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I ’m 35 and I’ve never had a girlfriend. I don’t think that I should be “beating them off with a stick”, but I really can’t see quite why I do as badly as I do. I’m neither ... What makes the shopping experience that much better is that fact that the store is literally always opened, no matter what time of day it is. Throughout the years, we’ve seen every single type of shopper. In this article, we’ll take a look at those that decided on some revealing outfit choices, in some cases the outfits were way too hot for ... Browse 3 658 pictures and 81 gifs from r/OnOff on Reddit. Scrolller is an endless random gallery gathered from the most popular subreddits. Recently, to start more discussion on the topic, a Reddit user asked people to share how things panned out when they still loved their significant other, but had stopped being attracted to them. Scroll through to see what they had to say — you might be surprised by how much you relate. 1. Living together lowered one partner's sex drive. Since you have no family or friends maybe see if you can get a job in the oil industry. I know an 18 yo kid that got hired for that, and moved half way across the country for it, no experience. Pay off your debt, save some and look for a normal job during your down time, which is usually a week or two depending on your schedule. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Reddit isn't sharing their pics for this sub right now. Please try again in a couple of minutes. [data source] [] Pics of wives / GF on boat - NSFW Posted by Palmetto08 on 6/10/14 at 10:18 am 29 4 Hopefully one of you is sick at home or bored and will go through all 584 pages (I've done the first 30) of this epic thread and post the best pics. The bail hearing of actor Rhea Chakraborty, arrested over drugs-related charges linked to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, has been deferred till Thursday. reddit no gf. Close. 12. Posted by 5 days ago. reddit no gf. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 81% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the redditmoment community.

Girls Frontline

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Girls Frontline (少女前線) is a Chinese mobile game developed by Mica Team

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Subreddit for the Disney XD cartoon Gravity Falls, created by Alex Hirsch.

2020.09.19 21:51 NatsuTheIV Tifu by not socialising with the outer world

I am having problems contacting the ones I love or like. I am speaking to my friends that are roughly in my age all day since I go to school with them (I am 16 and sorry of my poorly written Story), I am going on a school where I am going to do my A levels specializing in computer science. We got Students with the age of 14 and other ones with an age from 18. I found friends really quickly since my mother language is Russian (although I am living in Germany), and we all had similar activities, gaming animes building pcs all that kinda stuff. First I thought that this was nice having so many friends on my new school but I am not sure yet...
First of all, nobody, really nobody knows that I (was?) depressed and had multiple suicide attempts. Some old school friends had some thoughts but I wouldn't let them know. Now on the new school I started talking with people having same problems. Two of my friends are depressed but they didn't tried suicide, they live a happy life with gfs and so on. Or completely getting drunk and going on Partys. And at this point I wanted to change. I started doing sports, muscle training. I was not over the usual weight but I just started not knowing why.
My old school friends started having fun at partys as well and every time they invited me I refuses or had an excuse not to come since I didn't feeled like I was someone who would enjoy it, or I'd rather say that people enjoy me.
Now breaking contacts with them, was for sure not my best idea, but I don't Think I had any good ideas for the past few years. So now having even less contact with the outer world, I had a brilliant idea... again...
I am living in a house block (5 buildings stacked in one direction). It is nice to live here, and my neighbours are even greater. We used to live in a smaller town, might be even a village and needed to change our home since the old landlord kicked us out. His daughter had no place to live, so he just got rid of one of his tenant and give them a home. It was us who got kicked out. Anyways, I am glad we living here. Our neighbours I mentioned earlier they were super nice and supportive with everything. And there was the one girl that I had much time spent with. In our neighbourhood there are nearly every weekend some nights where we play games and drink (not partying). And the girl was going ham every night I was there, she begun partying, dancing with me and I started drinking with her. That was the time before I got on my new school. Summer vacation started and the girl went with her family to Russia. But in only a week I found out it was a lie. The girl said we could not meet each other in the vacation, but the truth was only her mother went to Russia, because they bought a house there. I feeled kinda stupid, why should someone spent actually any time with me huh? But I had friends that wanted to spent time with me... I just refused to and I don't know why...
So now going into the present day again, I tried to contact the girl again. I don't know why but they are still here, maybe they need more time to change home or they want that to finish school first. I texted her that I wanna meet her again, doing crazy stuff playing around hanging around the usual, and she didn't replied a day. Me a unsuccessful human being, googled on what to do with girls that don't respond to message back. A "good" tip I found was, text her if she got kidnapped or why she would not message you back. So you already know I tried that. Not a single message from that day either. Now I am stuck with my imagination, does she has a bf or am I just a weirdo that she don't wanna hang out with? (just to be clear, we didn't kissed, but we hugged each other and I really though that I was feeling importance for once).
So in the time I tried contacting the girl I felt so lost that I tried to go on a date with another girl in my school/in my class. She is 2 years older than me. Me not knowing how to introduce myself, texted her aswell via WhatsApp since we got a class group so finding out her number was not such a big problem. I texted her who I am and I would really like to hang out with her. I got an message 5 hours later "sorry, but I have a boyfriend". Another time I feeled stupid and naiv. How does it come that I'm being so frustrated?
Talking to my family isn't a option to be honest, I feel like they should not get involved since I even handled my depression alone over a few years and telling them would bring them in panicking. I am trying to forget the girl I fell in love and start doing my everyday things. But I can't just sleep over it. I can't start playing video games like I did everyday. I just don't have any energy or motivation. Sleeping feels like wasting time on repeat. Contacting my old school friends suddenly is going to be weird aswell. And I am not sure of what to do in school either. The girl that rejected me is looking at me in class like I was a demon and my friends don't know anything of it. Two of my old school friends are on the same school as my neighbour crush and I am just still going to feel weird/stupid. Now I only have myself and reddit to share my story about since I fked up.
Thanks for reading this one sided story from my perspective, I try to read comments but now I am going to sleep...
Regards, An common teenager
TL;DR I messed up, having the big sad and having no one to talk about. Feeling like a loser and not important. Just because breaking contacts and not letting anyone in my life.
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2020.09.19 21:45 anonstres126 Gf thinks I'm too controlling for not wanting her to go out with her "friends"

Hello reddit. My GF (30F) and I (35m) are having a huge fight over this certain event and I would really like some outside perspective on this as I have nobody else that will listen. I will most likely sit down with her later and read all of these replies together.

My gf was Invited to a rave a couple of weeks ago. (it's a drive-in type of thing where they hang around outside of the cars or on top of the cars etc I think, still not too sure what to expect) She mentioned it to me and she wasn't sure if she was going at the time and had asked if i'd be interested in going. I wasn't sure but expressed interest, I just didn't give her a yes or a no as she herself still wasn't sure if she would be going. Fast fwd another week and a half and she has told me she is going to go. Now, she will ask if I want to go etc etc and my response has been basically that I wasn't invited. Her friend invited her, not me. I kept telling her that I didn't think her friends wanted me to come as they didn't invite me to go along with her and if they did want me to go they would have invited us both.
(she has only met these people a couple of times aside from the main person that was doing the planning for the event which she does know, I have never met any of these people aside from the main person planning the event, which I have only met a few times and don't know at all)
Her response for this was that "they weren't thinking, of course you can come, there's an extra seat" and blah blah. The event is only a couple of days away and she tells me yesterday that she will be drinking (she has cheated in the past pretty recently and went out alone to a club with out me, I never cared before but she cheated and this is why I'm cautious whenever she mentions alcohol and her drinking with out me, we stayed together and have been working through it) After hearing the part about her drinking that's when I started to get concerned. She then said that she wouldn't drink. She also tells me her friends will be doing E or ecstacy/molly! I'm like wow, ok, i'm not ok with this at all. So you planned to drink?, but now changed your answer to "I won't drink" just because I found out and now there's E? I will also mention that there are 3 guys in this group who are going that I have never met or seen, they will be drinking and doing E. Red flags went up and since she wanted to go so bad I decided I want to go (she was still offering and asking me at this point).
After I said that she called her friend that invited her (the host basically) and asked if I could go. They said no, I can't go. My gf has said the answer was because they don't know me? and it's Covid? We have been fighting since. I guess the host (her friend group,the only 1 she really knows out of this group) had to find another car because they found more people to go? So the driver is the one that said no? The answer was because they don't know me? and it's Covid? I'm still confused and don't think she is telling me all of the details. We have been fighting since. The plan for this same group is to come by our house before the event and hang out and say "hi" to me before taking off. How weird is that? Come to the house of the boyfrien who you just said couldn't come because you don't know him? and covid? yet.. you're going to the house? to meet him and say hi? This whole thing sounds off.
She is putting more emphasis on the fact that she doesn't want to hurt these friends by cancelling now and is hurting me tremendoulsy because of it. SHe is so torn on whether or not to still go and it's killing me. Like, do you really have to decide which is more important between these strangers that you haven't met more than a coulple of times or your bf? I am pretty hurt by this.

The group is 3 guys all either single or leaving their SO at home (i don't really know and neither does my gf) , and 3 girls IF my gf goes.
She said regrets telling me about the E and probably about the drinking etc so now there's that issue.
Reddit, am I crazy? Should I be ok with her going? Did I over react? What can we do to move forward?
EDIT: just to clarify - when she cheated, it was making out at a club with a guy she met at said club, Nothing else happened as far as I know and it was not with the same group of friends. She did deny it to the very end/ fell on her sword so to speak to try and hide the cheating from me.
EDIT 2 : I don't know if this matters at all, but we are a mixed race couple. She is Taiwanese and I am American and her friends that are going to the rave don't really speak English. That is why I was a little apprehensive about going in the beginning. I would be alone basically while they speak to each other in a foreign language. I've been in this situation before and it's pretty awkward when you can't understand anybody around you.
TLDR : gf wants to go to rave with a group that will have 3 guys doing E and drinking. These friends don't want me (her BF) going. I've never met them or seen them.
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2020.09.19 19:37 ShaikhAndBake FT Celebi/Zarude Code Sets, Events LF Events

The event pokemon that I have that weren't obtained on this sub were all redeemed by me. I can provide wondercard proof for all of them. I'm only looking for events with at least wonder card proof.
For my events, I want event pokemon offers - no items or anything else.
Summer 2013:
  1. Shiny Dialga
  2. Shiny Palkia
  3. Shiny Giratina
Galileo Rayquaza
Shiny Tapus:
  1. Tapu Fini
  2. Tapu Lele
  3. Tapu Bulu
Shiny Celebi and Zarude (codes or redeems with proof)
General Event Offers
I will trade shinies and items for these events:
  1. Event Amoonguss
  2. Shiny Zeraora
  1. 2 sets of Shiny Celebi/Zarude Codes
  2. Shiny Xerneas, OT: XYZ, ID: 05116
  3. Darkrai, OT: GF, ID: 05016
  4. Manaphy, OT: GF, ID: 06016
  5. Victini, OT: GF, ID: 09016
  6. Event Zygarde
    1. OT: XYZ, ID: 05026
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  7. Shiny Zeraora
    1. OT: HOME, ID: 200630
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  8. G-Mr. Mime
    1. OT: Ted, ID: 312362
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/gursku/lf_event_gmr_mime_and_gponyta_ft_masterballs/fsqtcw
I also have Shinies, and HA Aprimon. Also have many items (few apri/sport/safari/masterballs as well) - just ask!
HA Aprimon:
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2020.09.19 19:15 RustyBlunderbuss It's almost been 5 years. It still hurts. Help.

Forgive me Reddit, but I feel as though this may be the only place I can vent my feelings. I have been keeping this in for a very long time and I’m going to put in as much detail as I possibly can, and it might be slightly everywhere in terms of context and pace so I do apologise, I’ve just fired this out after a shift at work and I feel now is the time, I feel as though I need to put it out there and finally get it off my chest, at least most of it.
I appreciate this is a lot to read, and there may be spelling errors and the like but it's all flodding out. I just need some reconciliation and/or some advice.
(T/W for depression, self-harm etc.)
I dream about her constantly, my heart aches even to this very day. It’s been 4 years, 5 come February next year since we broke up. Well, since she broke up with me…
After this period of time I have attempted to fill this void that my heart feels with various stimulants and yet nothing seems to mend me. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex. Nothing really did it for me, at the time - great, a distraction but nothing quite echoes my sadness like smoking weed and drinking bottles of red wine to myself in my bedroom all day…
She added me on Snapchat in 2013, but we met through a close family friend close to Christmas 2014. My close family friend, who I stayed with at the time was having a movie night and she came round. I was so nervous, it took about an hour before I plucked up the courage to go through and sit on the floor at the foot of the chair she was sitting on. Didn't make eye contact with her once. But feeling her precense made me so happy.

I've moved about 300 miles away (plus a little extra from the town I used to live in.) I’m back in education, I’m doing music again, I’m quite enjoying my life.
But the ache of this breakup has aged horribly and has not at all helped my psyche one bit.
I’ve seen her in person (not intimately in the sense that we had a conversation) but from afar, at my work and passing my work. You feel that sort of awkward energy when you’re both aware of each other.
Anyway, during this relationship I wasn’t really talking to my parents and I was staying with a close family friend (basically a second mum) and at the time I was experiencing things in my head that I didn’t truly understand, and it was only until one breakdown at my old job in the bathroom toilets with a stolen stanley blade, then an immediate breakdown infront of a customer who turned out to be a good samaritan (genuinely) and then taken to hospital that I found out I was suffering depression. Not great.
There were many good times that i remember about this relationship…
(I want to make it clear now that I am not calling anyone out in this blog, I’m just stating some facts and feelings.)
There was the time where she had her birthday party at her house, tonne of people there. I left the room so she could get changed and ready, then her friends joined her to do the same, put on makeup and that. I got beckoned through, and I walked in… And wow. I saw her, and my heart hit the floor. I’d never seen something, someone so beautiful in all my days, and she was mine. She was my girlfriend.
Another moment I remember fondly is the ice cream we used to get just outside of the town we used to live… Stunning. She introduced me to it. Sadly, I would visit that place after we broke up and as cliché as it sounds, it never tasted the same…
We visited a very small village a few miles out of town once as well, beautiful, amazing little place - but i could never bring myself to go back there after we broke up.
There was the time we went to see a band we both really liked at a famous venue in the city I live in, but now I can’t ever bring myself to listen to them.
The best thing that ever happened to me in that relationship was I was having a really tough couple of weeks at my new job (she was living a hundred miles away at uni) I got home to my parents house (my parents and i were on good terms at this point, for a bit) it must have been 8 or 9 o’clock at night. I walk in, feeling pretty shitty. My mum said hello, asked how I was. Didn’t say much. Kind of weird. I walk upstairs to my bedroom, flick on the light and she was there, sat on my bed waiting for me to get home. I literally dropped to my knees and started sobbing, really belting out the tears. I couldn’t believe it. That to this day is one of the nicest things that anyone’s ever done for me. I cherish that memory, but it hurts like a red hot needle to the chest…
The bad times…
Oh wow.

Smells, places, people. I can't even experience anymore, natural though.

Diasy by Marc Jacobs? I can't.
Invictus was the aftershave I used to wear around her all the time, she loved it. I hate the smell now. It hurts too much to wear it.
I want to also establish that mentally I’m more sound than I’ve ever been. I’m a lot better. I’ve gotten help and at the time the medication that I needed. It all helped.
But, at that time I was very defensive, abrasive, so childish. I am certainly not the same person as I was a few years ago, and I’m sure she isn’t either. Definitely not. I’m not perfect in any way, but I’ve improved but I was young at the time, well, younger.
But I used to get so jealous of stupid things, some were justified, many unjustifiable.
Like she had a crush on a friend, which she admitted. Who’s to blame her, they knew each other way before I cam on the scene, he was/is talented and a good looking guy. But at the time, that rubbed me the wrong way - I’m sure anyone can relate to that!
There was also a time where she picked up him and her cousin up to head into town and she asked me to move into the back seat so the aforementioned guy could sit in the front with her. That’s so stupid now but at the time it hurt.
When I was with her all I ever wanted to do was show her off and celebrate the relationship. But I sort of felt as though she didn’t want the same for me, and it (at least at the time) felt as though she was embarrassed of me. She’d take all these photos with her friends but not with me? I didn’t understand it then, so naturally it upset me. I’m sure she had her reasons, but, it still hurt. It could have been her own insecurities, but I don’t want to be presumptuous as a person with their own insecurities.
There was one day after I got my first car, I drove it through to hers and we were going to go for a drive and she asked to drive her car and I moaned about wanting to drive my car instead. Stupid, like really? I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of it.
I kind of dragged that story off, but a horrible thing I did was I cut myself at her house frequently, and i did it her room one time just before she got back and i don’t know why I let myself do something so stupid like that. That upset her, and no wonder.
(This relationship went from December 2014 - February 2016 by the way.)
Onto the lead up to the breakup…
I used to hangout with a couple of friends from my old, old job. (During this relationship I had 3 different jobs at separate times, this was the job I had before the jobs i mentioned earlier, any who.) One night we went out we all went back to mine because it was dead in the centre of town and it saved them getting a taxi so they got picked up in the morning instead. One of these friends was a girl. We all kind of piled in my bed (clothes on), totally platonic, and started falling asleep, not in an intimate way. She then proceeded to try and spoon me, cuddle me so I moved and I asked her to stop because I had a girlfriend. This obviously had me worried, like, why is my friend doing this. She made a big deal of this and went to sleep in a sulk.
We went out as a trio a few times after that and before that happened for drinks and food and that. Nothing ever came of that. We didn’t speak about it, but of course it upset me. We all still hung out and didn’t mention this or speak about it. Scared me. I spoke to the guy friend of our trio about it, he didn’t say much to help.
During this time hanging out with them I spoke with the girl about my relationship, which in all honesty I shouldn’t have done but I had spoke to my gf about how I was feeling as well. I spoke about how I felt like she was embarrassed of me, and that I thought about breaking up with her…
A few weeks around this my girlfriend and I had this one friend in our friend circle, I won’t obviously mention names. Haven’t so far, but anyway
He texted me one day saying that he just saw my gf in a car with other guys and where she was, didn’t give me any other context. He was a shit-stirrer, always was. He knows that, so do many people. Obviously this sends me into a emegency mode, alarm bells ringing. So I jumped in my car and drove past the location, she wasn’t there. I texted her and asked, no reply for a while. Went back home gave me a reply, obviously I’m freaking out (probably at her) I was worried. Turns out she was with one (ONE) of her friends, he texted me saying sorry and that he didn’t mean to upset me. They were legit just hanging out eating a McDonalds. I used to hold a lot of distain for this guy for years after because I knew he had (and probably still has) a crush on her, so that rubbed me the wrong way as well but hey-ho.
I can’t remember what happened in-between, but we (me+gf) were not talking to each other for a bit then she texted me to say it was over. Obviously at the time I was in shock but looking back now I can see why, it was me. So uptight, jealous. Over-emotional to the max. Like wow bro chill out.
She came over to give me back a few things. I cried for days, texted her begging for an answer why but all I got was “I don’t want to talk about this” and “I don’t have time for this I’m busy”… I never got the closure of why, and I think that may be why it hurts more but…
A week later I drove through to her house to get answers, any sort of clarification to clear my mind, she got in the car and didn’t say much. Just repeating what she said before. At least as much as I can remember.
Flashforward a few weeks later, I’m driving in the town I stay and I see her coming toward me, I recognised the reg’ plate and who do I see in the front seat next to her… Her ex boyfriend.
This immediately sent me in a melt down.
This was the very same guy who treated her horribly before me.
I couldn’t understand it. Why?
My close friend (same circle) spoke about it a year later or so and she mentioned that they had been “sort of seeing each other” after we split, but then he cheated on her (he had a history of doing this).
We spoke about it again a while ago, a few months ago actually. Hurts still.
It’s so weird looking back in retrospect because I’m so chilled out now, but I think that I feel this heartbreak every day as there was no closure. And that’s why I’m still hurt.
Though, I’m still blocked on social media, facebook, Twitter, insta you name it. Though, it takes a lot for someone to undo that. Like, if you’re not thinking about that person you blocked at all you’ll forget about it or you don’t care that much, understandably. I don’t know.
There are times where I feel the need to just message her out of the blue and apologise and tell her that we were different people back then and I wasn’t right for her at the time, but maybe she wasn’t right for me at the time. We were just a couple of kids with rose-tinted glasses. I don’t know.
Again, I just needed to vent this out because I can’t speak to anyone about this. I just can’t. So I’m hoping someone here can just give me some sort of virtual reassurance, a pat on the back or some advice.
I try to remove thoughts of her and distract myself but I can’t, I dream about her constantly. It aches to my very core, as dramatic as that sounds. I can’t get over this, though someday I hope that I will.
I hold no malice to any of these people, and certainly not her. I just wish that we could come to terms with everything, and be mutual about it all. I’ve had a lot of time the last few years to reconcile with people.
I think there will always be a part of her in me for years to come, but what do I do?

Added later:
When her name leaves my lips it aches me more, sometimes I just whipser them softly allowed.
When her name leaves my lips it aches me more, sometimes I just whisper them softly allowed.
Every relationship or fling after her made me happy, but a part of her remains.
I’m sorry for ever hurting you.
I’ll probably add to this later, as I have a tendency to repress some of these memories so they come and go.
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2020.09.19 10:07 stopsweets Scammed through cashapp, chargeback tips?

Long story short, I was buying a Switch for $300 from the Facebook marketplace. And he decided to take the convo elsewhere through text. I’m pretty sure he gave me a burner phone and told me to send it through cashapp :/ I took some screenshots of the original conversation on Facebook, but he quickly deleted the listing. Honestly I should have just dropped the convo right there. I was stupid because I bought another Switch the other day and that guy was nice and normal. He convinced me to send him the full amount when I was only going to send a little to test the waters by using his kids smh. I shouldn’t have dropped my guard. Anyways, on top of scamming me, this dude also sent me dick pics ffs AND he had the audacity to ask for my nudes. I obviously said no and of course he rejected me asking for a refund through the app. I plan to call my bank, but I’m not sure what I should say to get a successful chargeback.
I know that Cashapp might close my account, but I just want my money back. I don’t have much hope, but some advice is appropriated. This will be a tough $300 lesson :/
tl;dr I got scammed out of $300. Would it be better if I say that this was an unauthorized payment and that my card info was stolen? Or should I be honest and say that this person never shipped out what I bought? I feel like my bank would not care about the latter, and there’s more chances of the first one succeeding.
I found this article to be pretty useful
These three threads were concerning/helpful as well
The first
The second
The third
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2020.09.19 09:53 stopsweets The usual story, I got scammed and chargeback tips?

Long story short, I was buying a Switch for $300 from the Facebook marketplace. And he decided to take the convo elsewhere through text. I’m pretty sure he gave me a burner phone and told me to send it through cashapp :/ I took some screenshots of the original conversation on Facebook, but he quickly deleted the listing. Honestly I should have just dropped the convo right there. I was stupid because I bought another Switch the other day and that guy was nice and normal. He convinced me to send him the full amount when I was only going to send a little to test the waters by using his kids smh. I shouldn’t have dropped my guard. Anyways, on top of scamming me, this dude also sent me dick pics ffs AND he had the audacity to ask for my nudes. I obviously said no and of course he rejected me asking for a refund through the app. I plan to call my bank, but I’m not sure what I should say to get a successful chargeback.
I know that Cashapp might close my account, but I just want my money back. I don’t have much hope, but some advice is appropriated. This will be a tough $300 lesson :/
tl;dr I got scammed out of $300. Would it be better if I say that this was an unauthorized payment and that my card info was stolen? Or should I be honest and say that this person never shipped out what I bought? I feel like my bank would not care about the latter, and there’s more chances of the first one succeeding.
I found this article to be pretty useful
These three threads were concerning/helpful as well
The first
The second
The third
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2020.09.19 09:05 Throwaway946282 My (24m) girlfriend(24f) of 9 years isn’t happy with me anymore

So every relationship has ups and downs, for the passed 6 or so months we haven’t had any real arguments and we’ve been having very heart felt conversations which made me think of new things emotionally for me to open up to her about.
But a few days ago I woke up with a message from her basically explaining how she was no longer happy in our relationship, I immediately called off of work and road over to her so we could talk
She said some pretty gut wrenching things to me that I’m still processing, I have issues communicating and after our conversation I felt I now know exactly what I needed to do and I cleared up a lot of thing she thought was up in the wind. But the gut wrenching things where said, she said that she couldn’t be herself around me, she didn’t feel comfortable around me or in my embrace which was tough because I’m a very physical person. Another thing was there was a time where my phone broke and I bought a new one but the place I get phone service was closed cause of the lock down and I couldn’t contact her for a week and she said it was a very good time for her because she didn’t feel pressured into a relationship. We’ve been together for so long and all along we both admitted that we wanted to spend our lives together and get married, have kids, white picket fence, dog etc. but recently in a talk she had with her dad she didn’t know if I was “husband material” or not and that’s kind of where all this started, she told me then she wanted commitment(in a 9 year relationship) and turns out she’s been harboring all these feelings of how she wasn’t happy with me for months and it makes me feel sick knowing she would just hide this from me like that. We’ve made love, cuddled, relaxed, talked, watched movies, you know couple things and now I know this whole time she hated every second of it.
Well we had that talk and at the end of it she said she didn’t want to leave me, that she felt better and that she loved me and kissed me before she left. After that I didn’t know what to believe, now I don’t feel like I can confide in her my feelings, she’s had 6 months to think about all this and I’ve had 2 days and I have so many questions but it feels like I’m going to pressure her into caring for me and I don’t want her to feel like that.
Yesterday we talked over the phone and i feel like I was pretty close to getting fired since half of it was while I was working and I left early from work to talk to her more, I came to the conclusion she’s going through an existential crisis, she admitted it was true and I told her that whatever she needed I can help her and I can offer her something solid like our relationship that she can rely on since she feels like she’s just floating, she said she now had some confidence in us and me
Fast forward to today and it turned out she had lied or at least changed her mind about it and she basically told me she loved her friends more than me and she really didn’t love me anymore, but she said she was willing to try everything all over, so I’ll let you guys in on my secret which I honestly think is going to help.
Now I’ve come to terms to what is going on and I’ve swallowed that pill, she’s been looking critically at our entire relationship and only seeing all of the bad things I ever said or did. But see I have this box of everything she’s ever given to me and just momentos to our entire relationship, love letters, tickets to school dances when we where younger, movie tickets, hell there’s even an entire walk through of portal 2 she printed off for me cause I was to stupid to figure it out. I can’t force her to fall in love with me again, but I can take our relationship slower this time, and I can give her everything she wants from me. If that’s enough? Well you’ll know cause I’ll give updates
So I’d like to say I’m very new to Reddit, I was told to come here from a coworker and I didn’t see the rule about the names for throwaways so if it gets deleted I’ll go and actually make a profile that follows rules.
And I will keep updates, tomorrow I’m going to meet with her tomorrow and I’m gonna take her where we first kissed and start over.
TLDR: I’ve failed my gf and now I have to fix it
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2020.09.19 07:46 Adorable-Record-9605 AITA for asking my girlfriend a “stupid” tech question?

My (19M) Girlfriend (19F) has been having really bad luck with dorm neighbors and roommates at college. This is our second year in college, she had a terrible roommate the first year, and now has very annoying and loud neighbors above her. She has tried talking to the RA about her situation, but he has told her that he can not do anything unless he personally hears it. Just like every other “I have to experience it” circumstance in life it seems that whenever my gf goes to find him and come back, the sounds disappears. This made her want to take videos of the sound, and send them to her RA as proof. She has done this, and today I was helping her set up a google drive folder of the videos to send him, because the files are too big to email.
I helped her set up the google drive folder, and then get the link all ready, all she had to do was send him the email. She wanted to hear the videos from her computer, and when she tried to listen to them, she couldn't hear them well.(Just to preface this upcoming exchange, I know my way around PCs fairly well, I am by no means a computer wizard, but with enough time and googling, I can fix most problems. This does not apply to MAC however, I feel lost, and can not even figure out how to right click with a track pad half the time. Now, back to the story.) I asked her if she had her computer volume all the way up. She looked at me like i was the dumbest person on the planet, and then said “do you think I’m fucking dumb?” I started to respond, and figured it was best not to start something more than it needed to be, so I shut my mouth, and went back to what I was doing. About 5-10 minutes later of silence, I went up to her and said “I’m gonna go to bed baby” I expected a kiss, and a goodnight, instead I got deadpan silence without even a glimpse. I kissed her forehead, and went up into my bed. After a few minutes, she came up into it also. A couple minutes later she reminded me to brush my teeth. After a few minutes I followed her down and did, upon coming back in my room, she took it upon herself to move into the other bed, I questioned it, and she said “yeah, you’re being an asshole”.
So reddit, AITA for asking my girlfriend a “stupid” tech question?
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2020.09.19 05:44 ShaikhAndBake FT Celebi/Zarude Code Sets, Events LF Events

The event pokemon that I have that weren't obtained on this sub were all redeemed by me. I can provide wondercard proof for all of them. I'm only looking for events with at least wonder card proof.
For my events, I want event pokemon offers - no items or anything else.
Summer 2013:
  1. Shiny Dialga
  2. Shiny Palkia
  3. Shiny Giratina
Galileo Rayquaza
Shiny Tapus:
  1. Tapu Fini
  2. Tapu Lele
  3. Tapu Bulu
Shiny Celebi and Zarude (codes or redeems with proof)
General Event Offers
I will trade shinies and items for these events:
  1. Event Amoonguss
  2. Shiny Zeraora
  1. 2 sets of Shiny Celebi/Zarude Codes
  2. Shiny Xerneas, OT: XYZ, ID: 05116
  3. Darkrai, OT: GF, ID: 05016
  4. Manaphy, OT: GF, ID: 06016
  5. Victini, OT: GF, ID: 09016
  6. Event Zygarde
    1. OT: XYZ, ID: 05026
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  7. Shiny Zeraora
    1. OT: HOME, ID: 200630
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  8. G-Mr. Mime
    1. OT: Ted, ID: 312362
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/gursku/lf_event_gmr_mime_and_gponyta_ft_masterballs/fsqtcw
I also have Shinies, and HA Aprimon. Also have many items (few apri/sport/safari/masterballs as well) - just ask!
HA Aprimon:
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2020.09.19 04:19 fcatthepanerabread A week in your favorite firearm dealer's not-so erotic life *or* FC's tale of two grandmas! 9/18/2020

Friday 9/11/2020 to Friday 9/18/2020
I won't do the play by play. It's more fun to just amalgamate the highlight reel of the week.
Subject: Sig P226
Message: Will trade for RAS-47?
FC: Sure. What do you propose?
I have a century arms RAS47 that has 30 total rounds through it. Magpul furnishing blk on blk.
FC: Right, you told me that earlier. Shipped or picked up? What value do you put on your trade?
Meet in person I’m in Lafayette. Value 900-1000.
FC: Okay, so I'm supposed to give you asking price for what reason? I have to resell that gun, so I'm supposed to buy it from you for $900 and sell it again for $800?
I was looking for a straight trade so you’d only have to sell it for what your asking for the Sig, or more if you're good at your job. AK's are definitely a hotter demand item right now. I’d prefer if you could text me (number)
(Editors note: FC does not text. Only drug dealers do business via text message.)
FC: Let me get this right. You want a straight trade so I only have to sell it for what I'm asking for the Sig. I have to do the work of selling two guns so I can make the same money?
You can sell an AK for more then the Sig in the current market. I’m just stating how easy it is for you to break even worse case scenario.
FC: There's a lot of gun guys in the breaking even business. I'm not one of them. Plus, if it's so easy to sell an AK, why don't you sell it and bring me cash?
It’s a trade so your only selling one anyways. Plus all will sell a lot faster... I’m not a dealer I don’t have people walking in looking for guns. Whatever easy sale and flip for ya but your loss bud
FC: Selling an Sig 9mm plus selling an AK is two guns. You must have gotten that common core math. I'll tell you what. You think it will sell fast? Bring it over here and leave it with me. I'll tag it and put it out at $1200 and when it sells, I'll have a 226 ready for you.
(No response)
Subject: Sig P220 on Gunbroker
Message: your ad says $1200 with CCL. arkansas ccl is reciprical with louisiana will you honor that?
FC: Picking up in person? No. Reciprocal for carry not for anything else like NICS exemption.
are you a federal firearms dealer ?
FC: No I am not.
(Editors note: I'm a manufacturer)
if i can l can legally hold own and carry any firearm concealed on my body or in my vehicle , then the rest is just cash exchange between to citizens , i can legally have own and carry the p938 , there is nothing not legal , we cN do a orivate bill of sale photograph my dl and ccl incase soneonencommits a crime , i can have a truck full of guns all legal, i just have to do the background check again to be able to pick up at an ffl , nit requred to register or anything like that
(Editors note: I delete the message)
Subject: Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS $775
Message: Is that price for real?
FC: No, that's wrong. I'll fix it right now.
(I change it to $875 on the website)
LOL o shit he raised it another $100, sorry man that petty ass shit doesn’t bother me. Honestly it just makes u look like a fucking joke. You’re the problem with dealers, it’s hard to find glocks this month so let’s jack the price up $300 and try to rob someone that doesn’t know shit about guns. Adam Kennedy FF/PM (name of his fire department and department phone number, sent from his department email)
(I google his name and email. He's got a low serial number HK Mark 23 for sale for top dollar.)
FC: I sold 10 at the gun shows for top dollar, this is my last one. Nobody's getting stock. If you want a $625-650 gun, I've got plenty of those but Glocks are selling for top dollar and then some right now. For instance, if you had a low serial number Mark 23 with everything that nobody could get - wouldn't you want top dollar for it too?
I had a mk23 preban with original woodland operators bag, and original Wilcox attachments (well all but the IR) and I put it on the forums. I let people out bid themselves not post it for an absurd amount/hundreds above MSRP just because they are hard to find. The point is I’ve been in guns since around 2012, met some really genuine people and what sets that site apart is people seem to have a mutual respect for each other. I understand that you have a business and have to make a profit but if you can’t separate the two and not price gouge the absolute fuck out of very common items just because you feel you can. Then maybe that site isn’t the best place for you, 95% of the people on that site are individuals and when a business comes along and does that it’s a slap in the face.
FC: So, you accept that you want top dollar because your merchandise is hard to find and are willing to accept the fact that the harder something is to find - the more people are willing to pay for it. You do it, and it's okay. I do it and I'm trying to rob someone? That's called moving the goalposts where I come from. Like it or don't like it, check gunbroker and all the other dealers - everyone's getting top dollar. I just did a show last week where I was $975 on Gen 5 19's, $775 on 43X's and $700+ on all gen 3 guns. The dealer across the aisle from me had Gen 5 34's at $1000. We're in business to make money, and people are willing to pay these prices because they're so hard to find.
How do I accept that?? When I sold the mk23 I posted it for a set very fair price, people offered me more because they wanted it. And top dollar would be MSRP or close to, top dollar is NOT hundreds above MSRP. Let me ask you this, does Glock charge you more (the dealer) because they are selling a shit load of them and they are “hard to find??” Does what you pay for glocks as a FFL change as drastically as the prices you are charging based off the market?
FC: You wanted, and got as much money for your rare hard to find product as you could? That's called getting top dollar! The new ford bronco is going to sell for above MSRP. For THOUSANDS more. are you going to call Ford and complain about that? Of course not.H Hundreds above MSRP is what guns are selling for right now. If you had some for sale, are you telling me you'd sell them for hundreds less than you could? I have not gotten a wholesale gun in stock in months, I have been buying guns at retail to resell. Glock does not set prices and distributors have nothing to sell me - so your question is entirely ridiculous. Do you remember the last time around 7 or 8 years ago when Colt 6920's were $2500 and SCAR 17's were $5000? That was nowhere near MSRP and I didn't hear anyone complaining. Since you don't seem to like it at all, I suggest you leave public sector employment and try to run a business and pay the bills with no product coming in wholesale.
(Editors note: FC used to be a public servant. FC used to work in the fire department. FC knows that you can get in deep shit for sending profanity laced emails on city email account with email signature. I forward the email to his department chief with a polite message tactfully reminding him that all emails sent to a city email are preserved as public records.)
Subject: Noveske lower
Message: Would you be willing to do a one for one trade? I have a NIB Anderson lower. I’m specifically looking for one of a few specific brands of lower and Noveske happens to be one.
FC: So I'm supposed to trade you even up and sell an anderson for more money? BTW. CTD got lowers back in this morning. They're andersons and they want $199 for them but I don't think I'm going to be able to get that price.
(No response)
Phone calls!
A: Guy wants a folding bracestock. I ask him if he wants a brace or a stock. He does not know the difference. I ask him if he's building an SBR. He says he's building an SBR, specifically an SBA3. I die a little inside.
B: Guy calls looking for 100 rds of 38 special for his colt python. Drives up in his tesla and hands me a ritz calrton titanium black card. $75/100 okay? No problem. He asks if I have any more at that price. I tell him as much as he wants.
C: Endless calls for 9mm and 380 ammo.
D: Guy calls me asking for a Glock 43X. He comes in and looks. I tell him $775 as he's holding an Amex. I say I'll do better for cash. $775 out the door. He says deal. Comes back the next week with $575 cash and I look at him funny. I paid $550 for the gun retail but he owns the Chickfila 20 miles up the road and gives me a stack of be our guest chicken sandwich coupons. I begrudgingly accept.
E: Lady calls me she's headed to the range in a few hours. She needs 500 rds of 40S&W and some 380.
Me: I got it. 500 rounds of 40 - $350
1: $350?
Me: $350.
1: No, no no!
Me: Yes, yes, yes.
1: It can't be $350! That's $350! That just can't be!
Me: Welcome to 2020
1: Well the 380 ammo is cheaper right?
Me: Not really. You're looking at $65 a box.
1: No, no no!
Me: Nobody's got ammo right now and we're getting top dollar. That's the price, feel free to shop around.
She never calls me back.
F: Guy calls me asking about my Federal 115gr 9mm. Cheapest on Ammoseek is $57 a box. I don't want to be that high so I price it at $55/box. He says how much for the case. I tell him 55 times 20. He's bad at math so I tell him that's $1100 for it all. He calls me an asshole. I tell him everyone's asking me to get 9mm ammo so I'm buying it retail and marking it up. He tells me not to buy it at retail and hangs up on me.
G: The gun club president calls me. the club needs a new 5.56 upper. I ask why. Someone shot 300 blackout through the old one and destroyed it. I tell them I don't have any uppers. I have complete rifles. Cheapest is $900 for an S&W sport M&P. I can hear his jaw dropping.
There's other miscellany but you get the gist of it.
NOW here's the meat and potatoes you've wanted! The tale of the gun show!
Friday 9/11/2020
I take inventory. I'm down to about 350 guns in stock and I pack as much as I can and get it ready for the show. I've got some Sigs left, a handful of Glock and a mishmash of everything else. I head to bed early knowing full well the next show will be a good one. I bought a bunch of Glock 43X's retail.
Saturday 9/12/2020
I pull chocks at 615AM. This show is about an hour down the road from my house, the last time I was there I sold nothing all weekend, broke my oakleys and vowed never to return.
This time is gonna be different, I said to myself.
At 7AM I walk in and I start loading into the show. It's a small venue in the middle of MAGA country. Everyone wearing red hats and trump train shirts.
In a few hours the doors will open and we are off to the races. I will do hour blocks instead of my previous play by play for simplicity.
9AM: Slow start, the show is spread out across TWO buildings so they route people into the other side and it takes them about 30 minutes to make their way into the big room. First sale of the day is my last Sig 365. For $700. It takes an hour and a half to get his background check back.
10AM: Guy points at an FNS 40C and wants a deal. I make him a deal at $525 cash out the door. He says he'll come back and think about it a bit.
I sell a shield for $500.
I sell a Glock 43X for $775.
I sell a Glock 43 for $700.
For some reason everyone is calling me Daniel. It takes me an hour to realize it's because I'm wearing a gray Daniel Defense polo.
11AM: FNS40 guy is back. He says it's a deal. I hand him a clipboard. he hands me an already filled out 4473 like another dealer rejected his sale. It's folded over on the long side and I tell him to fill out my form in front of me.
10 minutes later he hands me the pre filled out folded form thinking that I'm stupid.
You gotta be shitting me. I park his ass in a chair hand him a pen and tell him to start writing.
He fills it out. I enter in his background check and it does not come back right away. He gets antsy.
12PM: FNS 40 guy wants his money back. I refund it and keep $100 for me. I grab my tablet and someone has swiped right on my bumble. We begin chatting and I ask her if she wants to go to dinner. She's a little older, in her 40's and works for a bank. What the hell, why not.
Someone asks me what it takes to suppress his beretta 92. I tell him he needs a threaded barrel. They run $250. Someone overhears me and brings by his S&W 5906 and expects me to get a threaded barrel for $250.
Guy asks me to bring the threaded barrel tomorrow. I say sure.
1PM: Lady comes by and asks me if I have any 5.7's. She's on the phone reading down my inventory. I ask her if the gun is for her or her friend. She says for her. I show her the 5.7 on the table and roll my eyes a bit.
2PM: 5.7 lady comes by with her butch lesbian lover. She tells me its a deal and I hand her the clipboard. She fills everything out with lots of errors. I get her background check in and I tell her $1375
Her jaw drops. She was looking at the FNS 9mm for $575 next to it and didn't think that 5.7 pistols were $1375. She coughs reeking of weed. I void the sale.
Guy walks up asking me for 70% silencers. I just laugh.
3PM: Another guy comes over asking me if I got a 5.7. I tell him yes. He says he's got $1000 right now for a 5.7. I tell him I'll take $1000 as a down payment. He laughs and is adamant that I take this $1000 for a 5.7 tagged at $1375.
I ask him if he's got cash and all his ID and everything. He's on the phone it's actually for a friend of his. I ask him if his friend can get here before the show closes at 5. His friend has no CWL so his wife has to buy it but he's going to pay for it.
This guy is barking up the wrong tree. I go back and help someone else. He's looking at a Springfield XD I've brought and asks me if I'm making any deals. I tell him we're not doing a lot of discounting at the show. He shrugs and says he tried.
Another guy asks me for a Glock 43X. I walk him over to the stack and show him the tag at $775. He scoffs at me and walks away.
4PM: Show starts slowing down. I write up a Sig P238 Tribal and a P938 BRG for some customers at $700 each. I write up a S&W M&P15 sport for $900 as my last sale of the day. The lady was super nice and understanding when I pointed out the errors on her 4473.
5PM: Time to go home! I dump off some transfers to another dealer and hit the road. It's an hour to get back home.
6PM: I take a shower, shave and get to the restaurant for dinner.
7PM: I'm at the restaurant waiting at the table and I discover that the woman that said she was in her 40's is actually a 58 year old grandma of 2. Someone shoot me. She says she's not that hungry and proceeds to order soup, salad, a martini, an espresso and dessert. She's ordered $65 in F&B to my $35 steak. This was a complete waste of an evening.
My depression worsens and not even a bowl of mint chocolate chip can break me out of this funk. My will to live is eroding by the minute. I fall asleep at midnight and set my alarm for 747AM. I make a mental note to move up my therapist.
Sunday August 16th
747AM. Wake up, take a swig of orange juice and run down to the deli and grab a sandwich and get down to the show. I grab a threaded barrel for a Beretta 92 on my way down. Note: The guy never shows up for that barre.
10AM: Get to the show and uncover my tables and get cranking. It's a slow start to the day. My first sale is a Springfield XD. The show goes on and I write up an FNS for someone. The customer writes the check out payable to HK NO COMPROMISE.
I look at them confused.
FC: Why is this check made out to HK?
1: That's what it says on your shirt, HK NO COMPROMISE - that's the name of your company, right?
FC: sigh
11AM: Guy wants a can without a tax stamp. 5
12PM: Someone walks over. Points at my stack of silencers
1: I can't pick one of those up here!
FC: You got two arms don't you?
1: I mean I can't buy one here!
FC: If you got money you can buy one!
1: You're a real smartass you know that!
FC: Beats being a dumbass!
The peanut gallery laughs at our exchange.
1PM: Guy wants to buy a Walther P22. Fills out the front sheet of the 4473. Satisfied with his answer, he turns the page along the perforation, rips it off and proudly hands the top sheet to me.
I die a little bit inside.
2PM: 7 different husband/wife combos ask me for shield EZ pistols. I write up my last M&P 15 sport I brought to the show for $900. It's a good day! I debated bringing another but I figured selling two for the weekend would be plenty.
3PM: The lady that bought that S&W M&P15 yesterday? She wants another one. I have three left on the shelf. I take her money and tell her I'll meet her at the show next week and she says no problem and does all her paperwork. u/throwawayfire343 's coronavirus infected ass shows up and needles me on a gun.
1: How much do you want for this $150 gun?
FC: About 350
1: really
FC: Gimme $200 and fill the goddamn form right
1: deal!
I take his money and wrap up a few other folks and get ready to pack up and head home. He does the form right much to my chagrin.
4PM: Show is closed. I start packing up. I snag 500 rds of 9mm off the dealer across the show. He started with a full pallet. Most of it is gone. Price? $500/thousand. I am packed up and on the road in a little under an hour.
5PM: Homeward bound........I wish I was........HOMEWARD BOUND..............
I hit the truck stop for some diesel and a cold fountain drink.
630PM: I get back to my desk and dump off a fucking STACK of 4473's. I make a bank drop for the cash and I unload and head back home. I'm starving, I go grocery shopping and grab some comestibles. I cook myself dinner and head home.
Monday September 14th
10AM: My back is out and my depression is worse than ever. I don't know what hurts more, my back or my brain. I head in and get my 4473's worked on from the show.
11AM: Guy asks me to get some 9mm ammo for him held until after work. No problem. He says he'll be here at 445 after he gets out off at 430. He works around the corner.
12PM: Lunchtime. It's Chicken Bacon Ranch day at the market. I'm starving. I grab my keys and get ready to leave when I get a call from a lady from the gun club. She wants one of my last Sig 938's. I tell her to come by, I'll delay lunch for her.
1PM: Laura shows up and spends 45 minutes with me trying to decide on which 938 she wants. She has no intention of shooting this gun she just wants one in case antifa shows up. She leaves and says she will come back in 45 minutes. Great, I can go to lunch now.
2PM: It try to go to lunch. I am not successful. Laura calls me asking me more questions and tells me she has another friend wanting the same gun. I tell her I will put my lunch on hold and she can come on by.
She and her friend debate Sig 938's for a while and each of them buy a gun. I got a twofer! Woo! This calls for a celebration called lunch.
3PM: I get a call from a semi regular. This guy buys a gun or two a year. He's getting his concealed license and does not want the government to know he's buying guns. So he's sending his wife in to do the 4473 for his birthday present, a Wilson CQB 1911 they've purchased off gunbroker. I tell him great, send her over and I'll get her paperwork done. I get ready to go to lunch. The phone rings, Laura and her friend want more of my time. Fine. I will put my lunch on hold. Come on over.
4PM: Laura and her friend come over and Laura suggests that I give each of them a few Sig 938 7 rd pinky extension mags for free since they just bought two guns. I look at them in great pain.
Women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. I'm sorta in a woman hating mood after this week but I don't want to take it out on them. I explain politely that NOBODY is getting free goods right now. if you want mags, I have three left. They spent 25 minutes arguing with me and then they decide to buy all three mags. Great. Terrific. I'm going to lunch now. Your business is appreciated now GTFO. The guy that wanted me to reserve 9mm ammo for him? Yeah he no showed.
5PM: Beef jerky lunch time. I get my keys and get ready to walk out the door. The wife of Wilson Combat buyer is running errands and can be over here. Sure, come on down. I'll be here. She does all her paperwork and we talk for 2 hours about how autistic you all say I am and how not autistic she says I am. Nice lady. She brought me gummy bears. I tell her I am clearly on the spectrum because I behave and think exactly like her autistic son. She fails to believe me.
7PM: I can finally go have lunch! I go to the Olive Garden for lunch.
815PM: I get home from the OG. This is not going well. My colon does not like the pasta and breadsticks. I spend the next hour and a half making three trips to the throne. This fucking week. And it's only sunday. God damn.
I take a tylenol PM and sleep it off.
Tuesday September 15th
10AM: I get in and start catching up on vendor calls and paperwork.
11AM: UPS rolls in with a wilson and some piece of shit suppressor from some company. I call Lisa and tell her that the package is here and she can pick it up anytime. She says she will be right over.
12PM: Lisa gets her gun and thanks me with some things she got at walgreens. Red hots, and pens. I laugh. I tell her it's fine. She's confused. Her autistic son always liked Red Hots and pens.
1PM: I swing over to the deli and it's Monday. They have hot browns today. I love a hot brown. I grab one and check in on facebook telling the world of my discovery. So many great job poopin memes and comments ensue.
2PM: I call the guy who's got the el cheapo 556 can. He's pissed. That can was supposed to be sent to another dealer across town. I tell him his options.
A: I can do his form 4 and charge him my hourly.
B: I can ship it back to the vendor and charge him my hourly.
C: I can ship it to the dealer across town and charge him my hourly.
He's PISSED and tells me to do the forms for him. I tell him email me all the info and I'll get it done. I get an email in GMAIL CONFIDENTIAL MODE.
What's CONFIDENTIAL MODE? It's a self destructing email you can't reply to, forward or cut and paste from - which makes this useless since I have to cut and paste all the info he's given me. I tell him I need the data in a different format. He yells at me about PII and stuff and I offer to do the form 4 in front of him. He relents and emails me what I need. It's missing a birthday. No biggie. I email him a draft and he says it looks lfine.
3PM: The guy comes by and he's pissed at the vendor and takes it out on me. I tell him if he does not want to do the forms from me, I can send it to the dealer across town. He's mad as hell and I've discounted my rate to $100 as a goodwill gesture.
1: You're charging me $100?
FC: Yes
1: But you're not doing anything.
FC: Here's the checklist.
1: The other place did my photos, fingerprints and everything and charged me $100.
FC: Great. I'm not spending $8000 on a fingerprint scanner to make it back $100 at a time.
1: So you're not doing anything.
FC: I did these forms correctly as you asked.
1: But you didn't even do my fingerprints! Or my passport photos! What the hell am I paying you for?
FC: Why'd they send the item here/
1: Hell if I know! You should call them and find out!
FC: You want me to call them?
1: Well you dealers have a special phone number and email. They won't answer my calls or my emails.
FC: What makes you think they're going to answer mine?
1: You're a dealer! You have a special back office phone number to reach them that I don't have, right?
FC: Are you kidding me?
1: No! You all have that special communication system that the public has no access to!
FC: Gimme your $100 and get these forms reviewed, I've got another customer to help in a bit.
1: You mean I gotta mail it out too! The other place did that for me!
FC: You want me to mail it? I'll mail it. Get the prints done, get the photos taken and get the form filled out and I'll mail it.
1: The other place answered all the questions for me!
1: I am really upset about all this you're charging me the same money and you're doing no work!
FC: You want this can?
1: Yeah
FC: Then follow my instructions.
He pulls out three credit cards with damaged magnetic stripes that won't work. I manually key the card and I'm now working for $96.50 dealing with the biggest pain in the ass I've seen since operation machinegun salvage in 2019.
4PM: I have to go to fedex to drop off today's orders. 1000 rds of 22 leave the building for $189.48. A bunch of mags to the west coast and a Sig P220 are leaving.
5PM: Make it to Fedex where I say hi to Cathy and the gang. I swing by the market on the way home and grab some shredded romaine and a thin cut top sirloin.
545PM: Now I told you this story was a tale of TWO grandmas. Here's the second. I get a call from my attorney buddy Eddie, my partner at the consulting company. He got a call from a lady needing help with some ATF Forms. He knew it wasn't his area of expertise and wanted to know if I could do it. I said send the details my way. He tells me it's an older lady and to expect an email. Moments later I get an email from him.
Subject: Forms for Karen Witherspoon
Message: Will, attached is ATF correspondence from ATF to Karen, I think you can fix this. Thanks!
I look at the attachment.
NOTICE OF TAKING DEPOSITION DUCES TECUM - State of Louisiana vs Billy Bob Ray Thibodeaux
FC: Eddie, I got your deposition notice not the ATF forms
Eddie: Whoops
FC: If that's the worst thing that happens this week it's not a bad week.
Eddie: She knows you're charging her I didn't give her a price.
FC: Lemme look at it and see what we got.
6PM: I call Karen and ask her some details. Her husband was a former licensee/SOT and left a machinegun behind when he died. She did ATF Form 5 and got some errors and needs help fixing it. Just as I'm on the phone with her Eddie emails me the packet.
It's bad and riddled with errors. Out of 20 fields that all need to be filled out correctly, 12 are wrong. And not a little wrong. A LOT wrong.
I won't get into it here but I might in a separate post.
ATF wants the forms back at their facility in 30 days. The mailing date was 2 weeks ago. Which means these forms need to be corrected RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and sent out. Oh and she's got no fingerprint cards.
I tell her that I can drop everything I'm doing this evening, go over everything with a fine tooth comb and have this done in a few hours and I can drop them off tomorrow. She says if I can make a house call that would be good since she has furniture movers coming to empty their house in the morning. I tell her no problem. $350 and I'll see her tomorrow.
I run down all the forms and fix everything. I do a public records search and pull court filings for the probate and print them off and enclose them as ATF requested.
$350 for basically an hour's worth of work isn't bad. There's a steak/bottle of wine split for Eddie in there since it was his lead.
8PM: I call Karen back and tell her I've got everything done but ATF needs a copy of the will. She says she has it. I got everything else they asked off the clerk's website. She's super impressed. I tell her there's a reason Eddie called me.
9PM: Time to cook dinner. My phone is about to die. Just as I plug it in I get a call from u/fat_italian_stallion
He NEVER calls me unless something's up.
We had a quick chat over the weekend at the gun show that went something like this
FC: So that's how I got catfished by a grandma on bumble
FIS: LOL that is epic bad. I'm in New Orleans for a week on vacation with the gf
FC: The psycho one?
FIS: You know it.
FC: If you need bail money let me know
FIS: I just might!
That was Sunday morning. It's tuesday night. My phone dies as I try talking to him. I switch to my landline and call him.
FC: What up?
FIS: I need a solid
FC: How bad is it this time?
FIS: Can I sleep at your house tonight? She went nuts again and attacked me.
FC: I told you not to get invovled with her didn't I?
FIS: She's hot!
FC: You know I'm like 3 hours away from you right?
FIS: Yeah I got a half tank of gas.
FC: Go fill it, here's the address. See you around midnight. You hungry?
FIS: Starving.
FC: I was getting ready to fix dinner. I'll see you at midnight. Get here when you get here.
9PM-1145PM: I fix up the guest suite and prepare dinner. I run to the Target near my house since they close at 10 and grab a few more things. I get back just before 10 and I prepare to fire up the grill and get a steak going, salad and a fresh ravioli dish drowned in Rao's tomato basil sauce is on the menu. Steak hits the fire at 1130 and is resting by 1145. I plate everything and have it on the table at midnight.
1145PM: I get some spare towels and hotel soaps and shampoos. I head out to the driveway and turn on all my lights and leave the garage door open. I set a lawn chair up and crack open a large bag of boom chicka pop poprcorn and await the arrival of one u/fat_italian_stallion
1204AM: u/fat_italian_stallion rolls up. I've got guns and roses "Used to love her" playing on the ipad
FC: sup?
FIS: Long day.
FC: Dinner's on the table. Lets eat.
Wednesday September 16th
We eat and go to sleep. fat_italian_stallion does not know I have slid my spare ipad into the guest suite on the nightstand.
Did you know you can set an alarm on an ipad to instead of making a noise to play a song?
757AM: The ipad alarm wakes up fat_italian_stallion. The song? A little band called Confederate Railroad blasting "I like my women a little on the trashy side." He'll have to tell you the rest of the story.
9AM: I chat with fat italian and we chat a bit skipping breakfast. He has decided to leave this godforsaken state and put some miles between him and the psycho. I don't blame him one bit.
10AM: Breakfast! I throw on a charcoal canali and hit the chickfila drive thru for some breakfast chicken biscuits. I head to my desk and get some paperwork and some calls done.
11AM: I get a call from my attorney buddy Sam. He wants to know how many laws his client who has sent in a Form 1 and not notified the CLEO has broken. I explain I was just having that debate with someone on the internet! It's not a big deal but still kinda a big deal. Our consensus is that it's not count one on the indictment but it could be count five or six.
12PM: Lunchtime. I'm not hungry so I skip lunch. I head to meet with the grandma with the MG and I go over all her new forms that she needs to get fixed with fingeprint cards and my notes. She's super appreciative and gives me $350 in cash. She can't find the will. I call her attorney that I know and he's not picking up. I tell her see if she can get an original copy of the will from the clerks office or from the attorneys office, they normally have a copy.
I ask her what plans she has for the gun. I mean, what's a grandma supposed to do with a registered Colt M16?
All her husbands friends wanted it and they all offered her the same amount so she didn't need it and decided to sell it. She's taking the $5000 she's getting and going on an Alaskan cruise with the grandkids after the world calms down. I shrug. She should have called me.
2PM: Back at my desk, I call the judge's chambers that's doing the probate. Judge Smith LOVES the 308 that I got him a few years ago and is super pleased with my services since he didn't tell the wife about his purchase and I had just gotten a damaged case of 308 PMC Bronze that I made him a hell of a deal on that UPS wrote off. I tell the JA that ATF probably isn't going to call but in case they do just be ready. She's super glad that I told her ahead of time so she can be ready.
Judge Smith is retiring in a few months and he's got some time in the schedule so she patches me through and we catch up for a little bit. I am told that they're going to try to do a COVID compliant socially distanced retirement disrobing party but it's all up in the air. I say if you all need someone to bring potato salad to let me know. As a stalwart of the legal community for many years, lots of folks know the judge so it's well deserved after 20+ years on the bench. As I am also well known in the legal communty the least I can do is show up with a bottle of red for the guy that's signed hundreds of form 4's for me over the years.
3PM: I ship out a few more pistols and sell an M1A scout squad to a guy in California. Not a bad day.
4PM: I'm done for this week. Between the gun show and getting catfished and everything I've earned some time off. I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off. The phone rings and a guy wants some 9mm ammo. I sell him 500 rds at $375 plus shipping.
Thursday September 17th to Friday September 18th: I wrote this for you all to read.
PS - and this is how you do a "week in the life" thread, you fucking imposter.
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2020.09.19 04:01 IrrelevantDalek [Update] two years after divorce

Last post here:
I noticed a few messages asking how everything eventually turned out with my situation. In a nutshell, good. It was a clean break. Absolutely zero communication, no issues whatsoever. She moved on, I moved on. That's it. Was essentially a very expensive breakup. The single one thing that sucks is I had to give up my dog. But looks like he is still living happily with her.
After the divorce I graduated, got a job, and moved. She moved to her parent's guest bedroom...and never moved out. She got a low wage job...and hasn't done a thing since. She is dating someone, that's all I know because she has me blocked even though I've never said a thing. I dated a couple of girls, found one that was extremely special and showed me love I didn't know existed. Then I proceeded to lose her. So I'm single and doing extemely well with dating, literally every single woman I met has been leagues better than my ex wife. But would like to be back with my recent gf love again. Such is life.
Got a great job, doing verrry well financially, while she is 30 something living with her retired parents. So I guess I came out on top and relatively unscathed.
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2020.09.19 02:56 Trustnobitch56 I am so happy my ex broke up with his gf because he's miserable and he just deserves it.

Throwaway because reasons.
I broke with my ex about 2 years ago. I now have a new boyfriend, it's been one year. He's the most loving man and the perfect one. We have no issues whatsoever. However, I still check my ex (Brian)'s reddit. I probably do it out of habit but I still do it. We are no contact. He posted that he had problems with his new gf a month ago and now he posted he broke up with her.
For some reason, I'm so happy. I feel like he deserves it. Brian has always been whiny and he's claiming she cheated on him like all the others. He says that about me and about his other ex (I didn't cheat and I'm pretty sure his other ex didn't either) so maybe his gf didn't either. He also blamed her for stuff, that looked like the stuff he'd say about me. Because he's unable to take the blame.
He was a terrible dude, totally toxic, insulting me/my family, 100% toxic and using his bipolar disorder to manipulate me. One of my best friend said "Brian only lives through his own tragedy" and she's so right. He manipulated a couple friends to get through me (one of my good friend just lost his dad, Brian offered support to him to get leverage on me later, etc...)
He's like "I'll never be happy" "that's 2 breakup in one year" (lie) and make up all sort of stuff for people to support him on Reddit, it's actually pathetic. Somebody comments on the pattern of his relationship like he's always attracting the wrong people so Sometimes I just want to comment "Brian you're just terrible and abusive and you're compulsively lying so ppl feel sorry for you but these women are just getting away from your toxicity - the only pattern is you being so bad"
However, I'm concerned for myself. I'm weirdly content that he feels like shit. The dude is terrible and he deserves it so much but I'm kind of mean to think it. I hate him and I wish I just didn't care. Help ?
TL;Dr : I hate my ex so much I check on him on Reddit and I'm happy when he's feeling miserable. I don't know what to do as I know it's not healthy.
Thanks for reading
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2020.09.19 02:37 DukeReno My mother and I were assaulted by a ghost named Bob.

Hello, Mr ballen's channel has made such an impression on me. Especially his personal story because I went through something similar. Thank you John for sharing stories in a way that makes quarantine not so bad :). I am going to go over the different encounters at my family home and each paragraph will be about a different person. Also if anyone wants the YouTube link for the two videos I made about my house ghost then please say so in the comments because I don't want to disrespect Mr.ballen sub reddit and try to self promote. He's such an inspiration that I want to follow in his footsteps. So please let me know if you want to see my video, I am able to go in greater detail there, I also asked for permission on ig but he never responded.
In 2000, My family bought a home built in 1955. For the most part the home was a dream come true and whatever lived here, didn't bother my brother and I until we were much older. The ghost's name is Bob (sister in law named him after an encounter) and he does not like grown men. My father said that every morning his clothes would get thrown off their hangers and thrown all around his room. He confronted my mother as he thought she was the one throwing his clothes around and she answered that it wasn't her. My dad could tell she was telling the truth and that's when my mom asked if there was something living here because she had her own stories of things moving and she said she always felt like someone was in the house with her when she was home alone. My father having experienced ghosts in Mexico asked her to not talk about it in the house as it could get stronger. My mom didn't listen kept talking and that's when my father told her to stfu because he was scared and didn't want to chat in the house about it. Later that night, my father got the first sleep paralysis attack that would continue for months. Bob the Ghost would sit on his chest or back depending on whatever position he was sleeping in and he could free the weight of a fully grown adult on his body. He would beg Bob to stop and it would always stop after a min or so. My father ended up moving into the garage shortly after and he has lived there ever since. He doesn't get sleep paralysis in the garage, only in the house.
My mother and sister in law said that they felt like they were being watched when changing. They also both reported that if they were showering, the bathroom door would crack open and cold air would invade the bathroom as if someone opened the front door of a fire warmed cabin. My mother would later tell me about a time she was laying down in her room with her bedroom door would open and she could heard someone walking to her room from the living room and assumed it was my father. This happened in 2013 so they had been divorced and did not sleep together but lived in the same house. My mom turned her back to her bedroom door and pretended to be busy on her phone so my father wouldn't try to talk to her. Someone then sat down on her bed and slapped her butt very very hard. She said it left a mark and when she turned around to yell at my father, no one was there. She got up from her bed and ran around the house yelling "who was that"!!!! She checked the outside and no one's car was in the driveway and she checked every room and the house was empty. The front and back door were both locked and she knew at that moment it was Bob. She said out loud so bob could hear her that she would get a priest and burn sage then do whatever she could to get rid of him and was very very angry. She never followed through and ended up moving out a week later.
My sister in law and I saw Bob in shadow form (like a person's silhouette but dark and shadow like) once in the hallway and kitchen. My Gf's sister (not sister in law) also saw him in the kitchen, turn to look at her and then merged with the kitchen cabinet. Around 2014, we were watching the baseball movie 42 (Rest in peace chadwick), and my nephew who was 2 and a half threw a rubber ball that he was bouncing off the Livingroom wall when he missed the wall and it landed at the end of the hallway. He turned to see where it landed and shook his head as to say "I'm not going that way" and started to cry. My sister in law commented that he's scared to be alone and points to corners like he sees someone there which made me mad. I angrily got up from the couch and walked to the door. I started to insult Bob and comment what a coward he is for missing with a child and that he was just mad he is dead. I insulted him for a min straight and that he cant do anything but mess with a child and sexually harass the women in the house. That same night, I was woken up to someone choking my throat. It felt like someone was chocking me with their knee and with the weight of a 200 pound man but the knee was pointed like an elbow. For some reason, I kept saying FUCK YOU over and over again. I don't know how but I kept saying F U over and over again through a choked voice. I always thought it was me being brave but what if it was Bob possessing my body and used my voice. I was so scared and finally was able to stand up after what felt like forever to get up. I remember staring at the closet while I was being attacked and after I ran up to turn on the light. I focused on the closet for whatever reason. Later when I asked my brother if he ever encountered anything at the house, All he said was "it lives in the closet".
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2020.09.19 01:43 bhadby2k I want my LO and his gf to break up.

I feel so guilty and terrible for thinking this way...and it’s not for the reasons you think...
I know a relationship between us will never happen. He hates me and has gone through great lengths to avoid me. And honestly I’m so hurt by him that the thought of dealing with that pain again just feels unbearable. Would I make out with him again...yes. Would I maybe have sex with him...yes (we never had sex I’m still a virgin). But 100% I do not want a relationship with him...I’ve started to slowly know my worth and I want someone who puts me first...and I wouldn’t want someone who comes back after breaking up with their a second choice essentially.
But I know if him and his gf break up I would stop thinking he’s perfect. Not just as a person, but also as an ideal partner. I talk about how amazing he becamehere . I’ve never seen a guy treat a girl the way he does. I don’t even want to give other guys a chance because they will never live up. When we were briefly “a thing” or whatever, he was so nice to me. He’d call me beautiful everyday, and told me things that no guy has told me before. God help me if I didn’t put my phone on silent, otherwise I’d get a 5am notification, a good morning message before he went to work (he even did this after he admitted “he wasn’t ready for a relationship”). Most guys my age aren’t very good with their words and are very immature. He was also so faithful to me despite me just being a tinder date. He showed me his phone to prove he wasn’t talking to any girls, and deleted his tinder account upon meeting me. He knew how to kiss, how to hold. I could only imagine how amazing I would of felt if we actually ended up together, I’d be the luckiest girl in the world honestly. I actually started to believe I was as beautiful as he told me I was. He only wasn’t nice to me...when he no longer liked me.
And when I see him with his gf...I see the full experience of what would it had been like if I was the chosen one. It’s like I got the measly free trial and she gets the full vip membership. The social media attention she gets on his profiles is unreal (which I also talk about in the link). I have been over 2 months clean of cyberstalking my LO. But based on mutual friend (he’s on private) and the last time I checked, he deleted photos with friends and only has pics with her, including a birthday montage he made for her. I saw that he unfollowed all these models and beautiful women, stopped liking pictures. His icon picture of him smiling like a madman with her at a Mexican restaurant, and he’s wearing a jumper she bought him (I know this because he’d never wear this specific brand). You could even see her lipstick that was on her lip. His bio is just her initials with a rose emoji. Oh and that’s just on Instagram. On Facebook his profile picture is of them looking at each other and smiling (turns out it was one of her birthday dinners we never spent a birthday together but that’s a different story), and he’s made it official. He has a Spotify playlist dedicated to her. His gf went on public for a bit on Instagram and she posted these amazing dates, and often updated her Instagram profile pictures of them on these amazing dates. I can’t help but think how amazing it is outside social media. I can only think of this perfect butterflies and rainbow life that they are currently living.
All their friends, family, and even work bosses love them together (I also talk about this on the link). More than any other couple I’ve witnessed. Everyone thinks he’s the “best boyfriend she and anyone has ever had” and comments super wholesome things under their posts. I’ve mention the public TikTok attack heaps of times how his gf’s friend defended their relationship, telling me how loving and committed it was and accused me of trying to break them up. Long story short, I was fighting for closure which I learnt was unnecessary. And despite me wanting them to break up, I’d never try to break up a couple only makes them stronger in my opinion (I still feel guilty as it was seen that way however).
Overall, it’s not like I even want them to break up, I just want to find out they have relationship problems so I can not see him as a “perfect person” anymore. All my friends in relationships tell me all their problems. And it’s made me scared to be in a relationship because I know I’ll have to face these problems. I just think that if every guy treated their girl like my LO does, then no relationship will ever have it’s negatives. I know even they probably have problems...but I bet they are really trivial. And I know they will never break up anyway. He’s pretty much marrying this woman, I don’t even think he’s done what he’s done for any girl (e.g. he never posted pictures of him smiling until they were with her). No guy does what he does unless they know they are going to be with the person forever.
No one will ever add up to this or ever do this. He’s so well put together, has an amazing social life, and isn’t desperate and weird like other guys. I think his gf has increased his popularity and made him even better. His gf is similar and her family is super rich. I know I’m not a bad person, but I was never on his level. It makes complete sense why he’s with that girl, they both have similar lives and her dad owns a construction company which would help my LO in his carpentry career. I’d say he should get an award for being this great but everyone has praised him enough (hating me in the process). I should be happy for someone...but if he ever broke up with his gf (especially if she dumped him) I’d probably realise that he’s a flawed individual like the rest of us. And the only way for me to move on with someone else is to not place him in this pedestal anymore.
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2020.09.19 00:19 ThrowAwayBleus Cat and Mouse Game

Hi Everyone,
This is my very first post to reddit, here goes!
I have had a weird relationship with my ex for about 15 years now. It all started when we met in high school. He is one year older than me. We always "liked" each other in high school but never actually dated until we reconnected about four years after high school.
I was in a relationship at the time but ended it to be with him. After a few months of dating I felt very torn. I felt I had made a mistake and broke things off. I ended up getting back together with my original BF.
Flash forward to about six maybe 8 months later. We reconnect again, just as friends, and he tells me he is joining the military. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. We start writing letters back and forth while he is in the military. Feelings arise and we decide to get back together after he finishes boot camp and get married!!!
So boot camp ends and I'm impatiently waiting for him to call me so we can make our plans...... No call ever came. He ends up getting married to the girl he was with before he joined the military. He straight ghosted me for years, never explaining why he lead me on and married someone else.
Four - five years pass. He gets out of the military and moves back home. That's when I get a text from him. He apologizes for ghosting me all those years and explains he didn't have the guts to face me and tell me the truth. We hang out once but I feel uncomfortable and tell him I can't do this. We both confess that we are still in love with each other but the timing (for me) just isn't right.
Eight months later and we reconnect AGAIN! He is now living in a different state. We have a long talk and confess our love thinking this time will finally be "our time" and we can be together. He calls me his dream girl and that I have never left his mind. We are talking about me moving to his state and planning visits. Things are going great for about three weeks. Then, he very dryly tells me he actually has a girlfriend and that it's a serious relationship. (I asked early on when we started talking again if he had a GF and he said he didn't) He says what he has done is despicable but doesn't really go into details.
I haven't heard from him in four days. I just can't believe he is doing this to me for a SECOND time. His girlfriend got in touch with a friend of mine and asked her to let me know that they are together because I might not know. So I guess they are going to stay together and once again he didn't choose me.
I feel like whenever I am ready to commit and be with him he isn't ready and vice versa.
What should I do? Should I contact him demanding a full explanation on why he lead me to believe we were getting back together? Or should I just leave it alone? Obviously he doesn't want to leave his current girlfriend for me but why tell me all these promises of love and getting back together? I just don't understand. I wish he had the balls to be straight forward and honest with me.
Sorry for the long post and I can't wait to hear your guys' thoughts and opinions, thank you!
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2020.09.18 23:06 sharar-urmom Ive been depressed for a while now, but i dont know if my problem is that huge to share with others

Hi, this is second ever reddit post , please ignore my username , it was during my edgy phase and i tried to be funny, i am 17 years old btw
This might be long , i've been unhappy and suffering from anxiety and insecurities for the past year now, i've always seen people who are having a harder life than me and tried to tell myself , why the fuck are you unhappy, you shouldnt be , you have such privileges , just stop being unhappy, but it never went away , it sucks , it takes the life out of me , i cry almost everyday and idk what to do about it
It all started with my first gf 2 years ago,she isnt the main reason for my depression btw, honestly it was nothing cause it went on for only 2 months , but she was my first and i was so into her, i know you guys might say you were 15 , why would you feel like that,i know that man , i've told myself that every damn day, she one day said "this isnt working" and we broke up , naturally yes i was sad ,but that was the start of my insecurities, i started thinking , whats wrong with me , why did it happen , is it my personality , is it how i look?
This stuff went on for a year and at that time my depression wasnt that bad , i still was kinda happy, played games on my pc and played basketball to get my mind off of everything , honestly i wouldve loved it if everything stayed that way
last year i started my grade 9th u can say, u see in my country , there is a board exam that happens at the end of grade 10th so u can graduate to college, its called ssc , but in our society you'll absolutely be deemed a failure/worthless if u dont get those straight As or gpa 5, we have to study the ssc books for grade 9 and 10 , and then give the exam at the end of 10, its a culture in our society to hold the gpa 5 highly and anyone who doesnt get it will do nothing in life
so basically my parents started saying stuff like "if you get that gpa 5 , i'll have a dawat(party) with your every cousin uncle aunty celebrating your success," unknowingly, they didnt know how much pressure theyre putting onto me just by saying this , i started feeling like shit , i always thought what if i dont get it? my parents will hate me , they will think i have no future , they will call me a burden , i love my parents but they dont know even the abc's of mental health, it doesnt exist for them , and honestly the thought of the day that i will dissapoint my parents , it scares me , i cant handle that sort of pressure at all , but just to satisfy my parents and for them not to get slandered by society cause is did bad in my exams , i study 5 to 6 hours a day, my school results arent bad but theyre not excellent either , i have no drive for studying cause idek what i want to be in the future , i just study to not dissapoint my parents and want to keep them happy, nothing would make my dad happier than for him to say "my son got the gpa 5"
all of this pressure got to me , i cant do anything other than studying cause it made me feel like im wasting my life, that feeling still haunts me , studying 5 hours would normally be enough , but im still not happy about it and i cant even play basketball or play games on my pc now , all i think about is me doing bad in my exams and my parents thinking of me as a burden,
now whenever i go to my parents room, they say "youve not been studying, you just play games ", mom dad please i study from 12 am to 5am , u dont see that, please dont say that i dont , i try to do everything for u, everytime my dad says im not studying enough, i cry in my room for hours , all i want ,is my parents to appreciate the effort im putting , nothing else , but they always tell me that im not serious enough, how could i be serious dad , im not happy with this , my mind is void of any feelings or emotions ,i just go through social medias endlessly when im not studying , i dont like studying all the time, it feels like torture to me
i used to love playing games on my pc and just study 2 hours a day , i always got satisfactory results , now i cant do shit , my friends always tell me why do i study so much, i just tell them i want the xbox series X so ill have to do well in my exams and then ask my father for one
and as times went by, my insecurities got worse with the peer pressure too, all these girls call me ugly ,i always think my friends hate me , my parents every week said im not doing enough , what do i fucking do , im a dissapointment to everybody ,nobody takes me seriously, not even my parents , i hate this feeling , i hate crying all the time even though theres people living worse lives than me , i dont know why im living cause i have no ambition(no im not suicidal),i wait for my exams to come but even that scares ,i dont know if i'll be able to handle a bad result , i really dont
im really sorry if this seems like a small issue to be depressed about , but idk why im like this ,maybe im abnormal, i know theres a lot of u with worse problems than mine and im really sorry if my post offends you, honestly english isnt my first language so i might not have been able to express my feelings properly,ive written this while i was basically in tears so i might have missed important stuff, im really sorry for this long essay
submitted by sharar-urmom to depression_help [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 22:47 ShaikhAndBake FT Celebi/Zarude Code Sets, Events LF Events

The event pokemon that I have that weren't obtained on this sub were all redeemed by me. I can provide wondercard proof for all of them. I'm only looking for events with at least wonder card proof.
For my events, I want event pokemon offers - no items or anything else.
Summer 2013:
  1. Shiny Dialga
  2. Shiny Palkia
  3. Shiny Giratina
Galileo Rayquaza
Shiny Tapus:
  1. Tapu Fini
  2. Tapu Lele
  3. Tapu Bulu
Shiny Celebi and Zarude (codes or redeems with proof)
General Event Offers
I will trade shinies and items for these events:
  1. Event Amoonguss
  2. Shiny Zeraora
  1. 2 sets of Shiny Celebi/Zarude Codes
  2. Shiny Xerneas, OT: XYZ, ID: 05116
  3. Darkrai, OT: GF, ID: 05016
  4. Manaphy, OT: GF, ID: 06016
  5. Victini, OT: GF, ID: 09016
  6. Event Zygarde
    1. OT: XYZ, ID: 05026
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  7. Shiny Zeraora
    1. OT: HOME, ID: 200630
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/hxbwhs/lf_diancie_i_will_trade_everything_listed_below/fz565wz/
  8. G-Mr. Mime
    1. OT: Ted, ID: 312362
    2. obtained here: /pokemontrades/comments/gursku/lf_event_gmr_mime_and_gponyta_ft_masterballs/fsqtcw
I also have Shinies, and HA Aprimon. Also have many items (few apri/sport/safari/masterballs as well) - just ask!
HA Aprimon:
submitted by ShaikhAndBake to pokemontrades [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 22:27 Bond_em7 [Fantasy Fest 2020] JP Banner Info (Fest)

Well lucily I have the time to put this all together today so for once I'll actually be ahead of a fest! I've been working on it all day and finally got enough to put out. I realize I still need to do my banner assesments and some of the Soul Breaks that have been released in global have official translations that I need to update. I'll try to get to both on Monday but probably won't have time over the weekend. Oh...and relic names still needed too. GF hadn't posted their actual list yet which is where I normally pull the relic names from (I am glad Soli put out a temporary topic with all the relic effects though!).
Last fest was obviously about 3 months ago with these relics. The inital reveal, translations, and discussions are here.
No new relic types here though we do see new effects on the Limit Glints with an overstrike, no Limit Gauge, and then refund some Limit Gauge (For when bosses take it away). Realms left out of this fest are I and VIII (Shockingly).
Thanks to Leyroux and onthefaultline for the translation work, dataminers like ElNinoFr (and other I'm sure), and S0litair3d as always for the posts on GameFaqs that allows me to do these and also thanks to Pyrotios for always checking my work and helping make sure these things are accurate.

Recent JP Megathreads

Dragonlord Bahamut (Event) Confounded Memories (X) Recalling the Blue Light (IX) The Enduring Transparent (VII) Confounded Memories (V) Bug Catching (Event) To Preserve Peace (XII) Faeries from the Future (VIII) Fat Black Chocobo: A Chilling Forgery Confounded Memories (XIII)

Glory Fest 2020

Megathread Relics

Helpful Links

General JP Version Information FFRK Community Database AASBs without En-Element and where to get it (RunAwayWojo)

Fantasy Fest 2020

Event start time: 19/09 15:00 JST
New True Arcane Tyro, Locke, Onion Knight, Cloud, Tidus, Ashe, Beatrix
New Sync Balthier, Papalymo, Delita, Ysayle, Strago, Emperor, Zack, Queen, Agrias, Hope, Luneth, Arc, Alma
New Awakening Delita
New Limit Glint Onion Knight, Ysayle, Luneth
New Ultra Emperor
New Flash Art+ Delita, Emperor, Alma
New LMR+ Papalymo, Delita, Hope, Arc
Record Board Abilities:
  • Balthier: "Fires of War" PHY(Machinist): 7x single ranged Fire.
  • Papalymo: "Scion's Fire" BLK(Black Magic): 6x single Fire.
  • Delita: "Northwain's Strike" PHY(Spellblade): 5x single Holy/Fire/Ice/Lightning.
  • Ysayle: "Diamond Dust" BLK(Summoning): 5x AoE Ice. Higher multipler against less enemies.
  • Strago: "Aqua Breath" BLK(Black Magic): 6x single Water.
  • Emperor: "Starfall" BLK(Black Magic): 3x single Dark/Earth/Wind, 10% Imperil Dark/Earth/Wind 5s.
  • Zack: "Rush Assault" PHY(Celerity): 6x single Wind. ?/?/? CT with 1/2/3+ uses.
  • Queen: "Divine Judgement Blade" PHY(Spellblade): 4/5/6/7x single Lightning/Dark with 0/3/5/7 damaging actions.
  • Agrias: "Judgement Blade" PHY(Knight): 5x single Holy, 10% Imperil Holy 5s.
  • Hope: "Last Resort" BLK(Black Magic): 6x single Holy. Every 2nd use removes Haste.
  • Luneth: "" PHY(): 6x single Wind Jump. 0 Air Time.
  • Arc: "" WHT/BLK(WHite Magic/Summoning): 6x single hybrid Holy/Water.
  • Alma: "" WHT(White Magic): Party h20 Medica. Every 4th use: self Heal +10% 1.

Relic Draw Banners

Banner 1
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Name (DMG/CT) Book Tyro True Arcane: "Our Fantasy Unbound" (NAT: Instant self En-Prismatic, Prismatic Damage +50%, BDL+1, "Memoria Judgment", "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Dagger (Fire+) Locke True Arcane: "Ultimate Mirage Dive" (NAT: Instant self En-Fire (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Gun (Fire+) Balthier Synchro: "Burst of Ardor" (PHY: 15x single ranged Fire/NE; self En-Fire(3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Strike Chaser").
Need Light Armor (Fire+) Papalymo Synchro: "An Ending to Mark a New Beginning" (BLK: 15x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire(3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, Instant ATB3, IC3).
Need Sword (Fire+) Delita Synchro: "Hero-King Divine Ruination" (PHY: 15x single Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice/NE, DEF/RES/MND -70%; self IC1, Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Quad Element Mode III", "Unyielding Blade Combo").
Need Heavy Armor (Holy+) Delita Awakening: "Hero-King Northswain's Strike" (PHY: 15x single Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice/NE; self Crit Chance +100%, "Awoken War Hero Mode", BDL+1, "Quad Element Mode II", "Hero King Northswain's Strike").
Force Stealer (DMG/CT/Use) Sword (Fire+) Bartz Awakening: "Rousing Fire" (PHY: 15x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire(stacking), "Awoken Spellblade Mode", BDL+1, 50% DR1, "Bonds of Fire").
Barrel Coat Light Armor Balthier Chain: "Burning Trap" (NAT: Instant party ATK+50%, Fire 99-Chain, 50% Fire Field, Fire Damage +20%).
Need Shield Delita Flash+: "The Meager's Ambitions" (NAT: Instant self "Quad Element Mode II", ZSBC).
Force Armor Heavy Armor Bartz Flash+: "Bestowed Flames" (NAT: Instant self En-Fire(stacking), IC1, ZSBC).
Need Rod Papalymo LMR+: "Sublimation (Papalymo)" (Boost: BLK Damage +25%).
Need Dagger Delita LMR+: "Ambush (Delita)" (Proc: 35% Spellblade/Knight, (PHY: 4x single Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice)).
Banner 2
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Name (DMG/CT) Sword (Water+) Onion Knight True Arcane: "Spirit Surge" (NAT: Instant self En-Water (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Rod (Ice+) Ysayle Synchro: "Oblivion" (SUM: 15x single Ice/NE; self En-Ice(3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Shiva Possession Mode").
Need Staff (Water+) Strago Synchro: "Tidal Wave (VI)" (BLK: 15x single WateNE; self En-Water(3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1).
Need Staff (Dark+) Emperor Synchro: "World Dominator" (BLK: 15x single Dark/Earth/Wind/NE; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Tri Element Mode III", "Nether Whirldwind").
Enhancer (DMG/CT) Sword (Water+) Paine Synchro: "Full Throttle Liquid Steel" (PHY: 15x single WateNE; self En-Water(3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1).
Rune Armlet (DMG/CT/Use) Bracer (Water+) Strago Awakening: "Tidal Cascade" (BLK: 15x single WateNE; self En-Water(Stcaking), "Water Awakening", BDL+1, "Tidal Fall", "Mascot Collector Mode").
Need Sword (Water+) Onion Knight Limit Glint: "Aquastrike (Onion Knight)" (BLK: Instant 1x single WateNE overflow; self LB Gauge +1, ZLBC).
Need Light Armor (Ice+) Ysayle Limit Glint: "Enfrost (Ysayle)" (NAT: Instant party En-Ice).
Need Rod Emperor Ultra: "Despot's Judgment" (BLK: 10x single Dark/Earth/Wind/NE, 20% Imperil Dark/Earth/Wind; party IC1; self "Tri Element Mode").
Need Robe Emperor Flash+: "Hellish Gale" (BLK: Instant 1x single Dark/Earth/Wind overflow; self "Tri Element Mode II", ZSBC. Higher multipler if exploiting weakness).
Zeus Mace Staff Strago Flash+: "Blue Costume" (NAT: Instant self En-Water(Stacking), 250 SB, ZSBC).
Hailstorm Rod Rod Ysayle Flash+: "Whiteout" (NAT: Instant self En-Ice(stacking), 250 SB Points, Zero SB Cost).
Banner 3
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Name (DMG/CT) Sword (Wind+) Cloud True Arcane: "Omnislash" (NAT: Instant self En-Wind (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Sword (Water+) Tidus True Arcane: "Overdrive Blitz Ace" (NAT: Instant self En-Water (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Sword (Lightning+) Ashe True Arcane: "Empyrean Heaven's Wrath" (NAT: Instant self En-Lightning (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Sword (Wind+) Zack Synchro: "Come and Get It!" (PHY: 15x single Wind/NE; self En-Wind (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "DMW 6-6-6").
Need Sword (Lightning+) Queen Synchro: "Devastate" (PHY: 15x single Lightning/Dark/NE; self En-Lightning (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Lucid Power").
Need Sword (Holy+) Agrias Synchro: "True Divine Ruination" (PHY: 15x single Holy/NE; self En-Holy (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Princess Guardian Mode").
Need Thrown (Holy+) Hope Synchro: "Raging Dreadnought" (SUM: 15x single Holy/NE; self En-Holy (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1).
Heaven's Cloud Katana (Wind+) Zack Awakening: "Way of the Hero" (PHY: 15x single Wind/Dark/NE; self En-Wind, "Wind Awakening", BDL+1, "Hero's Admiration Mode", "Hell Aero").
Lamia Tiara Hat Queen Chain: "Brains of the Class" (NAT: Instant party ATK +50%, Lightning 99-Chain, 50% Lightning Field, Lightning Damage +20%).
Genji Helm Helmet Zack Flash+: "Sonic Squat" (NAT: Instant self En-Wind(stacking), IC1, Zero SB Cost).
Hresvelgr Thrown Hope Flash+: "Hope for the Future" (NAT: Instant self 500 SB, ZSBC).
Need Light Armor Hope LMR+: "Sublimation (Hope)" (Boost: Holy Damage +25%).
Banner 4
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Name (DMG/CT) Sword (Holy+) Beatrix True Arcane: "Seiken Lightbringer" (NAT: Instant self En-Holy (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Need Spear (Wind+) Luneth Synchro: "Silver Gale" (PHY: 15x single Wind/NE Jump; self En-Wind (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Braveheart Mode").
Need Staff (Water+) Arc Synchro: "Miracle of Leviath" (SUM/WHT: 15x single hybrid Holy/WateNE; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Twin Element Mode III", "Ur's Wisdom").
Need Rod Alma Synchro: "Devoted Chant" (WHT: Instant party h105 Medica, Raise, HQC2; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Holy Cleric Mode", +2 Spirits).
Save the Queen II Sword (Holy+) Beatrix Synchro: "Seiken Fatal Shock" (PHY: 15x single Holy/NE; self En-Holy (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, Guts, "Hundred Knights Slayer Mode").
Kazekiri (DMG/CT) Katana (Wind+) Luneth Limit Overstrike: "Running Like the Wind" (PHY: 5x single crit piercing ranged Wind overflow).
Master's Staff (DMG/CT/Use) Staff (Water+) Arc Awakening: "Grace of Water" (SUM/WHT: 15x single Holy/WateNE hybrid; self "Awoken Altruist Mode", BDL+1, "Twin Element Mode II", "Word of Sorrow").
Alma's Guise Light Armor Alma Awakening: "Divine Awakening" (NAT: Instant party 6k Stock, Regenga, Protect, Shell, Haste, reraise 40% , 75% DR1; self "Love Awakening").
Need Helmet (Wind+) Luneth Limit Glint: "Galestrike (Luneth)" (PHY: Instant 1x single Wind/NE overflow; self LB Gauge +1, ZLBC).
Selene's Bow Bow Arc Flash+: "Divine Breath" (NAT: Instant Imperil Holy/Water; self IC1, Zero SB Cost).
Need Robe Alma Flash+: "Sister's Prayer" (NAT: Instant party Protect, Shell, Haste; self ZSBC).
Need Hat Arc LMR+: "Ambush (Arc)" (Proc: 35% WateHoly, (SUM/WHT: 3x single hybrid WateHoly/NE; self SUM Smart Ether1).
Banner 5
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Art of War (DMG/CT) Katana (Water+) Edge Synchro: "Eblan Harmony" (PHY/NIN: 15x single hybrid WateFire/Lightning/NE; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Tri-Element Mode III", "Eblan Unity").
Rune Staff (DMG/CT) Staff (Lightning+) Shantotto Synchro: "Rough Skillchain: Thunder" (BLK: 15x single Lightning/NE; self En-Lightning (3 stacks), Sync Mode, BDL+1, "Federation Devil Mode", "Shantotto Trance", 40% DR1).
Duel Code (DMG/CT) Sword (Earth+) Gladiolus Synchro: "Wild Tempest" (PHY: 15x single Earth/NE; self En-Earth (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Righteous Guard Mode", 50% DR1).
Rainbow Dress (SB/Heal) Light Armor Lenna Synchro: "White Magic Mastery" (WHT: Instant party Medica h105, HQC2, Enhanced Recovery/En-Heal (30%); self Synchro Mode, BDL+1).
Chakram (DMG/CT) Thrown (Lightning+) Edge Limit Overstrike: "Eblan Lotus" (PHY/NIN: 4x single piercing critical hybrid WateFire/Lightning overflow).
Platinum Whip (DMG/CT/Use) Whip (Water+) Rydia Awakening: "Advent of the Eidolon King" (SUM: 15x single WateEarth/Holy/NE; self "Summon Awakening", BDL+1, "Tri-Element Mode", "Eidolon Promise Mode").
Sword of the Twin Thegns (Stat/DRB1/Use) Sword (Holy+) Minfilia Awakening: "Word of the Mother" (NAT: Instant party 6k Stock, Protect, Shell, Haste, 25% SB Boost 3; self "Awoken Priestess of Light").
Midan Coat of Fending Light Armor Minfilia Ultra: "Entrusted Wish" (NAT: Instant single DEF/RES/MND -70%; party HQC2, 50% DR1).
Absorb Shield Shield Gladiolus Flash+: "Proud Shield" (NAT: Instant self En-Earth(stacking), Zero SB Cost; party 50% DR1).
Recovery Rod Rod Lenna Flash+: "Tycoon's Protection" (NAT: Instant party Protectga, Shellga, Hastaga; Zero SB Cost).
Rainbow Robe Robe Rydia Flash+: "Mist Wall" (NAT: Instant self "Tri-Element Mode II", Smart Summon Ether2, ZSBC).
Shield of the Twin Thegns Shield Minfilia Flash+: "Acquired Oath" (NAT: Instant party Regenga, ZSBC).
Note: Bolded relics are new.
Available videos of the new relics SBs are linked to the relic names.
Modes and Notes
Banner 1
  • Tyro's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 5/8+ abilities used.
    • "Our Final Fantasy": (PHY/BLK: 20x single ranged hybrid Prismatic/NE, 1x single ranged hybrid Prismatic/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
    • "Memoria Judgment": Chase 2 abilities: (PHY/BLK: 2x single ranged hybrid Prismatic/NE overflow).
  • Locke's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Apex Mirage Dive": (PHY: 20x single Fire/NE, 1x single Fire/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Balthier's Synchro:
    • Attack (Fire) "Split-Second Salvo": (PHY: 6x single ranged Fire/NE; self Machinist Damage +30% 1).
    • Defend (Fire) "Embers of Light": (NAT: Instant single 10% Imperil Fire 5s; self QC1).
    • "Blaze of Glory": Chase Sync: (PHY: 3x single ranged Fire/NE. Ever 2 Chases: Party Fire Damage +10%).
  • Papalymo's Synchro:
    • Attack (Fire) "Scions' Foul": (BLK: 6x single Fire/NE).
    • Defend (Fire) "Trifecta Firaja": (BLK: 3x single Fire/NE; self Fire Ability Damage +30% 3).
  • Delita's Synchro:
    • Attack (Spellblade/Knight) "Tetramatter Blade": (PHY: 6x single Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice/NE).
    • Defend (Spellblade/Knight) "Tetramatter Burst": (PHY: 3x single Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice/NE; self Spellblade Damage +30% 3).
    • "Quad Element Mode III": En-Holy/En-Fire/En-Lightning/En-Ice (2 stacks).
    • "Unyielding Blade Combo": Chase Spellblade/Knight: (PHY: 2x single piercing Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice/NE).
  • Delita's Awakening:
    • "Awoken War Hero Mode": Unlimited Spellblade/Knight hones; rank boost (Spellblade/Knight); auto WCast Spellblade/Knight.
    • "Quad Element Mode II": En-Holy/En-Fire/En-Lightning/En-Ice (stacking).
    • "Hero King Northswain's Strike": Chase 2 Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice: Self En-Holy/En-Fire/En-Lightning/En-Ice.
  • Bartz's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Spellblade Mode": Unlimited Spellblade hones; rank boost (Spellblade); auto W-Cast Spellblade.
    • "Bonds of Fire": Chase DR removed: (PHY: 3x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire, 50% DR1. After 2 Chase: Remove "Bonds of Fire").
  • Delita's Flash+:
    • "Quad Element Mode III": En-Holy/En-Fire/En-Lightning/En-Ice (stacking).
Banner 2
  • Onion Knight's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Apex Blowback": (PHY: 20x single /NE, 1x single /NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Ysayle's Synchro:
    • Attack (Ice, no "Shiva Possession") "Glass Dance": (SUM: 4x single Ice/NE; self QC1).
    • Attack (Ice, "Shiva Possession") "Glass Dance": (SUM: 8x single Ice/NE).
    • Defend (Ice) "Heavenly Strike": (SUM: 1x single Ice/NE overflow; sekf QC1, SUM Smart Ether 1).
    • "Shiva Possession Mode": Chase 3 Sync: Self "Shiva Possession", Exit "Shiva Possession Mode".
    • "Shiva Possession": Self [IC, Ice Ability Damage +50%, BDL+1] 3.
  • Strago's Synchro:
    • Attack (Water) "Mighty Breath": (BLK: 6x single WateNE; party 40% DR1).
    • Defend (Water) "Secret of Thamasa": (BLK: 1x single WateNE overflow; self Water Ability Damage +30% 3).
  • Emperor's Synchro:
    • Attack (Black Magic/Darkness) "Storm of Darkness": (BLK: 6x single Dark/Earth/Wind/NE).
    • Defend (Black Magic/Darkness) "Tornado of Darkness": (BLK: 1x single Dark/Earth/Wind/NE overflow; self Black Magic Ability Damage +30% 3).
    • "Tri Element Mode III": En-Dark/En-Earth/En-Wind (2 stacks).
    • "Nether Whirldwind": Chase 2 Sync: (BLK: 1x single Dark/Earth/Wind/NE overflow, 10% Imperil Dark/Earth/Wind).
  • Paine's Synchro:
    • Attack (Water) "Aquatic Steel": (PHY: 6x single WateNE; self BDL+1 1).
    • Defend (Spellblade) "Rising Slash" : (NAT: Instant self QC2, Spellblade Damage +50% 2).
  • Strago's Awakening:
    • "Water Awakening": Unlimited Water hones; rank boost (Water); auto WCast Water.
    • "Tidal Fall": Chase 3 Water: (NAT: Self En-Water).
    • "Mascot Collector Mode": Chase 3 Water: (NAT: Self 250 SB Points, IC1, End "Mascot Collector Mode").
  • Emperor's USB:
    • "Tri Element Mode": En-Dark/En-Earth/En-Wind.
  • Emperor's Flash+:
    • "Tri Element Mode II": En-Dark/En-Earth/En-Wind (stacking).
Banner 3
  • Cloud's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Omnislash": (PHY: 20x single ranged Wind/NE, 1x single ranged Wind/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Tidus' True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 5/8+ Water abilities used.
    • "Apex Blitz Ace": (PHY: 20x single WateNE, 1x single WateNE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Ashe's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Apex Heaven's Wrath": (BLK: 20x single Lightning/NE, 1x single Lightning/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Zack's Synchro:
    • Attack (Wind) "DMW: Cissnei": (PHY: 6x single Wind/NE @ 20% Crit Damage).
    • Defend (Wind) "DMW: Angeal": (PHY: 3x single Wind/NE; self Wind Ability Damage +30% 3. Short (.6) CT).
    • "DMW 6/6/6": Chase 1/2/3/4/5 Celerity: Party Crit Chance +20/40/60/80/100%.
    • "DMW 6/6/6": Chase 2 Celerity: Party Wind Damage +10%.
  • Queen's Synchro:
    • Attack (Lightning) "Fiendish Swordflash": (PHY: 6x single Lightning/Dark/NE).
    • Defend (Lightning, "Lucid Power") "Double-Edged Blessing": (NAT: Instant self [Lightning Ability Damage +50%, IC3, BDL+1] 3).
    • Defend (Lightning, no "Lucid Power") "Double-Edged Blessing": (NAT: Instant self HQC1).
  • Agrias' Synchro:
    • Attack (Holy) "Stroke of Faith": (PHY: 6x single Holy/NE, 10% Imperil Holy 5s).
    • Defend (Holy) "Stroke of Trust": (NAT: Instant self QC1, Dualcast 1).
    • "Princess Guardian Mode": If Enemy has ?~?% Imperil Holy; self Holy Ability Damage +?-50%.
  • Hope's Synchro:
    • Attack (Holy) "Umpire of Hope": (SUM: 4/6/8x single Holy/NE with 1/2/3+ uses; self BDL+1 1).
    • Defend (Holy) "Pioneer of Hope": (NAT: Instant self QC3, Holy Ability Damage +30% 3).
  • Zack's Awakening:
    • "Wind Awakening": Unlimited Wind hones; rank boost (Wind); auto WCast Wind.
    • "Hero's Admiration Mode": Chase 1/2/3/4 Wind: Self Crit Chance +25/50/75/100%.
    • "Hell Aero": Chase 2 Wind: 10% Imperil Wind. IF Sephiroth is in party 10% Dark Imperil.
Banner 4
  • Beatrix's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Seiken": (PHY: 20x single Holy/NE, 1x single Holy/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Luneth's Synchro:
    • Attack (Wind) "Galebound Leap": (PHY: 6x single Wind/NE Jump).
    • Defend (Wind) "Stormspear of Ur": (PHY: Instant 3x single Wind/NE).
    • "Braveheart Mode": Chase 3 Sync Defend: Self [Wind Ability Damage +30%, IC, Dualcast Wind 1] 3, +BDL+1 3 with 2+ III members alive, Removes "Braveheart Mode".
  • Arc's Synchro:
    • Attack (Water) "Tides of Leviath": (SUM/WHT: 6x single hybrid Holy/Water, 10% Imperil Water 5s).
    • Defend (Holy) "Light of Leviath": (SUM/WHT: 6x single hybrid Holy/Water, 10% Imperil Holy 5s).
    • "Twin Element Mode III": En-WateEn-Holy (2 Stacks).
    • "Wisdom of Ur": Chase 2 Sync: Self HQC1, WateHoly Ability Damage +30% 1.
  • Alma's Synchro:
    • Attack (White Magic, 2 Holy Spirit) "High Seraph's Power": (NAT: Instant party 50% DR1, Astra; self -2 Holy Spirits).
    • Attack (White Magic, 1 Holy Spirit) "High Seraph's Power": (NAT: Instant party MBlink1; self -1 Spirit).
    • Attack (White Magic, 0 Holy Spirit) "High Seraph's Power": (NAT: Instant party 10% DR1).
    • Defend (White Magic) "Beoulve Chant": (WHT: Party h25 Medica).
    • "Holy Cleric Mode": Chase Defend Sync: Self +1 Holy Spirit.
  • Beatrix's Synchro:
    • Attack (Knight) "Seiken Banishing Strike": (PHY: 6x single Holy/NE, Dispel).
    • Defend (Holy) "Seiken Cleansing Strike": (PHY: 3x single Holy/NE. Minor Imperil Holy every 2nd use).
    • "Hundred Knights Slayer Mode": When HP falls below 20% OR is 15 sec pass from entry: (PHY: 2x AoE overflow Holy/NE; Self 100% HP, Guts. Higher multiplier with fewer targets.).
  • Arc's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Altruist Mode": Unlimited Holy/Water hones; rank boost (Holy/Water); auto w-cast Holy/Water.
    • "Twin Element Mode II": En-Holy/En-Water (stacking).
    • "Word of Sorrow": Chase 2 Holy/Water: Self Holy OR Water Ability Damage +30% 1, En-Holy/En-Water.
  • Alma's Awakening:
    • "Love Awakening": Unlimited White Magic hones; White Magic HQC; Chase White: (WHT:Medica h10/15/25/35/45. Based on hone of ability used).
Banner 5
  • Edge's Synchro:
    • Attack (Ninja) "Eblan Wrath": (PHY/NIN: 6x single hybrid WateFire/Lightning/NE. Short CT).
    • Defend (Ninja) "Eblan Skirmish": (PHY/NIN: 3x single hybrid WateFire/Lightning/NE; self WateFire/Lightning Damage +10%. Short CT).
    • "Tri-Element Mode III": En-WateFire/Lightning(2 stacks).
    • "Eblan Unity": Chase 3 Sync: En-Element (based on the attack that triggers it). Note from Pyrotios: "Eblan Unity" will infuse for any element (not just watefire/lightning). As it triggers, it checks if he is infused with any element, then infuses him with the same element. If he isn't infused with anything when it triggers, then it doesn't give him any infuse. In other words, it doesn't care what element he's using, only what element he's infused with.
  • Shantotto's Synchro:
    • Attack (Witch) "Lady's Thunder": (BLK: 7x single Lightning. Long(2.6) CT).
    • Defend (Witch) "Fastcast: Thunder": (BLK: Instant 1x single Lightning/NE; self IC1, Witch Damage +30% 1).
    • "Federation Devil Mode": Chase DR removed: Instant ATB1, 40% DR1. End "Federation Devil Mode" after 5 chases.
    • "Shantotto Trance": MAG +30%, DEF & RES -30% and High Quick Cast.
  • Gladiolus's Synchro:
    • Attack (Earth) "Orbital Strike": (PHY: 6x single Earth/NE).
    • Defend (Earth) "Orbital Shield": (PHY: 3x single Earth/NE; self 50% DR1).
    • "Righteous Guard Mode": Chase DR Removal: (PHY: 6x single Earth/NE. Self Earth Damage +15/30/50/75% with 0/1/2/3+ Chases).
  • Lenna's Synchro:
    • Attack (White Magic) "Wyvern's Blessing": (WHT: Instant h105 Heal).
    • Defend (White Magic/Dancer) "Princess's Grace": (WHT: h25 Medica).
    • Enhanced Recovery/En-Heal: Increases the amount of HP recovered from Healing abilities and effects.
  • Rydia's Awakening:
    • "Summon Awakening": Unlimited Summon hones; rank boost (Summon); auto WCast Summon.
    • "Tri-Element Mode": En-WateEarth/Holy.
    • "Eilodon Promise Mode": Chase 0/1/2 Summon: (NAT: Self Summon Ability Damage +10/20/30%, Summon Ability Cast Speed 1.5/2/3x.
  • Minfilia's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Priestess of Light": Unlimited Knight/Support hones; rank based QC Knight/Support; Chase Knight/Support: Party QC1.
  • Rydia's Flash+:
    • "Tri-Element Mode II": En-WateEarth/Holy(stacking).
Need B1:
Need B2:
Need B3:
Need B4:
Need B5:
If you spot any mistakes or have suggestions on how to improve the quality of my guides, feel free to comment here and I'll do my best to address them ASAP!
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2020.09.18 21:09 ZiR1402 [H] Events and stuff [W] PayPal

All the listed values already have the fees and other Paypal taxes included
4th Gen Pokémons
5th Gen Pokémons
6th Gen Pokémons
7th Gen Pokémons
Sets and Combos
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2020.09.18 18:44 Justbored1g I don't know what to do

Hi, I'm a sophomore(M15) in high school and I've been in a relationship for two years but i don't know if I want to stay in it. The girl(Girl A for better telling the story) I'm with is great and im happy most of the time with her but there is another girl (girl B)who is a couple months older but a junior that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since i met her in 6th grade. Girl B and I stopped hanging out about when i met my current gf(aka girl A because she was jealous and thought I was gonna try and cheat) but we still have each other on all social medias and talk on the bus. Girl B liked me at one point but with my luck I was trying to move on from her. Girl B and I have never been in a relationship together but i just miss her presence even as a friend and I cant stop thinking about being with her. I would just hangout with Girl B as a friend but Girl A is the jealous type. I'm so confused about the way i feel because i like Girl A but i cant get girl B out of my head. I haven't been able to sleep right and i have depressive episodes because i know that no matter what she's way out of my league and probably forgot i exist. OPTIONAL DETAIL: After one year in my current relationship with Girl A i was told that she had sent nudes to my best friend. I also found out that she had kissed her best friend of the time while we were together. Girl A convinced me that she just made up the thing about sending nudes to my bestfriend to get me to break up with her so she could commit suicide without feeling like she had hurt me. Ive gotten over that for the most part but i cant help but think that she could have been lying to me. END OF OPTIONAL DETAIL. I dont know what to do but i need some advice on what to do with my current relationship. Do i stay because its been good so far or do i leave and try to go for girl B? Also sorry if i messed up the format this is my first reddit post.
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2020.09.18 16:30 SlobBarker Whose Bolter is it Anyway? 9/18

Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway- 40k Edition!
I am your host Drough Carius and welcome to Whose Bolter is it Anyway? where the questions are made up and the heresy doesn't matter.
Most of you know what to do, post quips and little statements related to 40k lore, not in question form, and have people improvise a response to it. Since everyone seemed to enjoy the captions in last week's game we will now be including those as well. If you want to post a picture for us to caption, post a link to a piece of 40k art and we will reply to the link with funny captions for the picture. You can find the artwork from anywhere, such as /ImaginaryWarhammer, DeviantArt, or any regular Google image searches. Then post the link here. I have started us off with a few examples below.
Please don't leave it as a plain URL especially if you're posting an image from Google. Use Reddit formatting to give it a title. Here's how:
[Link title](website's url)
Easy as pie! If it doesn't work, post the link with a title underneath.
What we're NOT doing is posting memes. No content from /Grimdank. If the art is already a joke, it doesn't give us anything to work with, does it? Just post a regular piece of art and we'll add the funny captions. I've started us off with a few examples below.
Some prompt examples…
1) Things Alpharius isn't responsible for
2) Things you can say to a commissar, but not your gf.
3) etc.,
Please be witty, none of us want an inbox full of unfunny stuff.
Drough Carius and Crowd Colorized - thanks very much to DeSanti!
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2020.09.18 14:25 Smitzes Keanu chungus wholesome 100 reddit moment

i beat up a kid that said minecraft bad and my doggo bit him so i gave him snaccos and we watched pewdiepie together while in elon musk’s cyber truck talking about how superior reddit memers are : “haha emojis bad” i said and keanu reeves came outta nowhere and said “this is wholesome 100, updoot this wholesome boy” so i got alot of updoots and edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger. but the kind stranger revealed himself to be baby yoda eating chiccy nuggies and drinking choccy milk so we went to the cinema to see our (communism funny) favorite movies avengers endgame but then thor played fortnite and fortnite bad, so then i said “reality is often dissappointing” and then baby yoda replied unexpectedthanos and i replied by expectedthanos for balance and then danny devito came to pick us up from the cinema and all the insta normies and gay mods stood watching ,as we,superior redditors went home with danny devito to suck on his magnum dong but i said no homo and started sucking,not like those gay mods,then the next morning we woke up to MrBeast telling us to plant 69420 million trees, me, baby yoda and danny said nice, and then on our way to plant 69420 million trees (nice) we saw a kid doing a tiktok so keanu reeves appeared and said “we have a kid to burn” and i replied “you’re breathtaking” so i said “i need a weapon” and baby yoda gave me an RPG so i blew the kid (DESTRUCTION 100) and posted it on memes and dankmemes and pewdiepiesubmissions and got 1000000000 updoots,i’m sure pewds will give me a big pp, then we shat on emoji users and started dreaming about girls that will never like me and posted a lie on teenagers about how i got a GF after my doggo died by the hands of fortnite players so i exploited his death for updoots, but i watched the sunset with the wholesome gang
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Parents, How Did Your Kid's BF/GF Win You Over? (Reddit ... TFW NO GF Documentary Intro - YouTube Why Most Guys CAN'T Get A Girlfriend  DON’T Be THIS Guy! How Did You Find Your Partner Cheating? (r/AskReddit Top ... If You’ve Never Had A Girlfriend Before….Here’s Why - YouTube /tfw no gf/ - YouTube I'm an INTROVERT And Have a GIRLFRIEND (r/AskReddit) r/Tinder  WANT A GOTH GF? - YouTube shooter - tfw no gf - YouTube r/EntitledParents  'SELL ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND!' - YouTube

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Check out HE grooming products here: Sign up to be one of the FIRST notified when our store opens up! Check out The BEST Grooming Line ... shooter - tfw no gf Original song by shooter → You’re never going to make it, and Anthony Fantano is a gay bitch FOLLOW MY BACKUP CHANNEL HERE!! Drop a comment with your thoughts Watch more Reddit videos! https:... This entitled parent wants to *BUY* my girlfriend from me, and says she will offer any price! What a crazy lady... Patreon: ... How Did You Find Your Partner Cheating? (r/AskReddit Top Posts Reddit Stories) Has anything insane happened to you? Share your own funny and best stori... Re uploading here from original un-embedable video on vimeo. Top posts from r/Tinder on Reddit. Hooked Program 10 Lessons I Learned From My Last 3 Long-Term Relationships If you've never had a gi... Fresh AskReddit Stories: Parents of Reddit, how did your son/daughter's SO win you over? 🔥 2nd channel with exclusive reddit stories: New track for the r9k mixtape. I have a name for the mixtape now too. How does 'Robot Music Vol.9001' sound? Spotify: