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Week 14 Big 12 Uniform Tracker

2015.12.06 15:41 CockADoodleBOOM Week 14 Big 12 Uniform Tracker

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to the Big 12 Uniform Tracker, THE premier weekly discussion thread for Big 12 uniforms and the teams that wear them! This is my final regular season post for the 2015 season before we start team wrap-ups next week. So without any further delay, let’s get into this week’s fashion action:
Texas Ball Texas (White/White/White) @ Baylor (Gold/Green/Green) Baylor Ball
There was a lot of poetry in the look of this game (and none of it had to do with Lynx Hawthorne trying to play quarterback). On one side, we have the Texas Longhorns, historical powerhouse. They looked wonderful, with uniforms that were saturated in tradition with it’s white jerseys and pants shining in the Texan sun as they have been for over 50 years. On the other, we have the Baylor Bears, their interstate rivals. Baylor’s look for this game was the exact opposite of Texas’, but in it’s own way, was no less attractive. It was brash, bold, and a declaration to its rivals that tradition doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t at least having fun. They were mirror images of one another, and something about that was beautiful.
While the game itself was the most compelling shit-show we’ve seen all season, from a visual standpoint, this was a great matchup that was one of the best-uniformed games we saw all day. Great job by both teams in setting up that symmetry. UT 23-17 BAY
West Virginia Ball West Virginia (White/White/White) @ Kansas State (SilvePurple/Silver) Kansas State Ball
This is the second time this season that West Virginia has worn all-white, and while I think a different combination was in order (Navy/White/Gold would have been incredible), this still looked pretty good. I actually really liked the combination of the throwback helmet logo with the all-white parts, and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s just because the throwback logo is quietly one of the nation’s best helmet logos. That probably has something to do with it.
Kansas State was… Kansas State. You know that next season I’m going to do this thing again and I’m going to have to come up with new ways to describe Kansas State’s never-changing uniform set? Only thing I’m not looking forward to next season.
This was a good way to end another great Big 12 regular season. There was nice balance between the two teams, so solid contrast, and a pretty good game, too. I’m looking forward to seeing both of these teams during bowl season. KSU 24-23 WVU
Throwback Corner
Iowa State Ball Iowa State, 2003
Damn, these uniforms are a blast from the recent past. If someone asked me what the late 90s looked like, I’d show them the original Charlotte Hornets, Full House, and these ISU uniforms.
Kansas Ball Kansas, 2009
Is this only from a few years ago? Yes. But is this one of my favorite looks in Jayhawks history? Absolutely. This plus the 2007 uniforms are what I think of when I think of Kansas football.
Oklahoma Ball Oklahoma, 1985
I’m told that this picture is orgasmic to old school Sooners fans, so here we are. You’re welcome.
Oklahoma State Ball Oklahoma State, 1976
This picture of OSU legend Terry Miller reminds that I really like OSU’s Orange/Orange/White combo and I wish they wore it more often.
TCU Ball TCU, 1999
LT is legitimately one of the top five most badass-looking players in CFB history. You don’t fuck with this guy.
Texas Tech Ball Texas Tech, 1988
The 80s sure loved their stripes, huh? These are some truly awesome uniforms.
And here are the individual team trackers, updated to include this week:
Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
West Virginia
Throwback Corner
And with that, we have completed the regular season of Big 12 Uniform Trackers. It has been 14 consecutive weeks of me waking up at five or six in the morning on Sundays in order to bring you guys top-quality Big 12 uniform analysis and contrary to most, I have enjoyed every second of it. I’ll do a more complete send-off after the season finale post (who’s date depends on how far OU makes it in the playoffs), but this season has been a whole lot of fun and I’m definitely going to do this again next year. Next week, I’ll do the season wrap-up post for the teams who aren’t participating in bowl games. Kansas, Texas, and Iowa State, you guys are on the clock!
I hope you guys have an AWESOME day today! Boomer Sooner!
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2015.02.17 09:06 the_colbeast 5 Days until the Daytona 500!

In Sprint Cup Series competition the #5 car has started 1,455 races and has 44 wins, 59 poles, 287 top 5s, 546 top 10s, and 362 DNFs.
Other notable drivers in #5:
In Sprint Cup Series competition the #05 car has started 203 races and has 0 wins, 0 poles, 7 top 5s, 45 top 10s, and 103 DNFs.
Other notable drivers in #05:
In 2005, The NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Championship was won by Tony Stewart and the Joe Gibbs Racing #20. Kyle Busch in #5 was named Rookie of the Year.
The 1963 Daytona 500, the 5th running of the event held on February 24, 1963 was won by Tiny Lund driving a 1963 Ford for the Wood Brothers. Lund filled in for an injured Marvin Panch, who suffered injuries after a crash. Lund pulled Panch from the wreckage after the incident.
colegnd has offered a reward of Dogecoins to the first person to correctly answer a daily trivia question related to each number! No Google, Wikipedia, or internet allowed, just your own knowledge! This sounds like a fun game, so let’s give it a try! Thanks to colegnd for the idea and dogecoins, and if you have suggestions for future trivia questions please contact me the_colbeast. If you are declared the winner of the trivia contest and would like to donate you prize money to charity, please let me know in the comments.
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2015.02.06 08:57 the_colbeast 16 Days until the Daytona 500!

In Sprint Cup Series competition the #16 car has started 1,071 races and has 32 wins, 30 poles, 169 top 5s, 337 top 10s, and 236 DNFs.
Other notable drivers in #16:
The 1974 Daytona 500, the 16th running of the event, was won by Richard Petty (for the fifth time). Due to the energy crisis of the time NASCAR shortened all of its races by 10% in 1974. Though still called the ‘Daytona 500,’ it was actually the Daytona 450. They 1974 running used carburetor restrictor plates, but not the same style mandated in the late 1980s.
The race car drivers still had to commute to the races using the same stock cars that competed in a typical weekend's race through a policy of homologation (and under their own power). This policy was in effect until roughly 1975. By 1980, NASCAR had completely stopped tracking the year model of all the vehicles and most teams did not take stock cars to the track under their own power anymore.
The race saw two dramatic changes in outcome in the final twenty laps. Petty cut a tire and had to pit under green with 19 to go, putting Donnie Allison into the lead, but with 11 to go in the trioval a backmarker's blown engine blew out both front tires on Allison's Chevy and Donnie spun out, then lost a lap limping to pit road and getting new tires. Petty's margin of victory was 47 seconds. Yarborough was second, followed by Ramo Stott, Marlin, Foyt, and Donnie Allison. Marlin might have finished second, but mistook the white flag for the checkered, since both were being displayed when they crossed the line to get the white flag, as Petty was right behind them. Marlin let off on the back straightaway, and lost second to Yarborough, while Stott, known at the time mostly for his USAC stock car prowess, followed to take third, while Marlin had to settle for fourth.
colegnd has offered a reward of Dogecoins to the first person to correctly answer a daily trivia question related to each number! No Google, Wikipedia, or internet allowed, just your own knowledge! This sounds like a fun game, so let’s give it a try! Thanks to colegnd for the idea and dogecoins, and if you have suggestions for future trivia questions please contact me the_colbeast. If you are declared the winner of the trivia contest and would like to donate you prize money to charity, please let me know in the comments.
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2013.12.26 01:19 DarthYoda2594 [35 Bowls in 17 Days], Christmas Edition! - The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl
Bowling Green Falcons (10-3) vs. Pitt Panthers (6-6)
Bowl Information
Date: December 26, 2013 Time: 6:00 PM EST Channel: Point Spread:
  • Bowling Green: -4
  • Pitt: +4
O/U: 49.5 Payout: $600,000 per team Sponsor: Little Caesars Pizza
Bowl History
Year Founded: 1997 Location: Detroit, Michigan Stadium: Ford Field Conference Tie-ins: #8 vs #1
Trophy: Photo
MVP Trophy: Photo
2012 Season Result: Central Michigan: 24 vs. Western Kentucky: 21 Highlights
As a result of NIU playing in the BCS and the B1G only having 7 teams bowl eligible, and no contract yet with the Sun Belt, both spots were open for the season. This game was the least-attended Little Caesar's Bowl in its history, with an announced attendance of just over 23,000
Bowl History: Known as the Motor City Bowl from from 1997-2009, the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl is annually played in the city of Detroit, Michigan on the 26th or 27th of December. The bowl matches up the 8th bowl eligible team from the B1G against the winner of the MAC championship or the 2nd place MAC team if the champion declines the bowl. In years where the B1G does not have enough bowl eligible teams, the final bowl eligible Sunbelt team is chosen. In years where there are not enough eligible Sun Belt teams, an at-large can be chosen, like this year where Pitt was chosen out of the ACC and their record 11 bowl eligible teams.
Originally sponsored by the "Big Three" automakers in Detroit (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler), the bowl changed hands after the automarket crash of 2008 when Chrysler and GM went bankrupt and were replaced as sponsors by the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights for the final Motor City Bowl in 2008. Ford remained a sponsor and in 2009 Detroit-headquartered Little Caesars Pizza became the title sponsor. The bowl is also the only bowl game played in the Midwestern region of the United States.
Year Winning Team Losing Team Score
1997 Ole Miss Marshall 34-31
1998 Marshall Louisville 48-29
1999 Marshall BYU 21-3
2000 Marshall Cincinnati 25-14
2001 Toledo Cincinnati 23-16
2002 Boston College Toledo 52-25
2003 Bowling Green Northwestern 28-24
2004 UConn Toledo 39-10
2005 Memphis Akron 38-31
2006 Central Michigan Middle Tennessee 31-14
2007 Purdue Central Michigan 52-48
2008 Florida Atlantic Central Michigan 24-21
2009 Marshall Ohio 21-17
2010 Florida International Toledo 34-32
2011 Purdue Western Michigan 37-32
2012 Central Michigan Western Kentucky 24-21
Most Valuable Players
Year Winning Team Player Postition
1997 Ole Miss Stewert Patridge QB
1998 Marshall Chad Pennington QB
1999 Marshall Doug Chapman RB
2000 Marshall Byron Leftwich QB
2001 Toledo Chester Taylor RB
2002 Boston College Brian St. Pierre QB
2003 Bowling Green Josh Harris QB
2003 Northwestern Jason Wright RB
2004 UConn Dan Orlovsky QB
2005 Memphis DeAngelo Williams RB
2006 Central Michigan Dan LeFevour QB
2007 Purdue Curtis Painter QB
2008 Florida Atlantic Rusty Smith QB
2009 Marshall Martin Ward RB
2010 Florida International T. Y. Hilton WR
2011 Purdue Akeem Shavers RB
2012 Central Michigan Ryan Radcliff QB
Historic Games
2007: The Central Michigan Chippewas (8-5) returned to the Motor City bowl looking to defend their 2006 victory over MTSU after receiving a bid to to return to Detroit after their 2nd straight MAC championship. Heading into the game the Chippewas, led by returning Motor City Bowl MVP and 2007 MAC player of the year Sophomore QB Dan LeFevour, were 8.5 underdogs to the Purdue Boilermakers (7-5) led by Junior QB and future Indianapolis Colts starter, Curtis Painter. The Boilermakers had defeated the Chippewas 45-22 earlier in the season, and on December 26th they got a rematch. Purdue shot out of the gates and quickly took over the game in the first half, scoring 3 TD's on their way to a 34-13 lead at halftime. Finally, in the second half the Chippewas woke up and found their stride on their way to scoring 4 TD's in the third quarter to tie the game up. The shootout was finally decided by a game winning field goal by the Boilermakers' kicker Chris Summers. With a final score of 51-48, the game set an attendance record for the bowls 10th anniversary with 60,624, breaking the record from 2006. The performance of Curtis Painter led him to winning the MVP honors and walking away with 543 passing yards, setting the Motor City Bowl and Purdue single game records, along with being the 4th best in a bowl game all-time.
  • Highlights Warning: the video is just something a dude shot during his trip to the game and includes a sweet Journey soundtrack.
2009: After 11 years of the name "Motor City Bowl" the Midwest's only bowl game changed title sponsors and was officially know for the first time as the "Little Caesars Pizza Bowl." That wasn't the only notable first occurring in the bowl though, it also marked the first time a woman had officiated an NCAA bowl game. Line judge Sarah Thomas was on the officiating crew for the game and marked a very historic first. Even with the history being made before the game even started, a game still had to be played and a winner still had to be crowned. The Marshall Thundering Herd (6-6) of Huntington, West Virginia were invited to the game as an at-large from Conference-USA and made their 5th appearance in the bowls 13 year history and made their first appearance not in the MAC. The Ohio Bobcats (9-4) of Athens, Ohio entered the game as MAC East division champions and were invited to the game to play in place of MAC champions Central Michigan, who the Bobcats had lost to a few weeks prior at Ford Field during the MAC championship game. Led by QB Theo Scott, the Bobcats made only their 3rd bowl appearance in program history and were seeking their first bowl win. The game was also a renewal of the Battle for the Bell and the first meeting of the schools in 5 years. The Herd opened up the game strong, and scored the first 21 points of the contest and looked to be on their way to a blowout. Finally the Bobcats stated to march back before halftime as Shannon Ballard returned a Marshall fumble 75 yards to the house to put Ohio on the board. At the half Marshall led 21-7, but Ohio came out and put some offense on the board to score another TD to make it a one score game in the third quarter. The last points in the game were scored on 46 yard field goal to bring the score to 21-17, but Marshall held the Bobcat offense in check to cement the final score. The game was a slugfest, with Marshall only getting 275 yards of offense and Ohio gaining a mere 123. The most amazing stat of the game is Marshall holding the Bobcats to just 12 yards rushing. The Herd victory put their record to 4-1 in the bowl and proved they were the most dominating team to ever play in this great holiday tradition, with Herd legends like Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, and Byron Leftwich all playing in the Motor City at least once in their careers.
University of Pittsburgh - The Panthers
Bowl Record: 12-17
Season Bowl Game Opponent Score W/L
1927 Rose Bowl Stanford 6-7 Loss
1929 Rose Bowl Southern Cal 14-47 Loss
1932 Rose Bowl Southern Cal 0-35 Loss
1936 Rose Bowl Washington 21-0 Win
1955 Sugar Bowl Georgia Tech 0-7 Loss
1956 Gator Bowl Georgia Tech 14-21 Loss
1973 Fiesta Bowl Arizona State 7-28 Loss
1975 Sun Bowl Kansas 33-19 Win
1976 Sugar Bowl Georgia 27-3 Win
1977 Gator Bowl Clemson 34-3 Win
1978 Tangerine Bowl N.C. State 17-30 Loss
1979 Fiesta Bowl Arizona 16-10 Win
1980 Gator Bowl South Carolina 37-9 Win
1981 Sugar Bowl Georgia 24-20 Win
1982 Cotton Bowl Southern Methodist 3-7 Loss
1983 Fiesta Bowl Ohio State 23-28 Loss
1987 Bluebonnet Bowl Texas 27-32 Loss
1989 Sun Bowl Texas A&M 23-28 Win
1997 Liberty Bowl Southern Miss 7-41 Loss
2000 Bowl Iowa State 29-37 Loss
2001 Tangerine Bowl N.C. State 34-19 Win
2002 Insight Bowl Oregon State 38-13 Win
2003 Continental Tire Bowl Virginia 16-23 Loss
2004 Fiesta Bowl Utah 7-35 Loss
2008 Sun Bowl Oregon State 0-3 Loss
2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl North Carolina 19-17 Win
2010 BBVA Compass Bowl Kentucky 27-10 Win
2011 BBVA Compass Bowl Southern Methodist 6-28 Loss
2012 BBVA Compass Bowl Ole Miss 17-38 Loss
Historic Bowl Games:
1977 Sugar Bowl: The 1976 Pittsburgh Panthers team was one of the best in program history, and perhaps one of the most dominant college teams in history. Led by Tony Dorsett's then-record 1948 rushing yards on the season, Pitt had an almost unstoppable ground attack under head coach Johnny Majors in his 4th season. After victories over rivals West Virginia and Penn State in the last two games of the regular season, undefeated and #1 Pitt accepted a bid to play in the Sugar Bowl in the Superdome against #5 Georgia (10-1). Pitt thoroughly dominated the game, winning 27-3, and quarterback Matt Cavanaugh took home MVP honors, only to later become Pitt's offensive coordinator. After the game, Sports Illustrated ran this photograph on the cover to commemorate Pitt's season, a now iconic picture for Pitt fans. This bowl win gave Pitt their 9th national championship and first since 1937, and Tony Dorsett would win the Heisman trophy and Walter Camp awards that season.
1982 Sugar Bowl: The 1981 Pitt team may have been better than it was in 1976. Preseason #8 in the country, Pitt had risen to #1 prior to the annual matchup with in-state rival Penn State. However, in what would be on of the worst games in Pitt history, #11 Penn State would defeat Pitt by 34 points in Pittsburgh, and Pitt would fall to #10 in the AP poll. Number #2 Georgia (10-1) was led by a stifling defense and punishing rushing attack led by Herschel Walker. Again, the teams met in the Superdome on New Year's Day, 1982, for the Sugar Bowl. In a game that featured no team leading by more than Georgia's initial touchdown, and 5 lead changes, Pitt prevailed, 24-20. Dan Marino led a touchdown drive in the waning minutes, and with under a minute to play, Pitt crossed midfield down 20-17. A 33-yard touchdown pass to John Brown with 35 seconds remaining and his second TD reception of the game would give Pitt the victory in what was a tremendous bounce-back game for the team. Dan Marino had finished 4th in the Heisman trophy voting that season, and would continue to succeed in the NFL.
2008 Sun Bowl: I included this just for comedy's sake. No part of this game was good for the Panthers, who entered the game 9-3 and #18 in the country in Dave Wannstedt's first winning season as Pitt head coach. Matched up against #24 Oregon State (8-4), Pitt were slight underdogs in El Paso. Howling winds gusting over 50 miles per hour completely stifled both the passing game and and kicking game, but Oregon State managed a field goal on a botched hold with the ball laying awkwardly for the games' only points. The 3-0 final was the lowest score ever for a bowl game that was not a tie, and neither team mustered 300 total yards in the game. Interestingly, a world record was set at halftime for longest mass YMCA dance, as the Village People performed the halftime show. Not kidding.
2013 Season Record: 6-6 Key Players this Season:
True Freshman Receiver Tyler Boyd
  • Boyd was certainly the Panthers' highest-profile recruit coming into the season. A local 4-star product who had broken every WPIAL touchdown and yardage record with Clairton as a running back, Boyd was recruited as a wide receiver and immediately made an impact against Florida State. Gaining 15+ yards and a first down on three separate jet sweeps and catching two passes, he was the bright spot for Pitt's offense in a blowout loss. Though his usage in the running game was somewhat diminished over the season, he managed to gather 4 100-yard receiver games, including a 154-yard, 3 TD performance against Duke. He was named ACC rookie of the week multiple times and has over 1000 yards receiving for the season. His 77 catches this season are good for second for Pitt all-time in a year.
  • STATS: 77 receptions 1001 yards 7 TDs 11 rush attempts 108 yards 1 TD
RS senior quarterback Tom Savage
  • Savage began his career at Rutgers, and was quite successful, but was benched after his replacement succeeded. He transferred to Arizona, then immediately transferred to Pitt where he could start for the final season of his career. His season was very up and down, but his statline against Duke is one of the best in the country this season - 23/33 for 424 yards, 6 TDs, and no interceptions. What he sometimes lacks in ability to get rid of the ball, he definitely makes up for in pure arm strength. In the middle of the year, due to a struggling offensive line, he began to run the ball with some effectiveness as well.
  • STATS: 230/376 (61.2%) 2834 yards 21 TDs 9 INTs
RS junior safety Ray Vinopal
  • Perhaps not one of the best players on the team, but he has received a ton of criticism over the last two years and I'm not sure it's warranted. As a freshman at Michigan in 2012, he managed to work his way into the starting lineup. However, a decision to transfer found him at Pitt and he was expected to succeed immediately, coming from a big program. However, he never really found his stride and was the target of many big plays over the past two seasons. Despite this, he definitely rebounded this season. In the huge Notre Dame victory this season, he secured two interceptions and forced a fumble to go along with 7 tackles to gain ACC DB of the week honors. He was also third on the team in tackles, and played a large role in securing the Duke win as well, despite an error early in the game.
  • STATS: 72 tackles (48 solo) 2.0 TFL 3 INT (60 yards) 2 FF 6 Passes Defended
Senior Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald
  • Donald wasn't just the best player on the team, he may have been the best player in all of college football this season. He took home each of the four major awards for which he was a finalist: the Nagurski, Lombardi, Outland, and Bednarik awards. No other player has done that since Ndamokung Suh, and Donald is the first player in Pitt history to take home four major awards in a season. Of his 54 tackles this season, 26.5 were for loss and 10.0 were sacks. His 4 forced fumbles were most on the team. He blocked an extra point against Syracuse that would prove to be the deciding margin of victory. 4 of his tackles for loss came against Georgia Tech... in the first half! Obviously in my personal bias, I think Donald should have at least received an invite to New York for the Heisman ceremony. It would have been a cap on an absolutely spectacular season. In addition to all his awards, Donald also became the 49th consensus All-American in Pitt's history.
  • STATS: 54 tackles (41 solo) 26.5 TFL 10.0 Sacks 4 FF 2 Passes Defended
Biggest Plays this Season:
Season Summary: Personally, this season was about how I expected it to go (at 6-6). However, in typical Pitt fashion, their method of getting there was... interesting, to say the least. The first two and a half games went as expected, with Pitt losing to Florida State, beating New Mexico, and continuing to handle Duke. However gaping holes in the secondary and on special teams led to Duke very nearly winning the game (and they probably should have), and questions were asked about the defensive coordinator and lack of a special teams coach. The next 5 games were a rough stretch, consisting of ugly victories over Virginia and Old Dominion and losses to Virginia Tech, Navy, and Georgia Tech where the offensive looked futile. A 28-21 victory over ranked opponent Notre Dame gave fans new life, and a tight win over Syracuse earned bowl eligibility despite more defensive and special teams disasters against UNC and Miami.
Pitt obviously was never going to win the Coastal in their first season in the ACC, but it was a weak conference this year and they let games slip away. Paul Chryst continues to offer questions about his recruiting ability, but his in-game abilities have certainly improved, as evidenced by a game-saving timeout against Syracuse on the final play of the game to prevent a fake field goal touchdown. 6-6 is definitely a fair record for this team, as they are too inconsistent to really gauge. However, the way the coaching staff has performed and recruited, and with the talent that continues to go on the field, it appears as they're "stuck" in the 6-6 range for the foreseeable future, unless the teams around them improve or worsen.
Why we are going to win: Pitt's defense had been good at many times throughout the season, with notable outliers in the Miami and Duke games. They don't create many turnovers, but they also rarely turn the ball over themselves. In order to win the game, if Pitt can create a turnover or two, likely through Vinopal or Donald, their chances to win the game will greatly improve. Bowling Green has been a very solid team defensively, especially against the pass where they are 4th in the nation. If Pitt can establish the ground game early with James Conner and Isaac Bennett, it would open up the door for play action in their pro-style offense and Boyd and senior WR Devin Street should be able to get man coverage downfield, which appears to be the only way to attack their passing D.
Special Notes: Due to injuries limiting him this season, I didn't include Devin Street on the players list. However, he did catch 51 passes for 854 yards in only 10 games this season. A three-year starter, he has the record for receptions in Pitt history and needs only 103 yards to break Dietrich Jells' school record of 3003 yards for his career. He is questionable for the game.
Bowling Green State University - The Falcons
Bowl Record: 4-6
Season Bowl Game Opponent Score W/L
1961 Mercy Bowl Fresno State 6-36 Loss
1982 California Bowl Fresno State 28-29 Loss
1985 California Bowl Fresno State 7-51 Loss
1991 California Bowl Fresno State 28-21 Win
1992 Las Vegas Bowl Nevada 35-34 Win
2003 Motor City Bowl Northwestern 28-24 Win
2004 GMAC Bowl Memphis 52-35 Win
2007 GMAC Bowl Tulsa 7-63 Loss
2009 Humanitarian Bowl Idaho 42-43 Loss
2012 Military Bowl San Jose State 20-29 Loss
Historic Bowl Games:
1991 California Raisin Bowl: BGSU’s defense holds off Fresno State to win 28-21. 1982 California Raisin Bowl: Fresno State comes back from 3 TDs down to win the California Bowl in the final seconds 29-28. 2003 Motor City Bowl: Bowling Green defeats Northwestern in their first bowl game since 1992
2013 Season Record: 10-3 Key Players this Season:
Jerry “BooBoo” Gates #24 DB (Team Captain):
  • Has started 25 games in his career ... is a two-time All-MAC performer, earning all-conference status as a defensive back in 2012 and a kick returner in 2011 ... owns touchdowns via, kick, punt and interception return, the only Falcon in school history to do so.
  • STATS: 63 tackles (42 solo) 2 INT (116 yards) 3 Passes Defended
Travis Greene #13 RB:
  • Greene exploded onto the scene in 2013 with a remarkable season. The 5-foot-10, 184-pound sophomore was not afraid to run between the tackles and gashed opposing defenses for 1,555 yards and 11 touchdowns.
  • STATS: 261 attempts 1555 yards (6.0 avg) 11 TDs 16 receptions 145 yards 2 TDs
Biggest Plays this Season:
Season Summary: Bowling Green had a wonderful 2013 season, going 10-3, with only loses to Toledo, SEC school Mississippi State, and Indiana. They made headlines when the team upset an extremely strong Northern Illinois in the MAC Championship game.
Why we are going to win: BGSU has held teams to an average of 14.8 points this year, 5th in the nation, while Pittsburgh has only scored an average of 26 points per game, 86th in the country. BGSU purely has a great defense against a mediocre offense, and we are not even going to START on offense and Pitt’s 112th-in-the-country rushing yards.
Prediction: I guess I'll put myself in charge of this as submitter. As much as I'd like to think Pitt will win, I have to say 24-17 Bowling Green. I think Pitt will capitalize on a turnover early with a touchdown, but their offense will struggle to get going and be limited to one dimension against the strong BGSU run defense.
For more info on the 35 Bowls Project, go here.
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Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, women’s experienc... Here are some best free dating sites in 2020. You can use these online dating sites in 2020 to find your dating partner. Dating sites are used by people who ... Join Lonnie and Lina for a look back at the history of dating and how technology and social media have affected how we hookup.Where is dating headed in a post-Covid world? Should men or women pay ... Arum & Dawoon Kang teach us about the truth about online dating. No longer are we looking for significant others in the traditional avenue. We need to unders... 15,000 likes and I will spend my money on memberships PATREON: TWITTER: WARNING: Please kee... Covenant 2020 Day 2 10:30am BST 5th August 2020 Solution Chapel International Livestream Solution Chapel International 1,434 watching Live now The landscape of modern romance is peppered with dating apps. It’s how most new couples meet. In the latest episode of The Idea File, staff writer Ashley Fet... Gunah Online Dating Virtual World: Unknown man starts blackmailing Priyanka to undress her self on webcam. Watch Full Episode: Despite the possibilities of modern technology, the desire for instant results does not always translate well in the dating world. Kevin Carr contrasts the e... Here is a Online Dater (Btw don't Online date who knows who is behin the Screen) Omg!