden-dark or Alice In Chains-dark. It is not NIN-angry or RATM-angry. Radiohead sounds like someone compressed a rainy day, mixed in two gallons of melancholy, got a distillation of being dumped by your girlfriend, and then made you watch your puppy get run over...twice. It is sorrow and regret and woe and dejection all brewed in a cauldron of gloom.
And it punches you right in the fucking feels, every time.
The band is made up of brothers Jonny Greenwood (who rivals Keaunu Reeves with his ability to somehow not age) on guitar and keys, Colin Greenwood on bass, Philip Selway on drums, Ed O’Brien on guitar and backing vocals, and the king of falsetto himself, Thom Yorke, on vocals, keys, and guitar. The five guys from the County of Oxfordshire in England all met in school. In the classic story of teenage rebellion, they got together and formed a band that no one had ever heard of called On A Friday. The band played together all through their teenage years and into university. As they cut their teeth on the local club and tavern circuit, the band got tighter and tighter. This was noted by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge, who saw them play and were so impressed with their raw talent that they helped them record a demo tape and became the band’s managers - a position they still hold today. The demo was shopped to a number of record labels. The net result was that On A Friday was signed to a six-album deal with EMI.
Clearly, we all know and own On A Friday albums today, don’t we? Nope. At the request of their label, they changed their name to the moniker we all know now. The name was inspired by a Talking Heads tune. Clearly, David Byrne must have had a stash of band names hidden somewhere in his comically oversized suit.
The newly-minted Radiohead caught their ticket to fame with the song Creep. You have to remember that when the world were listening to Soundgarden and Kyuss and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana crank out amazing grungy, sludgy riffs and tunes, Radiohead rode a wave of self-loathing and awkwardness to international fame. The brilliance of Creep lies in the fact that its lyrics and its music are in direct contrast to each other. When you listen to Thom Yorke lament the fact that he is not worthy of wooing the girl he is chasing, you become sad. But the soaring major chords of the guitar pivot from one to another and create a cognitive dissonance. The music makes you feel the emotional joy of the man who fixates on his crush while the lyrics simultaneously show the soul destroying experience of his unrequited longing.
As it turns out, lots and lots of people have felt this kind of doubt and anguish. Creep was a bonafide hit and is still the band’s most successful single. It made their debut album, Pablo Honey, a world wide best seller. The band’s first international tour as an opening act for Belly and PJ Harvey saw them play the song every night to crowds who knew and sang every word.
The net result? They grew to absolutely hate the song, to the point where they abjectly refused to play it live for years at a time. The irony is, of course, that the incredible success of that one tune gave them immense freedom to experiment with their sound.
Their second album, The Bends, was no happier than the first. The tune My Iron Lung has the lyrics This is our new song, just like the last one, a total waste of time, which was a commentary on the fan’s reaction to Creep. But in a twist of fate, reviews of My Iron Lung said that it was just like Creep. It was enough to, I don’t know, maybe make your eyelid droop or something.
The Bends was released in 1995 and went platinum. Critics initially did not know what to do with it, as it was a genuine album rather than a few singles surrounded by filler. But classic Radiohead tunes High and Dry, Black Star, Just and Fake Plastic Trees can all be found here. The Chicago Tribune gave it one star out of four, and said that the lyrics were self-absorbed and the music was pretentious. Undeterred, Radiohead toured as an opener for Alanis Morrisette and R.E.M. The influence of this dark and moody album cannot be overstated. Acts like Muse, Coldplay, James Blunt and Garbage all cite it as a direct influence on them. Many Radiohead fans place it second only to OK Computer in the band’s canon.
So did Radiohead’s third album build on that kind of success?
Fuck no.
They had an amazing, world-topping single in Creep and then released an album devoid of singles.
They had a fantastic guitar-driven moody thematic album, and then completely abandoned that sound.
OK Computer is the ultimate anti-consumerist album, and it cemented Radiohead as the kings of progressive rock. One needs only listen to Stephen Hawking spittin’ fire on the tune Fitter Happier to know that this was unlike anything ever released, not just by the band, but by any band. Side note: This Hawking guy gets around, doesn’t he? Collaborating with Mastodon and Radiohead? I’d say with those unique vocal stylings, he has a bright future as a musician.
Everyone loved OK Computer...even The Chicago Tribune. It was immediately hailed by critics as the most important album since Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Dark Side of the Moon. It routinely makes lists of the greatest albums in rock and roll. Listening to it is an emotional roller coaster even now, more than two decades later. It foreshadows the information age and subsequent alienation that we all live in today.
Exit Music (For a Film) was originally written for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo+Juliet, but the movie producers selected Talk Show Host from The Bends instead. Let Down is an absolutely haunting fan favorite that is still part of live sets from the band today. Karma Police, No Surprises, and Lucky were all released as singles from the album, and probably have helped to sell as much kleenex as they did vinyl. But the standout track on their third release was the multi-movement composition Paranoid Android. Named after Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this song in four sections regularly appears on lists of the greatest rock songs of all time. The weird animated video cemented the song as an anti-capitalist anthem. It is a truly epic tune that drew immediate comparisons to Bohemian Rhapsody and A Day in the Life. Paranoid Android was over six minutes long and has soaring guitars and choral chanting mixed in with what sounds like an entire effects rack slowly dying by strangulation. It was the most ambitious track on an incredibly ambitious album, and critics loved every single note.
So of course, that meant that Radiohead had to abandon this sound for something entirely different.
The success of OK Computer and the tour that followed led to burnout for the band and writer’s block for Thom Yorke. When it came time to record Kid A, the band did not just take a left turn, they spun completely through a multi-dimensional roundabout. Thom Yorke set about writing the lyrics by cutting up and rearranging common sayings and phrases mixed with violent imagery and turning them into a kind of lyrical collage. In a band with four members who play some kind of guitar, they wrote songs with zero guitar lines. Thom Yorke has said that he approached his vocals on this album not as a singer with lyrics, but to use the voice more as an instrument on its own.
Since OK Computer was such a massive hit, anticipation for Kid A was high. Radiohead refused to do any promotion of the album. Nevertheless, the record company released the artwork and some ‘blips’ from the songs. The band played some tracks on tour and an underground internet market for bootlegs emerged. Three weeks before the release date the entire album was leaked on Napster.
When it was officially released in 2000, critics did not know what to make of it. Radiohead released no singles from the album. Some called Kid A commercial suicide. Others said it was confusing and aimless and self-indulgent, and the only challenging thing about the album was the very real challenge to your attention span. But history has vindicated this soaring, orchestral jazz-inspired album. Tracks like Everything in its Right Place and How to Disappear Completely and Idioteque are fan favorites. And I don’t care who you are, The National Anthem is a complete banger.
So the pattern was established: Each album was a complete pivot, and challenged their listeners to adapt to the new sound. Right?
Wrong again, motherfucker.
Amnesiac, released in 2001, picked up right where Kid A left off. This was completely intentional, since the writing sessions for Kid A had yielded too much material for one album. At one point, a massive double album - Kid Amnesiac? - had been contemplated, but the band decided to split the two. Sometimes derided as the B-Sides from Kid A, Amnesiac saw the band dive straight into ProTools and AutoTune and backmasking every single effect ever. This is blended with influences from Jazz and, presumably, whatever was on BBC World Service that day. They did release a couple of singles, notably Pyramid Song and Knives Out. QotSA fans will love a B-Side off of this album called The Amazing Sounds of Orgy which bears a striking resemblance to music from our paleolithic monarchs.
I’m not sure if you remember or not, but 2001 was a bonkers year. Kid A and Amnesiac were albums that were embracing the shift to the information age and incorporated electronica into music. But in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US and the subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the entire global mood lurched from one of hope for the future to fear for our safety. Radiohead’s angriest album, Hail to the Thief, released in 2003, and captures that sense of urgency and distress. The core of the album was recorded in two short weeks in Los Angeles, with the band workshopping and completing almost one song per day. Given the complex reengineering that they had previously done on the last three albums, this was a significant shift in process. 2 + 2 = 5 was finished in just two hours.
The lyrics on the album were a grab-bag of quotes from Dante and nursery rhymes and science fiction and reflections on the election of George Bush Jr and the subsequent war on terror. Every song has an alternate title (because, well, Radiohead) and thus an alternate meaning. Ultimately, it is an album that cuts through the fog of war and is a massive critique of what the band perceived as the naked opportunism of turning real tragedy into profit (hence the album title). A little over two months before it was due to release, the album was AGAIN leaked online. This completely pissed off the band , as it was an unpolished version. The actual release was in June of 2003. And of course, Hail to the Thief soared to number one, on the strength of songs like There There and Backdrifts and Scatterbrain and the incredibly angry I Will. Critics fell in love with Radiohead all over again.
Hail to the Thief completed Radiohead’s six-album contract with EMI. This made them the world’s most popular unsigned band. But at this point, they had become too big for any one label, though many came knocking. They went on a hiatus to catch their breath and reflect on where they had come from.
Recording sessions for In Rainbows began in 2005 but stalled. The band tried again in 2006 and stalled again. The band took to the road and played the new songs live to work out the kinks. This seemed to work, because the third time the band went into the studio things started to click. In Rainbows has a post-anger clarity to it. Tunes like Jigsaw Falling into Place and Nude and House of Cards show the band had moved past their past, and were once again pioneers in the new frontier.
But what truly set the album apart from literally anything else in 2007 was the way it was released. Remember how Hail to the Thief and Amnesiac were leaked online? Well, Radiohead did what only a wildly popular unsigned band could do: they released In Rainbows online for free. They just asked people to pay whatever they wanted. This was a tectonic shift in the music industry which had seen profits spiraling downwards with the rise of single song purchases through digital platforms. Free music? For anyone? Once again, Radiohead completely challenged the existing model - just in a brand new way.
Oh, and I cannot stress this enough: Get yourself a set of good headphones and spend 43 minutes just listening to In Rainbows without distraction. It is a god damn amazing album with absolutely fantastic production. It is easily their most accessible album since The Bends.
Fans of Radiohead would have to wait another four years before their eighth album, The King of Limbs, was dropped. Named after a tree in Wiltshire, England, the album again is a shift in sound for the band (I know, I know, this is a complete shock for you). Released as a digital download, management stated that this was the most profitable album for the band out of all of them since there was no record label to feed. The songs are laced with looping and sampling and electronica. Heavy rhythms dominate and are interspersed with wind sounds and bird song. Basically, if you released this album on bandcamp, no one would pay any attention...but Radiohead released it, and it was an instant hit. The video for Lotus Flower spawned Thom Yorke dancing memes, which makes complete sense if you have seen it. It must be experienced to be understood.
Radiohead’s ninth and most recent release is 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Eschewing birdsong this time, this album leans heavily into choir and orchestral and strings and chamber music to craft its sound. It is a broad commentary on climate change and groupthink. Burn the Witch, with its claymation video, is a visual treatise on the dangers of the mob and getting caught up in the moment. True Love Waits was a song that the band had been working on since 1995 and shows them at their disconsolate best.
And yes, A Moon Shaped Pool again hit number one on the charts.
At this point I am certain that Radiohead could piece together the sounds of dumping cutlery on the floor, whalesong and goose honks together with the back-masked theme from The Legend of Zelda to write a song about losing your umbrella on a rainy day...and have a number one hit. And if they do just that, I expect royalties.
What is certain is that fans are eagerly anticipating where Radiohead will go next. They are ready to embrace whatever change Thom Yorke and the boys throw their way, and don’t spend their time bitching about how the latest album from the band just isn’t as good as the rest of their discography.
There is a lesson to be learned there somewhere.
Links to QOTSA
Our prehistoric monarchs and Radiohead both have some things in common. The theme of change is absolutely one of them. Each album is an evolution (or revolution ) from what has gone before, and some of the fanbase can find this challenging.
Interestingly, both bands recorded songs called Burn the Witch, and both are indictments of groupthink. Josh’s version states, There they are, the mob it cries for blood, to twist the tale, into firewood.. Thom Yorke sings, Red crosses on wooden doors, and if you float you burn, loose talk around tables, abandon all reason. Written at different times by different artists, both explore the same theme with different sounds.
Josh has not been shy about how much he loves Radiohead. He has stated, “Not everyone is Radiohead. You’re talking about one of the finest working bands in the world…In Rainbows? I think it’s fucking just comes out of a jam and keeps moving, and little things get stacked on top of what we hear before something else gets taken away, you know? It’s very cool. We were in New York when we heard the first single, and we were like shit, they’re haulin’ ass, that’s awesome.”
Both Homme and Thom Yorke have worked (albeit at different times) on the trip hop / alt rock band UNKLE. Yorke appeared on their second album, Psyence Fiction, lending his vocals to the song Rabbit in Your Headlights. Meanwhile, Homme played on their third album, War Stories. In particular, Josh sang on the song Restless, which is a certified banger.
Their Music
Creep -- over 421 MILLION views, incredibly popular, and hated by the band and hard core fans.
High and Dry -- Of course it ends in the rain.
Just -- Just an amazing video that tells an amazing story. Does anyone else still wonder what he said? In my opinion, I think he must have disclosed the reason why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. This knowledge is too much for mortal men.
Karma Police -- Let’s take a drive, there’s no way that could end poorly.
Paranoid Android -- I hope this makes you want to buy a purple toque, and not a g-string pouch for your family jewels.
Let Down -- Live in 2016
Everything in Its Right Place/Idioteque -- Live in 2016
The National Anthem -- A fanmade video with a cool visualizer.
Pyramid Song -- If you told me Boneface had a hand in this video I would believe you.
Knives Out -- This acid trip will give you nightmares about the game of Operation.
The Amazing Sounds of Orgy -- This sounds like it is right off of Lullabies to Paralyze.
2 + 2 = 5 -- Disclaimer: there is no actual math involved.
I Will -- Live in Paris
Jigsaw Falling Into Place -- All helmet cams, all the time (all the time)
House of Cards -- Apparently this video was shot with one of those pin things that you press against your face.
Lotus Flower -- So. Many. Memes.
Burn the Witch -- A low flying panic attack.
Show Them Some Love
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2020.09.18 05:51 paywallpiker How do I find love like in the movies?

I’m sick of the dating apps. Same thing over and over.
I want to unintentionally bump into a handsome guy in a book store in Paris as we try to pick up the same book and then we are like “wow such a coincidence great choice, let’s get coffee by the Eiffel Tower”
Why can’t it happen like this ever?
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2020.09.18 03:09 olivish Pop quiz!

In honor of the new school year, and the beginning of GG rewatches for many of us, I thought it'd be fun to test the sub's mettle in the form of trivia! The theme is Gilmore Girls firsts, and all questions are from the season premieres!
The honor system is in effect - no looking up answers, and no copying from others' comments! 👀👀 Submit answers in the comments & have fun!
  1. On the first Friday night dinner, what did Lorelai joke was the most important thing in the world, next to family and an education?
  2. What was the name of the first edition book Richard gave Rory when she finished in the top 3% at Chilton?
  3. On Jaimie’s first date with Paris, how did he determine which restaurant to pick?
  4. On their first trip to Europe, what gift did Lorelai and Rory bring back for Luke?
  5. When Kirk interrupted Lorelai and Luke’s first kiss, what was he running from and what did he eventually run into?
  6. With what alcoholic beverage did Lorelai and Luke make the first toast of their engagement?
  7. Who was the first, ceremonial lawbreaker to run the red light in front of Luke’s Diner?
  8. BONUS FILL IN THE BLANK : “People die, we __, people crash cars we _, people lose a foot, we __.”
  9. BONUS MULTIPLE CHOICE: Aunt Cora was a) Mentally ill b) Athletic
  10. BONUS TRUE OR FALSE: If you knew the number of truly guilty criminals Charlie Davenport has put back on the streets, you would still have faith in the criminal justice system.
I will edit in 24 hours with answers :)
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2020.09.18 01:16 i8m [H] 6th gen events, mostly 2014 [W] Paypal


Hi pokemonexchange

I was recently contacted by someone that found my old spreadsheet on some old thread and was encouraged to renew my Pokémon Bank.
To my surprise, all my stuff was in there, so here I am, offering some cool stuff that was almost gone forever.
If you were around in 2014, chances are you recognise my name, but if you weren't, I was a pretty active trader on pokemontrades.
My Poketradereference from back then. Unfortunately stopped logging my trades towards the end.
I was a GS Ball trader back when that flair was only awarded to traders that were deemed the most trustworthy on the sub by the modteam.
Today I'm offering my 6th gen stuff. I'll be putting up some of my pre-6th gen stuff at a later date.
Some prices are negotiable, ask away. Also happy to elaborate on my reasoning for my prices.
Prices are excluding fees.
Thanks for looking,
Exchange ref
Atsuto Uchida Pikachu (Mega Kick) $220
  • Language: ENG
  • ID: 00022
  • OT: ウチダアツト
  • Nature: Naive
Obtained by NyanInSpace and traded to me.
Comes with extensive proof! Attendance video and pics, video of recieving the gift, wondercard picture with u/i8m, etc...
Minato Mirai Pikachu set (Outbreak-chu!) $300
  • Language: JPN
  • ID: 08094
  • OT: みなとみらい
Demoyon > Me.
Comes with attendance picture album and a wondercard picture for each Pika, all with u/i8m.
PC Paris Vivillon (Poké Ball Pattern)
3 1 left.
  • Language: FRE (Last one) $75 [SOLD]
  • ID: 06014
  • OT: Paris
  • Nature: Impish

  • Language: ENG
  • ID: 06014
  • OT: Paris
  • Nature: Timid $70 [SOLD] & Brave $60
Self obtained, comes with video proof and attendance picture album.
Also have one unclaimed on my X-cart (ENG), so if someone wants to make an offer for an RNG'd one, I'd be happy to look into it if it's worth my time.
PC Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon (Japan 2014) [SOLD]
  • Language: JPN
  • ID: 08014
  • OT: ポケセン
  • Nature: Sassy
  • Female! The only Pokéball pattern Vivillon that wasn't genderlocked to male. $80
Demoyon > Me.
Comes with a wondercard picture with u/i8m
Japanese Halloween Gengar $50
  • Language: JPN
  • ID: 09134
  • OT: ハロウィン
  • Nature: Lax
Demoyon > Me.
1st distro. Videoproof with u/i8m in title
2014 CoroCoro Charizard $??? Not sure on price, offer please.
  • Language: 1 ENG, 1 JPN
  • ID: 03154
  • OT: コロコロ
  • Nature: Timid {ENG}, Modest {JPN}
Both Demoyon > Me.
Modest: 2 Redemption pics + wondercard pic
Timid: image host died, but I can provide the link to the trade and the dead links. Considering it came from a prior pokemontrades mod, I trust that will suffice.
Worlds 2014 Aegislash $50 [SOLD]
  • Language: ENG
  • ID: 08164
  • OT: WORLD14
  • Nature: Quiet
Obtained by Kewligirl95 > Demoyon > Me
Wondercard and attendance pictures
XY Torchic
  • Language: (mostly) ENG
  • ID: 10123
  • OT: XY
  • Nature: Various
1 Language set available
  • Language set: 7 total, ENG is Jolly. $80
  • Adamant or Jolly: $12
  • Random chic: $10
Bunch were self farmed, also got some in trades. Due to how common they used to be, and lack of Gen 6 injection tools at the time, none have proof.
Pokémon Bank Celebi $5
  • Language: (mostly) ENG
  • ID: Various
  • OT: Various
  • Nature: Various
Farmed and traded for them. Will provide OT, ID and nature for each trade. Again, these didn't really come with proof back in the day.
Also have a Lonely 21-29/31/31/31/31/31 Celebi (Snowy237 > me).
Have multiples with my own 2 IGNs (David & Brigette)
GTS Vivillon (Fancy Pattern)
  • Language: ENG
  • ID: 00108
  • OT: GTS
  • Nature: Various
1 Language set available (7, All Timid)
  • Language set (7, All Timid) $80
  • Timid: $10
  • Random Viv $8
I "paid" someone to farm them for me, all custom dates. More info here
Should be tough to have better proof than this for a wifi event.
Also have one unclaimed on my X-cart (ENG), so if someone wants to make an offer for an RNG'd one, I'd be happy to look into it if it's worth my time.
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2020.09.17 21:20 AFCFIT Mother Daughter Relationships

Hello everyone! ♡♡♡
I need your help. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been having issues with my mother for as long as I can remember but it’s getting to a point where I think I need to cut ties with her completely. I always knew she had a temper, but I put the blame on me because I thought I was just an ungrateful teenager who thought her mom was crazy (like all teenagers I guess).
There will be many back stories, (for clarity) and btw english is not my first language so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes!
Backstory 1: My mom moved to Paris when I was 14 after my parents’ divorce, so I lived with my dad, his girlfriend and my brother until I moved out on my own when I was 20. I always thought my mom had a temper, but I was a teenager when I last lived with her, so I just thought I was another teenager who thought their mom was crazy (lol). My mom always feels attacked. She always thinks people are out to ger her. If a cashier looks at her the wrong way (or so she thinks) she will literally scream at them until they cry. After that, I would be uncomfortable (obviously) and she would tell me that I’m ashamed of her, that I don’t love her, that I’m just like my father and make another scene in front of everyone. (Mind you, she did that when I was 14 and again 1 month ago, I’m 26 now). She can be super nice one second, but she can throw a tantrum the next. She’s hysterical (I’m not using this term lightly). My dad went and got her at the airport and the first thing she said was: Hate the hair, why would you get brown car seats? Looks like shit. She will say whatever she wants but the minute you tell her something, she will cry and scream and make you feel like the most horrible person ever.
Backstory 2: When my mom and dad separated when I was 13, she told me my dad cheated on her with countless women, that he was a sociopath, that he was an asshole, that she wanted to kill herself.I WAS 13 YEARS OLD… Like who wants to know that about their dad?
Backstory 3: When she comes to Canada, she stays at my grandmother’s place (her mom) but they do not get along. The last time she was here, she told my grandmother that she was a ‘fat cow’, a bitch and told her boyfriend that he was an idiot and that they deserve to be together. Why did she say these things? Because my grandmother asked if I was coming over for dinner and if she had to make more food for my bf and I and my mom took that as an attack. She called me crying and said: come get me, ill stay with you and your bf until I go back. I said: mom, please calm down, tell me what happened, and she goes: SEE, you never believe me! I’ll figure something out and she hung up. She left for my brother’s place (which is 2 hours away and is like as big as my room) the very same night.
My mother blames her mom for leaving her when she was young (sound familiar?) and not knowing her father (my mom’s dad used to beat the living hell out of them, but my mom says that by leaving him, my grandmother prevented my mom from knowing her cousins on her dads side).BTW, my grandmother ‘left’ my mom because the school bus wouldn’t go on the south shore (where my grandmother lived and still lives) 45 years ago, so my grandmother had to leave my mom at her mom’s place (my great grandmother) in the city during the week and would take her to her place on weekends. To this day, my mom still hates my grandmother and will only go see her because that’s the only place she can stay.
She found out her boyfriend of 4 years was cheating on her 2 months ago so she came to Canada to see my brother and I (that’s when the whole calling my grandma a fat cow happened). She was sad, but she felt like a fool because on their first date, he had told her that he wasn’t able to be loyal to one woman, he always cheats. She also told me that two years ago, she received a messaged-on Facebook from a girl saying that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her. She confronted him about it and I guess he told her it wasn’t true, and she got over it…
She went back to Paris 1 month ago and I’m honestly worried for her mental health. She’s calling me, my brother, my dad (her ex-husband, they’re friendly but still wtf) every single day telling us what she’s found about him, sending us conversations with other women that she stole off his phone, she even recorded a 45 minutes conversation of him admitting to the cheating because she wanted proof to send to everyone. I get it, she’s hurt but what more proof do you want?? He told her 2 months ago and she’s still obsessing over it and trying to find more things and hurting herself even more…Now she’s saying that he tapped her phone, her laptop, she made us download 2 apps so he couldn’t ‘spy’ on her, she’s calling the cops and lawyers on him and she keeps telling me that he’s a monster, that he never loved her, that he’s a narcist and a psychopath,that lawyers and cops can’t believe what she’s going through and that they feel so sorry for her. She’s saying that he’s trying to steal her money, the apartment. She posts pictures of them on instagram with petty quotes, calls all of his friends saying that he's a cheater, she wanted to make a fake Facebook with his pictures and write everything he did to her, she even told HIS DAUGHTER THAT HER DAD WAS SLEEPING WITH PROSITUTES(LIKE SHE DID WITH ME)!!! She wants me, my dad, my brother and my aunt’s husband to sign a court order against him…I don’t know what to do and it’s eating me alive. I can’t take it anymore. It’s honestly driving me crazy that I can’t tell her anything without her playing the victim card over and over again… I’ve been crying and stressing over this for weeks. I want to help her get better, but I don’t think she wants to get better…
Am I the selfish one? Am I horrible for wanting to protect myself?
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2020.09.17 19:50 left_align Was Stavros supposed to be the same person as Paris Hilton’s ex?

WFH boredom got the best of me and I was reading Paris Hilton’s wiki. She dated someone named Paris (lol) who, according to Wikipedia, is a Greek shipping heir. I clearly remember an episode where David says something about her gallivanting across the world with her loser shipping heir boyfriend!!
Anyways, after Paris and Paris broke up, she dated ANOTHER Greek heir named Stavros!!
Anyways, I’m on my 49th or so rewatch and truly felt like I knew this show inside out. Apologies if this is already well known 😅
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2020.09.17 16:04 ExtraEgg Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE

Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE
Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE
TLDR: $TSLA is likely partnering with $VALE to produce the insane quantity of Nickel needed to make Tesla’s vehicles, this is almost certainly happening for the following reasons…
  • $VALE is the largest nickel producer in the entire world, with Tesla constantly calling for more Nickel production the partnership potential for these two companies is a match made in heaven.
  • $VALE notified creditors on September 14th that it was paying off it’s $5 billion debt, suggesting a large deal leveling them an insane amount of capital.
  • $VALE’s trading volume is up 37% from it’s average and has bullish whale activity in the options chain.
  • Earlier this month, $VALE announced that they would be paying an extra dividend, on top of their regularly scheduled dividend, reinforcing the thesis of a strong balance sheet
  • Tesla and $VALE already have a history of being bidirectional business partners for over a year.
  • Conservative estimates reveal Tesla's growth plan leaves $VALE’s competitors ill equipped to deal with the demand for nickel Tesla needs to produce it's vehicles within five years.
If there is one to take away from this post, it is the fact that Tesla vehicles need nickel and insane quantities of it. No one is better equipped to supply nickel to Tesla than $VALE. During Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, Elon painstakingly laid out how badly they were looking for a nickel producer.
“Well, I’d just like to re-emphasize, any mining companies out there, please mine more nickel. Okay. Wherever you are in the world, please mine more nickel and don’t wait for nickel to go back to some long — some high point that you experienced some five years ago, whatever. Go for efficiency, obviously environmentally-friendly nickel mining at high volume. Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally-sensitive way. So hopefully this message goes out to all mining companies. Please get nickel.”
The following points are largely circumstantial evidence, however when stacked together create an extremely powerful narrative and points toward the extreme likelihood of $VALE actually having lined up a revolutionary deal with Tesla.
Quotes from Tesla Q2 2020 Earnings Call
“There’s so much to be excited about. It’s really hard to kind of fit into this call, but the sheer amount of hardcore engineering, especially on the autonomy and the manufacturing/engineering front is mind-blowing. And then of course there’s Battery Day, which is coming up pretty soon. And I think that’s really going to surprise people by just how much there is to see.”-Elon Musk
“Yeah. The real limitation on Tesla growth is cell production at affordable price. That’s the real limit. So that’s where — we’re going to talk about — a lot more about this on Battery Day because this is a fundamental scaling constraint. And any part of that supply chain or processing at the cell level will be a limiting factor. So whatever it may be, anywhere from mining to refining — there’s many steps from refining to cathode and anode, cell formation. Whatever the choke point is, that will set the growth rate. And so we expect to expand our business with Panasonic, with CATL, with LG, possibly with others, and there’s a lot more to say on that front on Battery Day.”-Elon Musk
“Well, I’d just like to re-emphasize, any mining companies out there, please mine more nickel. Okay. Wherever you are in the world, please mine more nickel and don’t wait for nickel to go back to some long — some high point that you experienced some five years ago, whatever. Go for efficiency, obviously environmentally-friendly nickel mining at high volume. Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally-sensitive way. So hopefully this message goes out to all mining companies. Please get nickel.”-Elon Musk
“Like the thing that bugs me the most about where we are right now is that our cars are not affordable enough. We need to fix that. So we’re all making progress in that regard, just sort of steadily gaining progress. So yeah, we need to not go bankrupt, obviously. That’s important, because then we’ll fail in our mission. But we’re not trying to be super profitable either, obviously, profitability is like 1% or something, just 1% or 2%. It’s not crazy. Last quarter, it was only like 0.1%. So we want to be profitable. Like I think just we want to be like slightly profitable and maximize growth, and make the cars as affordable as possible, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”-Elon Musk

Battery Breakdown
Battery Breakdown
Philippe Houchois — Jefferies — Analyst
“Yes, good afternoon. Thank you. You mentioned a few times about the constraint to growth is battery capacity still. And I was hoping you could clarify the scope of the Berlin plant you’re building right now. Will there be — the battery capacity consistent with the amount of assembly volume you expect to come out of Berlin? And if not, will you be able to source your battery requirements out of Europe? Will you have to import batteries from outside Europe to ensure production in Berlin?
Elon Musk — Chief Executive Officer
Okay. We can’t say too much about this, except that there will be local cell production, and that will serve the needs of the Berlin factory. Drew, is there anything…?”(TeslaRati by Joey Klender)
$VALE mines nickel in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia and New Caledonia making it the LARGEST producer of nickel. VALE has joint-venture refineries in China, South Korea, Japan, the UK and Taiwan. These locations will help deliver nickel to the Tesla factories in North America, Berlin and China.
Future Nickel Demand
According To Tesla CEO Elon Musk, This Metal is The New Gold
The demand and future of nickel will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Electric vehicles and other modern technology NEED nickel to function.
“With demand expected to increase from 2.2 million metric tons to somewhere in the range of 3.5 million to 4.0 million metric tons by 2030, the nickel market could become constrained.”-McKinsey and Company By Marcelo Azevedo, Nicolas Goffaux, and Ken Hoffman

Nickel Demand
Nickel Demand
Elon Musk’s Emphasis on “Environmentally Friendly”
During the call and clip that was hyperlinked above, Elon emphasizes the demand for an “environmentally friendly” mine. Historically, we all know mines have run into trouble with being friendly toward the environment. Today more than ever, a company's concern for the environment must be vocally expressed and physically acknowledged. If not, the reporters and media will bash Tesla for not being environmentally sensitive. Elon Musk understands this and is aware that the nickel company Tesla chooses must at least appear as if they are environmentally “sensitive". Vale’s website has information on how they are sustainable and conscious of the controversies surrounding the mining industry.
“Given Tesla’s focus on sustainability, the company is likely to prefer to buy from miners of higher-grade nickel sulphide, which requires less power to process than laterite ore, said Lachlan Shaw of National Australia Bank.”-Reuters, Yilei Sun, Melanie Burton“There are three key suppliers - Brazil's Vale VALE3.SA, which operates in Canada using some hydropower, Russia's Norilsk Nickel GMKN.MM and BHP Group's operations BHP.AX in Western Australia. "Vale is in the box seat," he said.”-Reuters, Yilei Sun, Melanie Burton
Just the appearance and attempt to be environmental is enough to scare away most journalists who are looking to make a hit piece on Tesla. To wrap it up, Vale has the efficient, sustainable, and environmental mining that Elon Musk is looking for.

Stock Fundamentals and Technicals
$VALE Average Volume: 27,756,238
9/15/2020 volume: 44,035,430
This is a 37% increase in Volume compared to the average volume.
Current P/E of 50.53, Forward P/E of 5.22
Annual Yield 6.06% Ex date 9/22/2020 Pay date 10/07/2020
Extra Dividend of 1.63% Ex date 9/22/2020 Pay date 10/07/2020
Hedge Funds who own $VALE
Bill Ackman: Pershing Square Capital Management
Carl Icahn: Icahn Carl C
Warren Buffet: Berkshire Hathaway/Dividend Stock Portfolio
George Soros: Soros Fund Management
Laurence D. Fink: Blackrock Inc.
“A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Vale SA (NYSE:VALE) is the #11 broker analyst pick, on average, out of the 50 stocks making up the Metals Channel Global Mining Titans Index, according to Metals Channel. The Metals Channel Global Mining Titans Index is comprised of the top fifty global leaders from the metals and mining sector.” (Metals channel staff)
Whale Activity
FlowAlgo of VALE and Volume/OI below in the green box

Bullish FlowAlgo

Volume and Open interest on far right
Monthly signals: Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Sell
MA(200)Sell Sell
9 buys 3 sells
STOCH(9,6): Neutral
Weekly Signals: Strong Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Buy
MA(200)Buy Buy
12 buy 0 sell
RSI(14) Buy (60.683)
STOCH(9,6):Buy (61.174)
MACD(12,26) Buy
Daily Signals: Strong Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Buy
MA(200)Buy Buy
12 buy 0 sell
RSI(14) Buy (58.562)
STOCH(9,6) Neutral
STOCHRSI(14) Overbought
MACD(12,26) Buy

News Doesn't Care About Technical Analysis
No matter how good the TA setup is for $VALE, news does not give a FUCK about TA. If it has a catalyst to moon... moon it will.
Cash Flow
The increasing and regular cash flow has built a very strong balance sheet for VALE and the consistent high yield will keep the loyal investors around. In addition to this year's regular dividend, $VALE is paying investors an extra dividend of 1.63% on the same day as the regular. According to research firms such as CFRA, the management team has been very active and engaged to keep the company moving in the right direction despite COVID-19 setbacks and a decrease in steel demand.

Balance Sheet
$HNCKF (Giga Metals corp) a competing mining company fell 18.84% today after being in the news about potentially being a candidate for Tesla’s nickel demand. Currently, at a conservative rate, Giga’s mine would stop being able to satisfy Tesla’s Nickel needs by 2025, assuming they would be able to begin mining operations immediately. On the other hand, yesterday (Sept. 16), Vale announced that they had created buffers to reach production of 400 million metric tons of total mineral mining per year in a filing that was part of an investor tour presentation. Nickel is one of the five metals Vale mines.

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
Tesla and Vale already have a bidirectional relationship that GM and NKLA could never even dream of. Tesla and Vale have a history of working together. In March, “Antonin Beurrier, CEO of Vale-NC and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, signed a contract, an offtake agreement for the delivery of intermediate mixed nickel and refined cobalt (Nickel Hydroxide Cake-NHC) produced in New Caledonia. The product will become part of Tesla’s battery composition. The purchased volume remains confidential.”-Tesmanian by Eva Fox (original french source). Tesla and Vale have already signed a confidential contract in regards to Tesla’s battery composition materials needed.
In 2019, Tesla hired an Engineer from Vale-NC to “facilitate procurement and familiarization with the products of the Caledonian plant”
"Tesla has recruited an engineer in a nickel-cobalt refinery in New Caledonia, that of Vale, in order to facilitate purchases for its large European electric vehicle factory in Berlin."
Vale using Tesla’s Lithium batteries at Guaiba iron ore port
“Iron ore miner Vale is installing a Tesla battery energy storage system at Ilha Guaiba terminal in Rio de Janeiro state to help meet power needs at the port as it moves toward energy saving technology.”-London
The project will substitute 20% of the facility's power costs using Tesla manufactured lithium-ion batteries with technology contributing to decarbonization plans, Vale said in an Aug. 24 statement.”-London
Tesla’s technology is being used to lower costs at Vale’s iron ore and to contribute to the “decarbonization plans”. If you remember in the Q2 conference call, Elon Musk was searching for environmental and efficient nickel. Vale has that now thanks to Tesla's battery technology.
More Vale environmentalism
‘Vale recently announced investments of over $2 billion to reduce direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 33% until 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Vale said it intends to become carbon neutral by 2050.”
"As Vale continues to decarbonize its operations, the use of batteries will become an increasingly important part of the electrification of our fleet," Vale's energy director Ricardo Mendes said in the statement.
"This project allows us to test new technology in the field and accelerate Vale's energy transformation, which aims to achieve self-sufficiency by increasing electric power generation mainly through solar and wind sources in addition to our hydroelectric power generation,"-London
Guess who has a large nickel mine in Indonesia, $VALE
Pricing and Math
After calculating a very conservative estimate of how much nickel Tesla would be needing in the future, these were the results… (see figure below)
With a conservative estimate of a $43 billion dollar contract, $43 billion minus the operating margin (38%)= $16.5 billion. This gives the stock 28% upside. The price target for $VALE is $15.36 with a 5% variance giving a low at $14.80 and a high of $16.00 Not to mention the stock market acts very irrational in times of hype, the stock could very well overreact to $20+CFRA’s current 12 month price target for VALE is $15.00, whom most likely have not anticipated Tesla news. (If they get the news, this thing will FLY based on what we have seen this year)
Elon Musk stated that Tesla “will give you a giant contract for a long period of time

Conservative nickel projections

This is not taking into account that the price of nickel is lagging in comparison to its current and future demand. Current nickel price as of 9/16/20: $15,229.50 per ton

Nickel Price: $15,229.50 per ton
Once the demand for nickel goes up and the supply grows scarce, that's easy economics theory, nickel price goes up.
The Plot Thickens
Put on your tinfoil hats for this one…
Elon Musk has a history of hiding stuff in his tweets.
We remember this one. He had called out that Tesla stock was too high at a pre split price of $750
  • The timestamp 8:11 signaled calendar date 8/11
  • The date of posting May 1st turned into 5/1
  • “Tesla stock price is too high imo” signaled that a stock split was imminent
What happened, on 8/11 Tesla announced a 5/1 stock split
Elon Musk has had a rough history with the SEC whom he outspokenly does not respect. This tweet was deciphered to read “Suck Elon’s Cock”
The Tesla short shorts represented the current Tesla models,
  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y
Elon expressing his lack of respect for the SEC and nobody is perfect
Reporter: “But how do they know if it is going to move the market if they are not reading all of them?”
Elon Musk: “I guess we might make some mistakes, who knows?”
Reporter: “Are you serious?”
Elon Musk: “Nobody's perfect”
Now let’s break down the battery day tweet
  • The tweet was tweeted on the same day as $VALE’s dividend announcement (9/11)
  • Battery day is on the same day $VALE’s ex date for the regular and extra dividend (9/22)
  • “Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day”


I rest my case
VALE 9/25 $12.00c
VALE 9/25 $13.00c
VALE 1/15/2021 $12.00c


EDIT: formatting, GIGA Metals is down 11%
EDIT 2: I'm not fucking selling. Either we moon to Valehalla or the captain goes down with his ship.
disclaimer: none of this is financial advice, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment.
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2020.09.17 13:02 closeprotections Close Protection London Close Protection Services London

Close protection – is a concept that has been known for ages – it has been with us since early days of humankind and now its condition is more than satisfactory. Since time immemorial, people have tried to protect their wealth, assets, as well as their own health, life, and welfare. By means of the transfer of gathered goods, wealthy individuals have been paying other parties to protect them, their families, and possessions from others. As a general rule, young, notably strong, and grim-looking individuals have been considered perfectly suitable for such a job. The idea behind such a choice has been to scare away a potential adversary by taking advantage of the very looks of the guard. The aforementioned state of affairs has been observed for the consecutive ages. Wealthy landowners and kings created their own trusted guards (in ancient times and during the medieval age, those were troops designated to protect the authorities; later on, they were transformed into elite soldiers). Aside from serving representative and managerial purposes, such individuals were required to take care of their master and his beloved ones. In the 11th century England, during the Battle of Hastings, King Harold assembled a group of troops to protect his life and widely understood health condition. One may consider them to be the ancestors of modern bodyguards. As both civilization and society progressed, there were an increasing number of various organizations and people. Therefore, the risk of attack was significantly higher. Numerous authorities attempted to discourage potential aggressors from committing a crime by introducing severe forms of punishment. It must be noted, however, that there was still the question if it was enough to protect high authorities and the wealthy from the effects of outside attacks. The protection-oriented market has been developing to be – at some point – dominated by professional soldiers. The said progression has made it possible for police officers to investigate and deal with common, less dangerous crimes only. Together with technical revolution and the increasing social awareness, the number of citizens not satisfied with the current order skyrockets. It is likely to cause radical groups aiming at the change of the existing ruling paradigm to occur. This in turn may lead to anarchy and the increase in people willing to put their antisocial theories and plans into effect. The latter may start from sabotaging the work of others and demolishing valuable devices, but it may also end up in killings. If such a thing happens, one may openly talk about terrorism. The unusual social situation boosts the demand for personal protection. Both the army and police focus on securing the wellbeing of those of high position in the country. The rest of the threatened society must protect itself. The demand identified above has given rise to a new profession – a security guard. In the past, it was performed in a more or less organized fashion and that is why the effectiveness of arising task achievement varied. The attempt on Tsar’s Alexander the Second life on 1st March 1881 is a perfect exemplification of the formulated thesis. The ruler in question was attacked by the members of Narodnaya Volya at 2:15 P.M. A bomb was thrown under the carriage, but its explosion did not harm either the tsar or the horses. Alexander the Second, together with his companion including secret police representatives, started to assess damages. It was a mistake. At 2:20 P.M, yet another bomb was detonated. Its accuracy was notably higher as it managed to severely injure the tsar. He died relatively quickly, even with professional care he was under. At this point, it must be indicated that the demand for close protection increases. However, the perception of it is in a significant number of cases rather faulty, leading to pitiful outcomes. As it was hundreds of years earlier, modern people tend to hire grim musclemen to protect them, disregarding the fact that their intellectual level and possessed knowledge are negligible. Formerly, a test had to be passed in order for a person to be considered a bodyguard. Unfortunately, it does not hold true anymore. On numerous occasions, we can observe security guards stylized to look like stats of action movies, with the lack of intelligence written all over their faces. To give them justice, such people may also perform exceptionally well – up to the time they encounter a real attack. Unprofessional guards may be employed to protect rock stars or boxers. Real bodyguards of today are, however, highly skilled and motivated. They are trained to prevent rather than to counteract, as it may be too late in the latter case. Such people are capable of estimating potential risk and juxtaposing it with the resources at their disposal that may minimize it. Modern security guards are physically active, as well as skilled in giving first aid and driving a car defensively. They can fight without using any weapon – especially by taking advantage of psychology and persuasion. Such people are proficient in at least two languages and are characterized by an above-average intelligence level. The described model of a security guard is perfectly suited to current conditions and the needs of individuals hiring them.

VIP close protection over the world – organizations specializing in personal protection. One of the most famous and at the same time – the oldest organized bodies dealing with close protection was created in the 19th century. It was the American United States Secret Service. The USSS was created in 1865 as the US Treasury Law Enforcement Agency. Secret Service is the oldest national agency focusing entirely on investigations. Initially, their only task was to protect the economic structure of the country by means of preventing governmental cheques and bonds from being counterfeited. The mission was followed up to 1901, when president William McKinley was attacked in Buffalo (NY state). The assault resulted in appointing the Secret Service by the US Congress to protect the newly elected president, Theodore Roosevelt. In 1906, the Congress finally adopted the act on the responsibility of the Secret Service for the safety of the White House. Since 1950, the protection has been extended from presidents and first ladies only to vice-presidents as well. Before the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, the Secret Service had been a relatively small organization, employing as many as 284 agents. The discussed events translated directly into its rapid development. Currently, it is stated that over 5000 employees work for the Secret Service. Separate branches of the organization are located all over the United States, in Puerto Rico, and in other places all over the world (Paris, Lyon, London, Bonn, Rome, Milano, Hong Kong, Montreal, Lefkosa, Bogota, and Manila). The representatives of the organization are both secret agents (serving protection and investigation-related roles), as well as uniformed units responsible for the safety of the White House and diplomatic outposts. They maintain law and order by means of the network of both foot and motorized patrols, as well as of fixed posts. Such people also support other branches of the Secret Service. A wide scope of professional is also employed therein – those are electronics, engineers, communication experts, protection-related professionals, and IT workers. The Secret Service protects the president with his family, vice-president, elected vice-president, candidates for the said posts (from the 120th day before the elections onwards), former president, his children up to 16, as well as heads of other states staying in the USA in order to realize international missions. The unit of the Secret Service liable for taking care about the safety of the president in the White House fulfills its duties in identical uniforms. Due to the said fact, the Secret Service is sometimes referred to as the Uniformed Division. Its tasks also include the protection of president’s mansions, diplomatic outposts in Washington, and places alike located within the borders of the USA.

Another known formation is the Swiss Guard (Latin: Cohors Helvetica) which was for the very first time gathered on 22nd January 1506 by the then pope – Julius II. Its major aim was to protect the spiritual successor of Saint Peter and his palace. The pope wanted to grant himself protection from the enemies and avoid a political murder. In 1512, the Guard secured Vatican against French soldiers. The Defendants of the Church, as the representatives of the discussed formation were also called, had to face the biggest trail while taking care of pope Clemens VII during the invasion of Roman emperor, Charles V. The boldness, discipline, and resourcefulness of the representatives of the Guard made it possible to save the life of the pope, even though about 600 bold men died in the process. To commemorate the event, a solemn vow of the newly appointed guards takes place every year on 6th May. Each of the Swiss guards-to-be holds a banner in his left hand and raises his right hand with the thumb and two other fingers in an upright position (it is the symbol of the Holy Trinity). Then, the new soldiers promise to protect the pope and – to die in his defense if necessary. The representatives of the Swiss Guard are chosen from men between the age of 19 and 25 living in one of Swiss cantons (basing on contracts with Zurich and Lucerne). Each of them has to be at least 174 cm (5 feet and a half inch) tall and be an unmarried practicing Catholic (according to a special letter issued by the local bishop). Candidates for the service are properly trained, including teaching them how to use firearms, side arms, as well as how to defend themselves and establish proper contacts with other people. One of the items of the list is the proper usage of halberd. Currently, the number of soldiers in the Guard is estimated to circulate around 120, including officers, junior, and senior soldiers. They serve in the formation from two to twenty-five years. It must be also indicated at this point that officers and senior sergeants may be granted by the pope the right to enter into a holy matrimony. Aside from their characteristic outfit, soldiers are additionally equipped with halberds and Renaissance swords – those are the symbols of formation’s tradition. Nowadays, they are also fitted with firearms, tear gas, and excellent communication-oriented devices. With its almost five hundred years of heritage, the Swiss Guard is one of the oldest active defense-oriented groups in the world. One may assume that it will last until Switzerland and the Catholic Church exist.

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One of the biggest organizations in the world established to consociate and train bodyguards is the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). The IBA was established in 1957 in Paris by major Lucien Victor Ott. Major Ott had been closely connected to the French Foreign Legion in Algeria since his early childhood. He had been born and raised in the said country. In 1947, he joined the French Special Forces and took part in France-Indochina war. Furthermore, he was the participant of the battle of Dien-Bien Phu that ended with the defeat of the French forces. He was being injured and captured by Vietminh. After a bold escape, he decided to join forces with the French Military Intelligence (Deuxieme Bureau). Major Lucien Ott got famous due to, inter alia, perfect securing of president Charles de Gaulle against the OAS terrorist organization. Thanks to him, 30 prepared attacks were foiled, 11 of which were aimed directly at the head of the state. After the death of the creator of a modern bodyguard profile, major Ott, one of his students – James G. Shortt took care of the management of the IBA. As a young man, he had joined a cadet school. Later on, he had become landing operation troops officer and a member of the elite SAS (Special Air Service) unit. Moreover, during his service, he also taught soldiers in Afghanistan the art of Mujahedeen war. Currently, he teaches security guards, police officers, and soldiers all over the world in the IBA branches. The main aim of the organization is to properly prepare bodyguards-to-be to properly perform their duties. It is not an entity employing such individuals, but those who have presented exceptional skills may become members of royal, diplomatic, or personal guards recommended by the IBA. Coaches being the representatives of the organization trained bodyguards in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as helped during the Baltic Crisis between 1989 and 1991. The qualifications of the International Bodyguard Association are exceptional, international, and backed by the documentation concerning the organization of training sessions for the military, governmental authorities, police, and private bodyguards all over the world. Such undertakings have been continuously performed since 1957. The IBA also operates and trains willing individuals in Poland. Its branch was established in the said country in 1992. The basic training offered to candidates includes 60 hours of comprehensive preparation divided into six consecutive days. After its completion, the candidates are required to undergo the so-called refresher once a year. It is one of the conditions of the membership in the IBA.

Another training organization worth mentioning is the ESI - Executive Security International. It must be highlighted that it is one of the biggest and most appreciated American companies oriented towards training personal protection guards. Its second name is as follows: Bodyguard Training Academy for Executive, Dignitary and Celebrity Protection. The ESI was formed at the beginning of the 80s by Bob Duggan – martial arts expert and master in Hwarang Do. Its creation had been preceded by the establishment of the very first bodyguard training program by the Martial Arts Academy in Aspen, Colorado. The ESI, being one of the USA’s private schools, offers its students over 2000 hours of education with regard to protection, investigation, data gathering, company and individual security, etc. The training unit of the organization is situated high up in the mountains and is run by skilled professionals. Fun fact – film writer, Tracy Keenan Wynn, cooperates with the ESI. His preeminent task has been to create scenarios of situational exercises. While writing them, the said individual takes advantage of real life situations and attacks, such as assaults on Aldo Moro, John Paul the Second, kidnapping of Hans Martin Schleyer by the RAF (Red Army Faction), and scenarios alike. The ESI collaborates with corporations operating in the close protection branch of industry, as well as with the police and military. The organized training sessions are top secret. No journalists are allowed to enter the Aspen unit. Due to the fact that the ESI is a private school, it may provide professional training to civil, police-related, and military institutions all over the world.

The citizens of Israel have never had the chance to feel safe in their country. The issue of safety has been always treated seriously there. Aside from a constant Israel-Arab world conflict threat, the Israelis have been the subjects of terrorist attracts, both within the borders of their country and outside it. Jews and Americans are most frequent victims of operations organized by highly skilled terrorist groups. Taking into account the impact the Russian mafia has on Israel, the amount of care put on widely understood safety is fully justified. The Israeli Special Forces protect their citizens by means of intelligence and security-oriented undertakings. They host training sessions in various organizations preparing bodyguards, providing the adepts with the experience gained during the service. Most famous units of the said kind in Israel are undoubtedly the ISA - International Security Academy and the ISS - International Security School.

ISA is an international organization established and managed by former leaders, police instructors, and special service members. The very first unit of the ISA was formed in Latvia as a training and advising agency for both governmental and private security guards belonging to the Baltic States and the countries of the former USSR. The fact that the ISA is not exclusively Israeli in character is proved by the figure of the organization chairman, major Urlich Wegener – the creator and very first leader of German Border Control Service called GSG 9. The team of instructors and coaches also has international roots. The credo of the organization is that the preparation of the individuals for the proper protection of others is the key. Such people have to be offered highest quality training, extensive knowledge, and practical background. The ISS training programs are based predominantly on the experiences gained in Israel and in other countries, as well as while training people for the purpose of protecting VIPs over the world. Individuals, governmental authorities, and large-size corporations have been taking advantage of the services provided by the ISA/ISS.

At the moment, civil bodyguards are also involved in close protection. The safety of the individuals hiring them, as well as their possessions depends highly on the qualifications of the former. Quite frequently, those are former policemen, soldiers, or special force members. However, a number of inexperienced adepts would like to start their adventure with personal protection as well. Are they bound to fail in their attempts? It is not always so. The most crucial component affecting the effectiveness of the training is one’s psychological preparation. It is a commonly known fact that it is exceptional in former police officers and troops. However, it is a common belief that one can be trained how to perform the job of a bodyguard, just as it is possible to teach a person how to shoot or be properly engaged in melee combat. It all depends on one’s motivation and willingness to achieve success in the industry. Regulations to date limit the training process of a security guard to the moment of being awarded with a license. In order to perform his tasks properly, such a person has to constantly improve his skills and qualifications.

Phenomena connected with the need of utilization of close protection techniques – Terrorism/Terrorist. It goes without saying that terrorism is one of the biggest threats of today’s world. While analyzing the severity of attacks and their scale, one should not doubt that VIPs should be at all possible occasions protected against the aforementioned forms of assault. In order to assess the threat a given problem pose, its specificity must be identified at first. The notion of „terrorism” was for the first time in history used during the Conference of the International Criminal Law Association in Brussels, in 1930. To date, there have been approximately 200 various definitions of the phenomenon in question. While trying to grasp its characteristic features, one will face a number of limitations and difficulties. One of statements of historian Walter Laqueur has to be touched upon here. While asked why he has been avoiding formulating an unequivocal definition of terrorism, he replied: „For 50 or so years, people are constantly trying to understand the idea behind terrorism. It is a phenomenon having different forms, depending on its place of origin and epoch. How can one find common ground between Russian revolutionists from the end of the 19th century and Al-Qaida anarchists?

Terrorism is mainly based on the utilization of force or threat in order to achieve political or ideological goals. It is hard to say something beyond that. Terrorism is like pornography – it escapes logical classification, but if one sees it – then it becomes apparent.” It is hard to argue with the statement, as it perfectly shows the complexity of the phenomenon in question. For the purpose of this publication, a strict definition of terrorism is not needed. All that is required is the utterance formulated by Walter Laqueur stating that terrorism can be most fully perceived through its manifestations. Terrorist acts are undoubtedly illegal, as they are based on kidnapping people and forcedly taking control over means of communication, economic sabotage, attacks, robberies, demanding ransom to finance organization’s own activity, posing threat to life, health, and freedom of authorities, and kidnapping people from outside the area in order to gain publicity (especially journalists, priests, voluntary workers). One may also indicate the usage of explosives and firearms in public areas and poisoning certain spots by means of radioactive materials and chemicals. Longin Tadeusz Szmidt additionally pointed out that terrorism has always been strictly connected with crafty and hard to identify methods of killing the leaders of nations. While describing the phenomenon of terrorism as a threat for the protected person, one should also point out and indicate its sources. The following are enumerated: - social and economic sources that are directly connected to economic crises, social tensions, social and national discrimination, as well as with the perception of dissonance between the factual reality and the one presented by the media; - historical and political sources. They have their beginning in severe social reactions, demanding full democratization and respecting human rights; - sociological sources that may be related to the atmosphere typical for a given country or the so-called spirit of violence; - psychological sources stating that a significant part of terrorists is highly mentally unstable which is additionally combined with the overly high self-esteem. When it comes to the area of attack, the following are proposed by the experts: - land terrorism (the major threat area for VIPs and the key one for security guards), - air terrorism (personal protection is then entrusted to the authorities managing planes, airports, etc.), and – maritime terrorism (tasks and responsibilities are then similar to air attacks). While taking into account the type of terroristic activities, one may distinguish: bombing-based, nuclear, biological, chemical, technical, cybernetic (attacks on IT networks), and narcotic-oriented (narcotic cartels undertakings) terrorism. The highest threat for VIPs is undoubtedly the first type, namely – bombing-based one. Close protection-oriented undertakings should therefore incorporate the knowledge on paradigms effective during a bomb attack. They will be discussed in further sections of this publication. It is exceptionally difficult to argue with the thesis that we must be protected against terrorism. The same applies to VIPs. The importance of the latter is also worth discussing, as the threat is much higher when a top authority is attacked than when the assault poses threat to a pop star or a wealthy businessman. However, it does not limit the necessity to analyze and counteract terroristic attack threat. It may directly impact the safety of the person a given security guard is responsible for.

Crime is also one of the issues that may endanger protected VIPs. Up to the beginning of the 80s, Poland had been considered to be one of the safest countries in Europe. Law enforcement bodies had been numerous and properly financed there, and crime forecasting, prevention, and penalizing schemes had met all the European standards. However, at the end of the discussed period, the myth of threat-free Poland started to crumble. The effects of crime fighting scene were becoming gradually more negligible. The said state of affairs was predominantly caused by the decreasing trust in law enforcing organizations, as well as by the rapid increase in crimes committed by the citizens. Another important aspect that must be taken into account were economic and political changes taking place in 1989,the liberalization of economic activity, and the emergence of free market. Some individuals possessed unimaginable riches, whereas others were exceptionally poor. In order to survive till the next day, the latter searched for the answer in crimes, leading to the occurrence of the phenomenon commonly known as organized crime. According to official data from 2001, within the borders of Poland, there were over 400 organized crime groups consociating approximately 45 thousand people. They were generating profits by means of goods smuggling, selling stolen cars, producing and marketing narcotics, counterfeiting national currency, commuting bank frauds, selling firearms, and – what is of exceptional importance from the point of view of VIPs – demanding ransom. Criminals induce fear in the society, especially due to using terror and blackmailing. They do not hesitate to kidnap others or kill them. Such individuals resort to brutal treatment, such as beating, torturing, drowning, etc. All those factors combined directly translate into wealthy representatives of the society feeling threatened. What is more, criminals frequently tend to attack the family of a VIP as well, in order to convince him to perform a given action. Therefore, children, wife, and beloved ones of such an individual must be highly protected.

Popularity/Fame –The threat of attack may be in some cases linked to the popularity of a given human being. When a VIP is in isolation, then he may only receive unwanted phone calls or be nagged by photographers. The problem arises when he has to leave his place of permanent residence or workplace, as well as when he is in a publically accessible place. Danger may still be low, but the inquisitiveness of journalist may quickly become overwhelming. Fans or supporters of a given sportsman or artist may cause havoc in order to touch their idol or get hold of any item belonging to him or her. Of course, there is also the risk of serious injuries or even death (let us take John Lennon as an example) – it cannot be neglected. That is why famous and popular individuals should by all means care about their safety. The matter also concerns politicians who are widely recognizable and controversial. In politics, there are no limitations. Opponents may even resort to killing a representative of the other side to impose his or her right on others. Elected politicians tend to have close protection, but care should be additionally exercised to care about those running in elections. Such VIPs may be ridiculed by the crowd or the opposition (by throwing eggs or pouring water over the candidate), leading to the end of their political career. The role of security guards should in the aforementioned cases not be limited to physical protection only. They must also keep information about VIP’s family, realized projects, and operation profile confidential. The image of a famous person highly depends on the bodyguards being in his immediate surroundings. The manner of their operation, professionalism, and knowledge are top priorities there.

Attack on person – By definition, attack on person is the attempt to kill someone, steal his or her possessions, as well as to kidnap him or her. The criminal action in question has a long history, as assaults have been made throughout the consecutive ages. Their goal has been to achieve a political, economic, or cultural aim. Attacks on person may lead to tremendous changes in the society, which is perfectly depicted by the killing of John Kennedy and Icchak Rabin. In the majority of cases, however, such an attack does not have significantly far-reaching consequences. In order to be effective, bodyguards must answer themselves the following questions – why do criminals attack? How do they attack? How may the assault look like? Therefore, it is highly advised to specify the motif, methods utilized, and consecutive stages of one and every attack on person. Taking into account motifs, one must bear in mind that all the assaults have their agenda. No attack is made voluntarily, without forethought. In the following sections, most common causes of the aforementioned activity are going to be enumerated:

Revolutionary or political ones – organized groups (frequently consisting of fanatics) attack others in order to force the society to change the existing system or overthrow the current government (in the attempt to choose a new one). Their victims are often the authorities ruling the country. The attackers, who follow their revolutionary or political agenda, try to win the sympathy of other representatives of the society. Long before the planned attack itself, they distribute leaflets blaming current rulers for the widespread injustice. According to their belief, the elimination of the elites in power would bring positive outcomes for the whole country. Such an action was performed in Armenia in 1999, where members of the government were shot dead during one of their meetings. The terrorists informed that their death would improve the national situation.

Economic – terrorists claim that their potential victim is responsible for the poor economic condition of the country, company, or a group of people. In the majority of cases, economic attacks take place in countries where there are extreme disproportions between the wealthy and the poor. It must be taken into consideration, however that it is not always the case, as the assessment of the attackers tend to be highly subjective. Quite frequently, the cause of the assault is the personal conviction that the unsatisfying economic condition of the terrorist is the result of actions performed by the victim. It pushes the attacker into thinking that killing him would aid the situation.

Personal – In this case, the wrongdoers are motivated to make an attack due to jealousy, vengeance or other personal causes. Those people in many cases have notable personality disorders, manifesting themselves especially in the inability to control their behavior. The aforementioned state also leads to the failure to distinguish reality from fiction. A perfect exemplification of the motif in question is shooting Zuzanna Leśniak and an artist – Andrzej Zaucha by Yves Goulais in 1991. The trigger there was jealousy.

Ideological – The terrorist is convinced that the victim chosen by him has been threatening the values and principles followed by the attacker. The said rules are often of significant importance for both the group he belongs to and for himself personally. Ideological attacks on a person may be religious or social in character. The first case is oriented towards killing a religious person in the attempt to make it impossible for him to achieve his goals. The second scenario relates to the willingness to eliminate the leader of a given social group. Quite frequently, the additional agenda is to make the organization the terrorist is a part of more memorable and popular in the media. Free publicity is an additional benefit then.

Psychological – The most commonplace group of attacks. Modern psychology claims that every person using firearms, stabbing others with a knife, or taking advantage of explosives has been struggling with mental problems. The motif is of negligible importance, as the attacker may justify his actions with revolutionary, economic, or personal goals, but the fact is that the driving force is the inability to perceive the world correctly. The assassination of Bill Clinton in 1994 illustrates the above bluntly. Francisco Martin Duran stated that he had attacked Clinton to destroy the mist connecting him to an alien entity. Apparently, Duran wanted to eliminate the mist in order to save the world. Attacks considered as crimes may be triggered by a myriad of factors. Among them,there are: - clashes between the representatives of a crime organization, willingness to demonstrate one’s power or threat the victim (attempt to force the latter to pay ransom or forget about debts), - desire to kill suspects that may endanger one’s business, - attempt to exert pressure on certain individuals or to threaten them for their professional achievements (relates to, inter alia, attorneys and tax collectors).

Attack methods to be considered by security guards. Close range attack. It may be performed by means of utilization of: - firearms, - melee weapon (knife, bayonet, dagger), - chemical substance (for example: toxic substance, such as hydrochloric acid). There are no exceptional skills needed to successfully attack a person, as almost everybody can use a knife or a dagger to a satisfactory extent. The same goes with firearms, the utilization of which is as difficult as driving a car. The aforementioned types of weapons can be transported to the place of the assault with ease. The characteristic feature of this attack type is the fact that the wrongdoer is situated maximally several centimeters away from the victim. The difficulty here is directly connected with the inability to improvise the act. It must be preceded by a prolonged observation of the subject, learning his or her customs, daily routine, places he or she visits, and the protection type he or she uses. Only after drawing proper conclusions from the examination, can the terrorist attack the victim. Marek Papała, a police commissioner, was killed due to a close range attack in 1998, Warsaw.

Long-range attack – in this case firearms are often used, especially rifles and carbines. It is not an uncommon situation to learn about an attacker who has used a sniper rifle fitted with professional laser and optical aiming devices. The distance between the wrongdoer and the subject of the attack is commonly higher than 5 meters. The former must also be much more skilled than a close range attacker, as he has to be capable of utilizing a professional gun in an effective manner. The death of John Kennedy in Dallas on 22nd November 1963 was the result of the attack form in question. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was a former marine soldier, shot his subject from a storage located several meters away from president’s cavalcade. To perform the act, he used Mannlicher-Carcano, cal. 6.5 mm rifle. The proficiency of the attacker was proven by the fact that he fired three shots and only one of them missed the target.

Attack with explosives – it requires notable skills, for the wrongdoers has to build a bomb before performing the attack. He must also know how and where to plant the explosive, how to situate the fuse inside and where to detonate it. Such a person also has to be familiar with the effects of explosion. Assault on Margaret Thatcher on 12th October 1984 showed how patient and clever can an attacker taking advantage of explosives be. Patrick Magee, a member of Irish Republican Army, moved into the hotel where the British prime minister was expected to stay 24 days before the said fact. Every single day, he worked meticulously destroying the wall and placing a 50-kilogram explosive inside the hole. The bomb was then fitted with a timer. It exploded when Miss Thatcher was considered to wash herself in the bathroom – the attacker was perfectly acquainted with her customs. She would have died if she had not received a document to be read. The explosive was detonated five floors above the bathroom located in the apartment of the „Iron Lady”. Six other people died as a result, but the suspect managed to avoid the clever assassination.

If you are looking to hire close protection in London do not wait and contact us immiedletly for professional bodyguard services in London.
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2020.09.17 11:39 Cyanidestar Meeting SBs in Paris?

Will move within next 2 months to Paris for business, looking to have some company around since I will stay for at least one year so a SR came to my mind.
Anyone having experience about this in Paris, is SA the best choice, are a lot of SBs in the area who are serious about having an arrangement?
For allowance I was thinking to simply take the cost of an upper-average apartment rent per month and simply split it for 4 dates, pretty general I guess, any ballpark estimates what works in Paris?
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2020.09.17 10:53 ErCiccione updated: New blog posts, improved accessibility, new FAQ, multiple updates and much more

I'm rethinking the structure of these updates. For now i moved new merchants to a dedicated section, to give them more visibility. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

Updates to Getmonero

These are the major changes to since my last update:
Note that I only included in the list major changes that users can be interested to. Many more changes have been implemented, you can see a more complete overview and the complete list of commits on GitHub.

New merchants

These are businesses which accept Monero recently added to the 'Merchants' page. For the complete list visit
Note: we list these merchants for convenience, we don't do any vetting. We only check that the websites actually accept Monero and are not obvious scams. Do not use these services without first making your own researches about them.
AUGET (#1143) French brand of scented candles
XenPods (#1179) E-cigarette supplier
Cockbox (#1137) It's a Tor-friendly, privacy-oriented VPS provider (#1139) Fully anonymous cryptocurrency exchanger https://xchange.m http://xchangen24yn24b6.onion/
DV Chain (#1147) Cryptocurrency OTC desk
Newton (#1148) Canadian cryptocurrency exchange
CryptoWoo Monero Plugin (#1156) Gateway for WooCommerce users
If you know a business which accepts Monero who is not listed, let us know and we will add it to the 'Merchants' page. To add a merchant, open an issue on the repository and fill up the template.

We need contributors willing to work on the website!

Contributors willing to help with the website are always welcome. You are encouraged to join the #monero-site chatroom (on Freenode, Matrix and MatterMost) to stay up to date and participate to the development. It's possbile to contribute to the development of the website in several ways:
  • Translate! It's possible to translate the main parts of the website through an user-friendly graphic interface: Weblate. You don't need any particular experience, except speaking a second language, but make sure to read the guide you find at the top of the page.
  • Resolve an issue! There are many open issues only waiting for contributors to work on them. Keep an eye especially on the issues labelled "⛑️ contributor needed" , which are mostly documentation changes or easy issues which don't require deep technical knowledge. If you would like to help with one of those, but you are scared by the fact that you need to navigate the repository, feel free to contact us and we will manage to get you started.
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2020.09.17 10:11 Buckaroo_Kronopoulos Bail de particulier à particulier - Caution "Western Union"

Je recherche un appartement sur Paris et j'ai trouvé une affaire qui semble "en or" : 2 pièces, 52m2 dans le 20e arrondissement pour 550€ !
Je crains une arnaque pour récupérer la caution, merci de me donner votre avis éclairé !

J'ai demandé pourquoi le prix était si bas et la réponse du proprio a été (copier-coller, fautes incluses) :
Merci pour votre réponse. Nous louons l‘appartement meublé, et le bail est est de longue durée. Le contrat de location sera établi entre vous et nous( ma femme et moi). Nous louons l‘aappartement à ce prix dans le but d‘aider ce qui sont dans le besoin.
Veuillez me faire parvenir votre dossier locatif afin que nous puissions en convenir d‘un jour de visite.
Je tente donc le coup et lui envoie les pièces demandées.
Voilà son retour et la système qu'il met en place pour la caution :
Re Bonjour
Merci pour votre réactivité ; Votre profil correspond à nos attentes.
Nous vous proposons de ce fait un R.D.V le Vendredi 18 Septembre à 16 H 30 à l‘adresse de l‘appartement
Au cas où la date vous conviendrait, nous vous prions de vous munir de votre dossier complet, car nous ne tenons pas à faire des navettes inutiles comme la semaine passée.
Ci-dessous énumérés, les documents constitutifs du dossier à présenter :
¤ Une Pièce d'identité ou Passeport ou encore permis de conduire en cours de validité
¤ Dernier relevé de salaire (ou celle de votre garant)
¤ Dernière quittance de loyer (si vous quittez un logement)
¤ Dépôt de garantie par Mandat WESTERN UNION de 1100€, à l'ordre d'un proche ou ami (époux, conjoint, père).
Procédure d'établissement du dépôt de garantie par mandat Western Union :
Vous vous rendez dans un bureau de poste (ou une agence Western Union) avec les 1100€ en espèces (ou votre carte bancaire) muni de votre pièce d'identité et vous demandez simplement à effectuer un transfert via WESTERN UNION à un parent (en qui vous avez confiance et avec qui vous êtes facilement en contact) ;
Après l'encaissement des fonds, le postier vous délivrera un reçu comportant des références (Code MTCN) devant permettre à l'unique bénéficiaire du transfert (votre parent en question) de retirer la somme avec sa pièce d'identité.
Une fois le transfert effectué, vous nous enverrez par mail le justificatif (photo ou scan) afin de nous assurer la disponibilité du dépôt de garantie bloqué sur Western Union ; pour confirmation du rendez-vous.
Nous voudrions juste être sûr de la disponibilité des fonds afin d'éviter tout déplacement inutile et éviter de nous faire berner à nouveau.
Au vu de tout ce qui se passe sur internet, nous préférons que le Mandat via Western Union soit dans un premier temps fait au nom de quelqu'un que vous connaissez, en qui vous avez confiance comme cela vous aurez la certitude que votre argent ne pourra être encaissé par une tierce personne.
D'un commun accord après la visite, nous procéderons à la signature du bail / remise des clés et nous rendrons en ce moment ensemble dans le bureau de poste le plus proche afin de changer le nom du bénéficiaire du Transfert (à l'ordre de ma femme ou du mien).
Le dossier complet plus le nouveau récépissé du Mandat Western Union, seront donc remis à ce moment en mains propres contre le reçu de la caution, une quittance de loyer et les copies du titre de propriété puis de nos pièces d'identité.
Au cas où la visite du logement ne serait pas concluante, vous n'aurez plus à nous remettre votre dossier et il suffira que votre parent (bénéficiaire du Transfert) se rende à la poste pour vous encaisser la totalité des fonds déposés.

Je fuis ?
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2020.09.17 00:29 ProfessionalTart2451 Who suits Paris best?

Been thinking about this for a bit now because originally i would say Jamie but she is (can’t believe I’m saying this-) weirdly suited to Asher (dont hurt me!). She’s so mature and intelligent it almost makes it plausible that she would date a SIXTY YEAR OLD famed political writer.
Then again Jamie loved and respected her and was on her level too. He seemed perfect and really the kind of guy even Paris would like.
Doyle brought her more of a challenge I think, being her editor to start and also a Yaley, they were both a little odd but seemed to compliment each other.
Or maybe Paris just needs herself? What do you think?
View Poll
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2020.09.16 22:58 Evsd62 My Idea For An Expansion Pack: A Romance Pack

Okay, just fair warning, this is going to be a long post lol. This is my idea for an expansion pack and it's main features, gameplay elements, and some CAS & Build/Buy assets. I know people make posts like this all the time, but I just wanted to share my ideas because I think you guys would really enjoy it.

This entire pack will be focused on romance, and expanding romance for all life stages. (Not just young adults and adults, EA). There would be much more content in this pack than would be in a base game update centered around romance & things of that nature. The main gameplay elements would be different big life events (we'll get to those later) and a compatibility system (parts of what I have in mind could be a base game update, but we'll get to that). The main draw of this pack would be the immense expansion on romance and how it affects the life stages.

The world would be based off of a very romantic city. I was thinking Paris, France, or maybe somewhere in Italy. If I recall, I don't think we've had much to do with French architecture (not sure on that, please correct me if I'm wrong). The world would be split up into 3 neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods would have a hotel. I think this makes perfect sense to add into a romance pack. It is very common to go on romantic getaways to hotels, and this is a feature which Simmers (like me) have wanted for a very long time. To make it clear, this would not be a vacation world, it would just have a lot in it in which you can vacation to. One of the other neighborhoods would be more in the city/main town square area, and the other would be more on the outskirts of the city area. I don't know if running a hotel would be a feature to add into this pack. Sure, it would make the hotel experience even more fun, but that doesn't really tie into the main premise of the pack, so I'm not sure. Hotels can be built in any world!

The compatibility system would be some sort of system that compared your sims traits, aspirations, and zodiac signs (a new feature which could be a base game update. Do you think that should come with base game or this pack?) and make it either more difficult or easier to successfully achieve a romantic relationship. Opposing traits and zodiac signs would mean it's more difficult to gain a relationship, as well as aspirations that would probably take you somewhere else later in life (For example, Sims with the City Native and Island Native traits would not be as compatible, because they want different things in life). But, I can see where this could become a problem for some players. What if you want opposites to get together? Well, I was thinking that, along with basic compatibility, you could set your sims preferences. You can choose 3-5(?) traits that your sim enjoys in other sims, and maybe even choose hair and eye color preferences, too! I think some sort of system like this which adds more depth to romantic relationships in general is key to making a romance pack work.

The Sims 4 is currently lacking in regards to different life events. Nothing really feels special. I think adding proms, honeymoons, bachelor + bachelorette parties, and funerals makes different events and life stages much more interesting and unique!
Prom: Prom is a necessity if a romance pack was to ever happen. Whether it be an active event (which I'd prefer) or a rabbit hole, prom is one of the few things that can help make teen love, highschool, and teens in general better in the Sims. If you want a date to the prom, you'd have to actually ask someone. Possibly your crush (we'll get to crushes next!)? If they say yes, you have a date! You can slow dance together, win prom king or queen, or even try to sneak in some juice ;).
Honeymoons: This ties in with the hotel feature. After your wedding, go on a wonderful honeymoon with your new spouse! Whether it's a hotel, a cabin, or a home in the jungle, take your newlyweds out to start the next chapter of their life!
Bachelor + Bachelorette Parties: These would mostly be the same as the Sims 3 versions. Just a bunch of friends having a good time before their besties get hithced!
Funerals: I think this would be crucial for a romance pack because elders losing loved ones, especially spouses, should leave a lasting impact on future relationships and their life in general. Death should be a much bigger deal, and it has a lot of impact on romantic relationships. Death could now have an effect on future romantic endeavors. Maybe widowed Sims would have a hard time gaining romantic relationships with other Sims? The possibilities are endless.

All life stages (excluding toddlers) can now develop crushes! You can choose your own crushes for your Sims, or they may develop them on their own! The crush may become more intense as time goes on if you decide to pursue it, or it could fizzle out. Anything can happen. This would also bring back lopsided relationships (in a base game update). Sims should now be able to have lopsided relationships, meaning one sims may have romantic feelings for the other, but they don't love them back. This would just help the expansion of relationships and romantic depth even more. Children and teens can also develop crushes on their fellow classmates!

I think their also needs to be more consequences in general, especially in regards to cheating and divorce. These things should leave a lasting effect on Sims, but this should be added to base game. I also think that dates could be a bit better. Having to just complete tasks is repetitive and boring. I don't really know how that could be improved upon though, what do you guys think?

Build/Buy should consist of items that go with romance for each life stage. Not sure what all of that would be lol, but there are few things I know for sure:
-Definitely some furniture originating from France/Paris/Italy (if that's where the world is set)
-Decorations for prom/weddings/funerals
-Some romantic flowers? (Roses and such)
-Hotel furniture, like generic hotel beds and lobby items
For CAS, I was thinking some French and Parisian attire, along with general date night attire, some prom and funeral clothing, maybe some lingerie.
All of these items must be as versatile as possible, which I think is very possible for a pack as integrated as this. Nothing is too specific. It takes the worth out of items if they can only be used in one place (looking at you, Batuu).

I think this pack integrates very well with most other packs.
Get Together: Can make romance clubs, maybe even clubs for grieving and/or recently divorced Sims. Dancing will also come in handy at other events (slow dancing would be new to this pack, though)
City Living: There are lots of date places, the city is a great place to put a hotel, and the festivals are great date night locations.
Get Famous: Dating a celebrity could have different effects. You'd be pushed into the spotlight with them, being followed by paparazzi and such. This could even strain your relationship!
Island Living: Sulani is the perfect place for a wedding & honeymoon!
Dine Out: Restaurants are a wonderful place for dates!
There's probably more, but that's all I can think of right now!

Usually, there's a larger base game update that comes with expansion packs and have something relating to them that aids in the expansions success. This base game update would add more relationship options to CAS (girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, enemy, cousin, etc.), the ability to make vacation lots in any world, not just the vacation worlds, and possibly the zodiac signs? I don't really see how much that would add to base game, but it makes sense for them to add that, seeing as it was in past games.

Phew, this was long. It kinda dragged on longer than expected lol. I haven't really thought of aspirations and traits, but if you have any thoughts on what they could be, comment and I'll add them to this post! Do you guys think this would work? Is there anything that you'd add or take away? Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed coming up with it!
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Hyun Bin ️ Son Ye Jin spotted on a cozy, private date in Paris 5 Things to Know About Dating French Men - YouTube DATING IN PARIS, FRANCE  the funny stories - YouTube My Singles' Guide To Paris - To Get Laid In France - YouTube Paris Hilton One Night in Paris  Hollywood Rocks - YouTube Episode 1: Raquel Scott PART 1: Being Black in Paris ... DATING IN PARIS 2 💕 - YouTube Picking Up An English Girl In Paris - YouTube

Singles groups in Paris - Meetup

  1. Hyun Bin ️ Son Ye Jin spotted on a cozy, private date in Paris
  2. 5 Things to Know About Dating French Men - YouTube
  3. DATING IN PARIS, FRANCE the funny stories - YouTube
  4. My Singles' Guide To Paris - To Get Laid In France - YouTube
  5. Paris Hilton One Night in Paris Hollywood Rocks - YouTube
  6. Episode 1: Raquel Scott PART 1: Being Black in Paris ...
  7. DATING IN PARIS 2 💕 - YouTube
  8. Picking Up An English Girl In Paris - YouTube

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