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2020.10.01 08:36 gratis__ ppc company in india

A successful business is built on the grounds of strategy, planning, execution and the most important of all, utmost heed to customer satisfaction. It is the quintessence of every business foundation and a crucial factor for its maximum accountability.
Promotions are what makes a product enticing and worthy to buy. A lot goes into and is needed for creation of quality promotion advertisements. But the most essential factor would be – how they are reaching the potential customers!
Ergo, marketing is the prime soul of every business strategy. Following the digital revolutionization throughout the past few decades, marketing standards has changed. In order to survive in the extremely unpredictable marketing world, necessary digital strategies are imperative.
Digital marketing is a long term commitment. With the expert aid of digital marketing professionals, road to success becomes easily achievable.
Digital marketing companies offer various services that take care of your business online promotions and getting revenues that are generated from them. Main services are SEO, SMO, PPC, Web designing, Web development, Content Marketing and many more.
Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click is one of the most efficient and popular digital marketing strategies. PPC campaigns are designed to direct organic traffic to a website whose advertiser pays the publisher whenever their Ads are clicked. It is basically a mean to buy visits to a website and getting instant rank on search engines.
PPC management can include a whole range of in-house or outsourced marketing agenda. It mainly targets overall PPC campaign strategy, budget and performance.
PPC companies makes the task easier with possible improved results.
Which Companies to Seek Out?
The list also comprises of other digital marketing services besides PPC offered by the companies. It provides important information about a marketing firm’s core working skills for bringing out the We don’t suggest to give ranks to PPC agencies as there are various parameters that are inconclusive and often performance specific. The overall rating is not that important as working strategies of a particular company might be suitable to one but not necessarily to all. Hence, we refrain from putting on any such label and present a list of top 10 PPC companies in India that we have found to have been giving consistent positive clientele feedback reports.most accurate performance analysis.
Top 10 PPC companies in India
1.EZ Rankings
EZ Rankings is a Noida based digital marketing company that sincerely emphasize on providing client friendly services along with renowned marketing strategies. The firm claims to be a pioneer in implementing innovative PPC strategies aimed solely at their clients’ profit rather than their own. Their top clientele includes Casio, Beckimpex.
Services: PPC, Google Adwords, SEO, SMO, ORM, Web design & development.
2.Gratis Soft Solutions
When we talk about absolute customer service, Gratis Soft Solutions evidently justifies it. The digital marketing company located in Zirakpur is one of the leading marketing agencies with specialization in result oriented PPC services designed to materialize business goals. Client-friendly, professional work ethic and on the dot results are the USPs of this full PPC services company. Our work ethic is entirely transparent and diligently operated by a committed team of PPC experts with well proven campaign strategy that skillfully improve clients’ brand visibility and ROI.We turn browsers into buyers!
Services: Gratis Soft Solutions is a full service digital marketing company that provides incomparable SEO and SEM services along with results driven PPC, SMO, Online Reputation management, Google Adwords, Analytics, Web design and development, Graphic designing, content management, e-commerce marketing services.
Address: SCO -14, Second Floor, Kalgidhar Enclave, Zirakpur 140604
Contact info: +91 0172-6576070,(+91) 9779740070
Techmagnate is a Delhi based PPC Advertising agency established in 2006. They are a complete SEO company with market relevant digital marketing strategy with accordance to their clients’ set objectives and business tasks. Their centres are located in other parts of India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and they also provide PPC services across the globe.
Services: SEO, SMO, PPC, content marketing, App marketing, web designing, reputation management.
4.Elixir Web Solutions
Elixir Web Solutions is a certified Google partner digital media marketing agency that excels in providing proficient search engine optimization services and PPC services. The company based in New Delhi, is an award winning PPC management service provider with a skilled team of digital professionals who has well earned expertise in delivering & maximizing SEO solutions. Brands such as Springwel, Marinews are among their esteemed clients.The company offer their services globally in countries- USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE.
Services: SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, Google analytics management, E-mail marketing, website and CMS, content marketing services.
5.Sparx IT Solutions
Sparx IT Solutions is located in Noida and apply creative marketing solutions to uplift online reputation and recognition of their clients. They are affiliated with providing quality PPC advertising through efficient Facebook marketing services. The company harbours over 200 employees with extensive experience record in mobile and web solutions, Adwords, Video advertisement and keyword management. Their top clients include Hewlett Packard, HUAWEI.
Services: digital marketing, Mobile App development, Web development.
6.Page Traffic
Founded in 2002, Page Traffic is one of the leading PPC marketing companies based in New Delhi. The company reigns the business platform with impressive profitability ratio in their high impact PPC campaigns run on monthly basis which are planned and executed under an experienced team of more than 100 SEO consultants. The company aims at delivering impeccable campaign results and generating better returns on investment.
Their clientele comprises of TATA, Policybazar, HCL.
In India they have established centres in New Delhi and Mumbai. They also cater to oversees projects and currently operate from Chicago, USA.
Services: SEO, SMO, PPC, web designing, online media buying, link building.
Briefkase is a Mumbai based digital marketing agency with an exceptional track record of working with multitude of renowned brands since they were founded in 2013. Over a short period of time, they have established themselves as an efficient full service digital marketing company. They have successfully completed projects allotted by brands such as TATA Engage, IIT Bombay, DHL Express, PVR cinemas, Nestle.
Services: SEO, PPC services, search Adwords, Display Advertising, SMO, web design and development, videography and photography.
8.Bruce Clay India Pvt. Ltd
Bruce Clay Inc. is a global digital marketing company providing complete digital marketing service in India as well as overseas. The company is credited with authoring books titled- “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies”-third Edition, by Wiley , “Search Engine Optimization Code Of Ethics”, “Search Engine Relationship Chart” and setting award winning SEO training programs.
Top clients of the company- Century21, Volt, HD Supply,, LL Bean.
Services: Google, Bing and Yahoo Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, web design, Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization
9.SMG Convonix
SMG Convonix is a full service digital marketing service provider situated in Mumbai that provide excellent pay per click marketing services to various global organizations. The company is also a premier Google partner and has over 150 employees, each well versed with competent PPC expertise. With their vast experience in PPC services the company has helped many businesses to get acknowledgement online with improved conversion rate.
Top clients- Aditya Birla Group, Taj Hotel, Kotak, Justdial,, Honeywell, Reliance Industries.
Services: SEO, SMO, SEM, ORM, Web analytics.
10.iProspect India
iProspect is a global digital marketing company with branches in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai in India. The company is partnered with Dentsu Aegis Network and has worked for brands such as Clear Trip, Big Bazaar, HDFC Bank, Aviva Life Insurance, Citibank, Club Mahindra, EMC2, Pepperfry, Standard Chartered. The digital marketing team of iProspect are charged with and have been successfully fulfilling the task of uplifting brands on the digital market. They opt for implementing cost effective ways to serve their clients better.
Services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Content marketing, Data & Analytics, Lead Generation & Affiliates, Conversion Optimization.
For more information:-
SCO -14, Second Floor Kalgidhar Enclave,
Zirakpur. 140603
0172-6576070,(+91) 9779740070
[email protected]
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2020.09.20 08:53 mywoesandthoughts This is How Noxious Comments on Social Media Changed Me

Dear Social Diary,
Today, I was checking notifications on YouTube. It has made me apprehensive in a way that I feel anxious. That everytime I log in, I may find a leachrous comment waiting for me. I didn't know that my one short comment on a well-known Youtuber's channel, would make me dip in a thorn full of obscene remarks. That something which made me laugh, would make my smile disappear in a jiffy. Not just this but the social accounts I used to have, would resurface someday that was meant to be forgotten forever - would haunt me the experience of those memories like a nightmare.
Five months ago, as I was browsing some videos on YouTube, I stumbled on a funny video of a Youtuber I follow. I have had watched all of their videos on their channel but this one I had missed somehow that I immediately tapped on it and watched the seven minutes clip. From their video, there was a catchy phrase that stood out from the script. It stuck with me and I decided to post a comment, only typing that particular line and few laughing emojis. I thought this was hilarious, so I posted a comment and moved on to other channels. I don't stream YouTube regularly. I do occassionally when I feel like because I easily feel bored of same things and look for something new that could pique my interest. Some days went by. I was scrolling for some mails on Gmail when in the social bar, a notification from YouTube was sent to me. I didn't think much. I thought it may be some other promotional video that may have uploaded new on YouTube. As soon as I clicked to delete that mail, I saw there was a literal notification made on my post that I had commented on that Youtuber's channel. I pressed on it and saw that some users had replied to my post - asking where I'm from, what's my cell number, asked to be a partner to them, whether I'm in a committal relationship, am I available to sex chat on instagram, what's my religion, as such. It bulged my eyes out. I thought what extraordinary did I post there that I got such gross comments? I didn't even expressed my personal opinion. It was only a phrase used in the video, that's it. Pretty much, absolutely it! When I was redirected to the comment section on YouTube, it didn't strike me why would users do such thing? Then it hit me that my gmail id with my legit profile photo was associated there. My profile picture was the reason that got me such lurid replies.
I felt - scared. Anxious that I have to remove those hideous replies. But YouTube doesn't have that feature to my problem. I can only report them and block necessary accounts but cannot remove them completely. It was not in my hands entirely to oust them. I frantically searched on Google settings for making my profile invisible but if I did so, there would be less chances of identification for professional reasons that I had my gmail account. I could have made another mail id. I could have switched from my present account. But something stopped me. I put my phone down and thought, "Am I running again?"
The thought winded me back to the day I first opened my new social handle on Facebook. I was in ninth grade when the hype for social media in 2009 rushed like a storm among my classmates. I wasn't savvy to know about Facebook, Rediff or Orkut that time but I was aware of the popularity they were gaining on the web. I was more of a fan of watching music videos on VH1 and enthuse in anime shows on Animax. One day, my peers were discussing of the massive likes and impressive friend list they had on their page. That almost everyone from our school were on Facebook, updating some cool pictures and their relationship status (this was a big thing). Since, I wasn't warmly welcomed, as I have mentioned in my previous post, 'Body Shaming That Keeps Gesticulating', I thought I should try be friends online, if offline is not working for me. As soon as I registered on Facebook, so many recommend users popped on my page. From my school mates to their friends of friends and from my hometown that i could try befriend them. I felt exhilarated at that time, accepting friend requests from random strangers I had no idea of them. They sat in my list for a long period that held a good distraction from real life. My social media life went well. The posts I used to upload, garnered some likes that motivated me to keep a track to be seen somewhere. After graduating high school, my college life started and with the same account, insane number of friends from the area dropped on my page. I even made some virtual friends that almost everyday, I used to chat with them after classes. I even met one of them for real at an annual sports event, who was preppy, chirpy and appreciative for the things we could relate. I had heard rumors of predators luring users online and asking to meet them for sinister ploys. But I was lucky that they weren't one of them. It was going well until I came across one friend request from another school.
Since, my social media life was okay, I accepted the friend request and sent a text right away with a simple 'hi'. I didn't get reply for some days until one night, at midnight hour when I was doing homework, the chat box opened up on my laptop, with them greeting the same. I didn't think much, so I hit the conversation, asking their day and stuff. Creepy thing was - they did reply about their day but asked - what I was wearing. At that time, I wasn't aware of sex chat. I didn't know of such concept and being a teenager, I was learning new things from different magazines that one of my parents won't explicitly talk of. They allowed me to read magazines that could educate me rather than coming from them. But the thing here is, it didn't fully hit me why was that user asking me such question. I, like a fool, told them, I was wearing a t-shirt and pajamas. I literally told them. I don't why my instinct doesn't react radioactively, I texted them without understanding the suggestive question. Next they asked - the color of the set. I felt sketchy and wierd that why someone was keenly interested in knowing about the dress and it's colour so much. Then it hit me where this user was going. I remember the chill in my spine in the hot weather. I immediately said goodnight and logged out. Someone like me who used to regularly post and check other posts on Facebook, became intermittent. I didn't go online for sometime until it itched me back. The addiction was severe and the desperation to be on Facebook for some reason had me to have it. I avoided their texts for a long time. I did reply some texts that didn't sound obscene but the salicious questions, I dodged by hanging up on them.
This wasn't the only hurricane I survived. One day, upon returning from school, I got a request ping - from my account. This account had the same name and my profile pic. My mind blew off and panic took over my senses. Even after keeping my account in private, somehow this user hacked through and got my information. I blocked and reported the duplicate account on Facebook. I was waiting for a status from them. I didn't get anything from them except they alerted me that they would look into the matter and inform me. It wasn't quite assuring. From then, I started receiving unknown texts from sex workers who had really given me thier official number and address. I had it enough. I became afraid that if these people were breaching my privacy, then soon they would be at my doorstep. The thought was chillingly purgotary. I immediately deactivated my account and never looked back for a while.
I opened a new account on Twitter because I was a big fan of a famous Korean pop band, BTS. I saw them perform at VMA's on a YouTube channel in 2017. I was mesmerized by their dance particularly. The charm they emitted, instantly made me want to follow them where they were consistent. Facebook was out of question. They are reportedly more active on Twitter than on instagram, facebook and other unfamiliar sites. I opened and started keeping up with their posts. Apart from that, I was following news handles. Some controversial posts used to update. They still do. I have a habit of opining on things that I either support or retort. Just like everyone else. Last year, a bill was supposed to pass in the country that could restrict a certain minority group to evict or evade from the country. There were clashes going in the nation that injured many protestors. I commented in favor of opposing the government's decision and the police power on eviscerating the crowd. Those who support the government and it's party thrashed my post by cussing me and wished that I was never born on this planet. I was aghast that such users could be vile and immatured. We are encouraged to exercise right to speech. But is it in a way respected anymore? I still get hated for personal opinions. Like recently, I posted against discrimination of color that a certain race desperately wants to fit in a privilege. An article reported that they changed their native names to other names which they could be known rather than embarass themselves. As well as mentioned a different color which they weren't. So I commented underneath stating the fact that they should be proud of where they hail from. But instead I was stomped by a user that said, I have no right to judge whether people want to respect their ethincity or not. I was astonished to the fact that how can a person stoop so low?
That's not all. I had created an account on Reddit for keeping up with memes, opinions and some spooky tales on different subreddits. On one community, a user had insulted a certain ethnic group calling out on a gender's skin color and culture. I retorted back, of course, when none of the anonymous accounts took a jibe at them. A banter followed between us. I remained calm, sarcastic and polite whereas that user behaved rudely, cussed me a lot and threatened sexual molestation. I asked myself - do I deserve to get so much hate because i voice for what matters? Do I deserve to get surpressed because my beliefs for a united democracy is baseless. Do I need to keep ignoring everytime a user misbehaves with me? Because ignorance is the best policy? I realised that - if I ignore such users, if I let them believe that they won by my silence, I would be called a coward for the rest of my life. That I would never be able to forgive myself for a courage I so feared to take up.
On YouTube, I squashed those users with my sarcastic replies. On Twitter, I argued and justified my points. On Reddit, I fought and reported that user for two consecutive days till an action on their account was taken by the social platform. These gestures got me other users, appreciating my guts as well as voicing alongside me. They helped me in fighting for what we believed in making social media a better and a safe place for people like us who are vulnerabley attacked.
The comments I still post, sometimes aren't highly recieved warmly. I have become acclimatized with the fact that toxicity on social media will exist. Yeah, sometimes, I become upset, hurt and depressed that these negative comments think so poorly of me. Then I remind myself that - I don't need to fear. That I am different. That I can survive this internet melodrama. I won't let such hate break my wall. My will is stronger and I have survived way worse than this.
I'm engulfed to believe that educated users would behave so obscenely on social media where they think they can pour their beast out. Racial slurs, threatening texts, perverse desires - shook me but made me aware of such kind of users who do exist and I need to stay put when the attack comes on me. These experiences taught me that I shouldn't fear them. That I shouldn't let my anxiety overtake my mind. I should remain strong and retort in ways that can shut them up. I report three-five scroungy accounts every year. This action may seem small but things I could have prevented before, has taught me to walk into the menace without cowling, which in present, I can fight it.
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2020.07.28 15:13 OMDB-PiLoT Here's A to Z list of a *few* scams that happened since 2014 in India

Since today is my cake-day, I thought of posting something that got a lot of upvotes earlier on india.
Here's the full list of all the scams as listed on the site - from A-to-Z:
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2019.01.26 07:20 RandomAnnan Tracking Salman's Salmanaissance: When did it really start ?

So Salman was pretty much written out by the time he had 2 serious cases with one of drunk driving and killing going on. It was assumed he would spend a few years in jail atleast. This is the time Vivek Oberoi also came out with his press conference.
That conference's reaction:
Tracking Salman's movies from 2003
Tere Naam released right after it after a long delay and it was a hit.
He had to wait until 2004 to get Mujhse Shadi Karogi as a hit.
2005 - lucky, no entry - two ok movies for his role
2006 - jaan e man which was a massive flop
2007 - partner
2008 - all flops including yuvraj
2009 - wanted was a hit, and it started the angry salman khan theme
2010 - dabangg - now this is where it all started. I remember seeing it in the hall and it was an experience
2011 - ready, bodyguard - two big hits
2012 - ek tha tiger and dabangg 2 - again big hits
2013 - nothing
2014 - kick - hit
2015 - bajrangi - massive hit. also that stupid movie prem ratan dhan pao which was a hit
2016 - sultan, massive hit, all time blockbuster
so did it really start in 2009, or from 2007 (partner)
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2018.09.23 14:04 prasad_knew Rafael Deal Misconceptions

Misconception even among the most learned fellows or fellows so blinded by irrational hatred that they think Modi awarded contract to Reliance to manufacture Rafale when HAL could have done that.
Reality - Reliance is not going to manufacture even a single screw of Aircraft. We're getting them in fully loaded flyaway condition. UPA dragged MMRCA for 5 years and played with security of nation while two volatile fronts are breathing down our neck.
Now how is Reliance involved?
Ignorant peeps didn't even care to read Offset policy of India which binds the supplier of arms to procure arms and equipments worth a given percent of original deal with importing country. As the supplier of Rafale in this case is République française and Reliance has been selected as their offset partner by Government of France only, they are binded to procure arms/equipments worth a given percent from Reliance. So reliance would be manufacturing for French not us.
//Offset, in literary sense, is a factor that counterbalances or compensates an act. In the defence procurement context, it is an element of ‘compensation’ made by the manufacturer that mostly takes place in the form of placing a minimum per cent of value addition in the ordering country.//
Citation :-
Why HAL wasn't awarded the offset contract?
Another big misconception about the deal. Dassault, the manufacturer of Rafale collaborated with them previously on Mirage but they didn't have the greatest experience with the state run PSU.
Citation :-
Keep everything aside, why Egypt and Qatar recently bought Rafale from France in similar price?
//The Egyptian air force has paid €5.2 billion for 24 fighters and is reportedly considering buying 12 more, a 'fully loaded cost' of €217 million per Rafale.
Similarly, the Qatar air force has paid out €6.3 billion for a similar number of aircraft, with a 'fully loaded cost' of €262 million per fighter.//
Also, the structure of our deal.
//That puts the cost of each of the 36 'bare bones' fighters at €91.7 million (Rs 686 crore) -- totalling up to €3.3 billion.
Besides this, the IAF paid €1.7 billion for 'India-specific enhancements', €700 million for weaponry such as Meteor and SCALP missiles, €1.8 billion for spare parts and engines, and €350 million for 'performance-based logistics', to ensure that at least 75 per cent of the Rafale fleet remains operationally available.
All this added up to another €4.5 billion, taking the cost of the contract up to €7.85 billion.//
Citation. :-
I'm sure Ajai Shukla is not the biggest fan of Modi but his defence expertise can't be questioned.
Now Rahul Gandhi can go around and throw different figures for a deal that was never substantialized in first place and was dragged for years playing with our security.
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2018.07.26 11:55 rsk321115 Benefits of Business Loans that can help expand your Business

The initial period is most difficult for a new business startup. Get Small Business Loans to match your specific needs. Business loans are important for any startup business, it can help you to grow your business. To know more about the benefits of the business loans that can help expand your business click the following link..
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2018.06.23 07:22 -0-1- All Aadhar links

  4. corporate interests supporting Aadhar (AadharnamaI posted on reddit) (Aadharnama on wayback machine)
Phase 2
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2018.06.04 15:13 dark-ritual BJP Government Performance Analysis: Defence Issues

I’ve always been interested in Indian defence issues, so this is the first article in this series. Most of data and other posts in this series are indexed here.To be honest, almost anyone apart from regime which had a sloth like AK Antony is an improvement for Indian defence needs. Almost every aspect of Indian defence sector ranging from acquisitions, research, management, border issues suffered immeasurably under UPA government. There were huge bribery scandals, no arms, ammunition, lots of acrimony involving defence personnel and further strengthening of perception of India as a soft state. To list all of those scams, most of them going in to hundreds of crores each will require a whole book, so not listing those here. On the other hand, NDA government has done some really good work under guidance of Manohar Parrikar and Nirmala Sitaraman There have been some long pending reforms and good actions in a short amount of time. Another good thing so far is that there have been no bribery scandals or slowdown in process due to fear of it which were the norm in previous regimes.📷
Akash surface to air missile

A. Defence Manufacturing and Acquisition

**Points 9/10.**
Defence manufacturing has been a weak point for India and we’ve been dependent on a number of extremely and unreliable weapon suppliers for our needs. Government, defence laboratories, state owned manufactures and Indian armed forces are equally responsible for the mess over the years. The reforms in this field have been very good under Manohar Parrikar and now Sitaraman. A number of long pending projects have been cleared, private sector is being involved at a much greater scale and money being spent for our defence needs is staying within country. Modi’s Make In India has been a positive factor. All these steps have enabled India to save 1 lakh crore in defence sector. 1* This has been made possible by a number of steps aimed at involving private industry in a much bigger way. One of the major long pending steps was transfer of technology from government owned research labs to industry which happened for first time. 2* 4*
  1. As mentioned above, local defence manufacturing by local private players has received lot of support. A number of Indian companies are now manufacturing all of or major components for missiles, small arms, howitzers, vehicles and various other equipments. 1* 2* 4*
  2. Issue of critical ammunition shortfall has been addressed by giving greater autonomy to armed forces, revamping production at OFB and setting up of private manufacturing plants. – 3*****
  3. Local weapon systems like Akash Surface to Air Missile, 4* Light Combat Aircraft Tejas fighter 5* and Nag Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) 6* have received much better and their long pending induction in armed forces expedited.
  4. Development and manufacturing of small arms in India has received a major boost in last 4 years. A number of locally designed and made guns have already been inducted in various state police and paramilitary forces .11* 12* 13* 14* 15*
  5. Long pending acquisitions and upgrades of essential items for soldiers like armour, helmets and guns have been approved. Induction of these items was pending for decades. 7* 8* 16* 17*
  6. Critical issue of shortage of artillery guns has been solved by fast track development and induction of various Indian as well as foreign systems. These have been the first induction of artillery by Indian army since Bofors howitzer in 1986. 18* 19* 20* 21* 22* 23* 24*
  7. Long pending and seemingly dead deal for India Air Force MRCA (Dassault Rafale) finally signed at good terms. -79*
  1. Some of essential projects like Arjun are still stuck due to battles between Army and DRDO. In my opinion based on available open source information, army is being very unreasonable here. 25*
  2. A number of naval projects like submarines, Vikrant aircraft carrier, ships are delayed and seemingly no steps have been taken to rectify sub-par performance of local shipyards. 26* 27* 28*
  3. Project for next generation of Infantry Combat Vehicles ( to replace BMP) has made very slow progress. 29*

A C-130 Hercules in a newly commissioned Advanced Landing Ground

B. Terrorism, Border and Internal security

**Points 7/10.**
This seems to be another field in which Modi government has done much better than previous regimes, but still fall shorts of expectations. Everyone already knows about some big actions like surgical strikes against terrorist camps in Pakistan and Myanmar. Home Minister Rajnath Singh faces regular abuse on social media for various reasons, but his work has proven that he is one of better ministers that this department has seen for quite some time. Some good work has been done to contain Maoists inside Indian hinterland. For the first time, civilian financiers and moles whose support enables Islamic terrorism in J&K have been targeted on such a large scale. But there are still a few issues which have not been addressed completely.
  1. Cross border strikes against terrorist targets in Pakistan and Myanmar have sent a strong message and raised morale.35* 36* 37* . There have been various other small scale operations against pakis which haven’t received that much coverage. 38*
  2. Area under Maoist influence has shrunk quite a bit. Good intelligence work, better connect with locals and coordination between different state police forces and paramilitary forces has yielded good results. 30* 31* 32* 33* 34*
  3. Indian Army and BSF have been given greater autonomy to handle mischief by Pakis at border. It has yielded some good results and raised confidence of soldiers. Even BSF is regularly bashing up Paki posts which fire or try to insert terrorists. Pakis have now begged to enforce 2003 ceasefire agreement again. 39* 40* 41* 52*
  4. Overground workers, financiers and various other supporters of muslim terrorists in J&K have been raided and arrested not just in the state, but outside too. 42* 43* 44* 45*
  5. Shelters, aid and other facilities to victims of cross border shelling by pakis is being provided. It’s still not enough, but is first step for a long pending need. 55*
  6. Border issues with China have seen India get a bit more vocal and assertive compared to previous incidents. It has not been perfect, but still better than what we used to see earlier. Steps are being taken to reduce Chinese advantages like construction of border roads, raising of dedicated military units and airfields 65* 66* 67* 68* 69* 70*
  1. This regime isn’t immune to appeasement policies when it comes to muslims leading to stupid decisions like ceasefire during ramzan. There have been some good successes against armed terrorists in Kashmir but issue of unarmed terrorists like the type who pelt stones and their supporters has not been adequately addressed.46*. After terrorist attack in Pathankot, we invited Pakistanis for a so called joint investigation. 48*
  2. Khalistani militants continue to make noise and try to be a nuisance in some foreign countries. They have not been countered effectively. 47*
  3. Resettlement of Kashmiri Hindus back in Kashmir is still not done. Very few steps have been taken to ensure that the displaced Hindus get their properties back 53* 54*
  4. Issue of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar has been a major failure. They have been allowed to settle in many parts of India and existing ones have not been deported. 50* 51*
  5. No progress of taking PoK back or support of locals there against paki hegemony.
  6. Forces involved in counter insurgency operations should have received better moral support from the government. Admittedly, it is just a point of view, but there have been incidents where soft jihadi Mufti regime in J&K (of which BJP is a part) has tried to implicate and harass security forces in fake cases. With BJP as partner in the govt, people had expected much stricter action against jihadi kashmiri muslims. But Mufti and her colleagues seem to be in control of administration. 76* 77*

C. Other Defence Issues

Points 7/10
This section is for other issues related to Indian defence like government policies related to defence, handling of grievances and so on. For the abuse BJP gets from left-liberal circles for being regressive, a lot of pioneering work has been done like much greater participation of women in defence including path breaking combat roles. We also got our first female Minister of Defence and so far she has done an excellent job. There have been some good developments and for some aspects, things have remained the same if not worse.
  1. For the first time, women are being given combat roles in Air Force, Coast Guard and various other branches like Assam Rifles. 56* 57* 58* 59*
  2. One Rank One Pension has been rolled out. It is not perfect and the events leading up to it’s implementation were avoidable. But the basic work has been done and the veterans have started to receive their dues. 60* 61* 62*
  3. Indian Ministry Of Defence has decided to not challenge disability pension for soldiers. 63*
  1. There has been very little progress in resolving the issue of disparity between pay of civilian and military officers. 64*
  2. Some stupid decisions like opening up of cantonment roads for civilian traffic 71* 72* which was later reversed. 73*
  3. Spending on defence has not been up to expectations. 75*
  4. Arun Jaitley was given additional charge of defence ministry for quite some time. These departments need two separate heads, not a single person juggling the two jobs. 74*


So far, this regime has been one of the best ones for Indian defence sector. As mentioned above, it is not perfect and a lot still needs to be done in due time.As far as the shortcomings are concerned, there are some very sore points like handling of illegal immigrants and civilian jihadis in Kashmir. But even the detractors and people with very high expectations should be reasonably happy with the performance so far.



1. Modi's Make in India just saved Rs 1 lakh crore in defence sector.
  1. In a first, DRDO transfers technology to private player.
  2. Critical shortages of ammunition nearly made up, Army to PAC
4. We have given nearly 300 transfer of technologies in the last three years
  1. Parrikar cuts Gordian knot to boost Tejas line
  2. 300 anti-tank missiles to be inducted into Indian Army soon
  3. Defence ministry’s Rs 16,000-crore arms buy: 7.40 lakh assault rifles, 5,719 sniper rifles for Indian forces
  4. Defence ministry approved purchase of 41K LMGs, 3.5 lakh carbines
  5. Govt firms up plans for made-in-India Kalashnikov rifles
  6. Government inks Rs 639 crore deal for 1.86 lakh new bullet-proof jackets for infantry soldiers
  7. Ordnance Factory Board to supply lethal rifles to Army
  8. Ordnance Factory Tiruchirapalli unveils new assault rifle as answer to iconic AK-47
  9. CRPF most likely to place orders for Trichy Assault Rifle
  10. RFI hands over indigenous Ghaatak rifle to Kerala Police
  11. DRDO’s assault rifles to throw shield around Assam rhinos
  12. UP CLOSE: Indian Army’s 1st New Combat Helmets In 25 Years
  13. After 9-Year Wait, Indian Soldiers To Finally Get Bulletproof Jackets
  14. Bang for the buck?
  15. High-altitude trials of indigenous gun
  16. Army to get 40 artillery guns made by DRDO
  17. Know all about Indian Army's latest self-propelled gun K9 VAJRA-T 155mm/ 52 calibre howitzer
  18. India’s Fastest Deal: #MakeInIndia K-9 Guns To Start Deliveries In 11 Months
  19. Mahindra, BAE To Produce Howitzers for Indian Army
  20. First five Indian M777 howitzers to enter service in September
25. Army wages war against ‘overweight’ Arjun tank
26. Aircraft carrier Vikrant to be commissioned by 2020
27. Delay in building ships, cost escalation hit Navy’s upgradation plans
  1. Repeated delays in naval projects led to huge cost escalation
29. Army's combat vehicle project gets green signal Read more at:
  1. Government to deny Reds breathing space
  2. Gadchiroli encounter: Six more Maoists confirmed dead, toll rises to 22
  3. Maoists area of influence shrinks; 44 districts removed from affected list: Union Home Secretary
  4. Making a wave: 20-fold increase in Maoist surrender since May-end
  5. Echo from the hills of Chhattisgarh: ‘We are the first Bastariya Battalion
  6. India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ Across Line of Control in Kashmir
  7. India strikes back, carries out surgical strikes on terror launch pads at LoC
37.India carries out 'surgical strikes' against Pakistan after Kashmir attack
  1. Revenge of ‘The Fallen’ – Part 1
  2. Pak bunkers busted, assets destroyed by BSF troops along International Border
  3. Government gives Army free hand to avenge Pakistan's mutilation act: Sources
  4. India-Pak thaw: Both agree to follow ceasefire on LoC in letter and spirit
  5. Pakistani terror funding: Millionaire businessman arrested in Srinagar
  6. NIA unearths new Kashmir terror funding channels
  7. NIA Arrests Kashmiri Businessman Zahoor Watali In Terror Funding Case
  8. Naeem Khan, Bitta Karate, 5 other separatists arrested by NIA over Pak funding of terror
46. Jawans' hands not tied during Ramzan: Rajnath Singh
47. Pakistan-backed Khalistani activists hold anti-India protest
48. Pathankot attack probe: What made Govt invite Pakistan, asks Parliamentary Panel
49. No Rohingya Muslim immigrant was deported from India in last three years: Government
50 Deportation of 17 Bangladeshi immigrants from Assam postponed
51. Deport Bangladeshi Immigrants Along With Rohingyas Within a Year: PIL in SC
  1. Modi gives free hand to forces over ceasefire violations by Pakistan
53. Kashmiri Pandits resettlement: BJP advocates 'patience' to settle differences
54. Resettlement of Kashmiri Hindus – The inside story and The way forward
  1. Cross border shelling: 5,500 bunkers, 200 community halls to be constructed along LoC
  2. No longer a male bastion, Assam Rifles gets its first women’s contingent
  3. In A First, Indian Coast Guard Deploys Female Officers In Combat Roles
  4. India paves way for women in army combat roles
  5. Meet India's first three women fighter pilots
  6. Armed forces personnel who retired prematurely to get OROP: PM Modi
  7. Revised Pensionary benefits under OROP released to over Two Lakh Defence Pensioners
  8. OROP rolled out, but veterans want more
63. Ministry of defence will not challenge disability pension for soldiers .
  1. Military-civil rift over rank and pay parity likely to widen: Sources
65. Roads to all China border posts soon, says Rajnath Singh Union home minister
  1. Chinese and Indian troops face off in Bhutan border dispute
  2. This is how India plans to block China on the border
  3. Amid China Standoff, India Hits Pedal on Border Road Construction After Delay
  4. India to Add Seven More Advanced Airfields Near Border With China
  5. Eye on China, India to raise second division for mountain corps
71. Order to open Cantonment roads to public came after pleas from MPs
72. Drama ends: Ministry of Defence orders all cantt roads to be open to public
73. MoD empowers Army to impose cantonment road closures
74. Arun Jaitley given additional charge of Defence
75. Defence spending as percentage of GDP has gone down across the world
76. Army orders court of inquiry against Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi
77. Major Leetul Gogoi raided our home at night: Mother of woman at hotel
78. J-K govt to move court for pardons of 4,961 stone-pelters
  1. India, France ink €7.87 billion agreement for 36 Rafales€7.87-billion-agreement-for-36-Rafales/article14995775.ece
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2018.05.23 15:56 veddershaktimaan While researching on Karnataka governor's undemocratic action, I came across this article wherein, Congress governor did a lot of Unethical and illegal activities in 2005 in jharkhand to ensure they make the ruling party there ( even though NDA has the majority seats) . - Since titles have to be exact in a URL post , this is why the link is in a self post.
Excerpts from the quora answer BJP was, by far, the single largest party, winning 30 seats out of 63 seats it contested. BJP’s pre-poll alliance partner JD(U) contested the other 18 seats and could pull-off 6 seats.
This took NDA tally to 36 in the 81 member assembly.
With Congress winning 9 out of 41 seats it contested, NCP winning 1 seat out of 13 seats and JMM winning 17 seats it contested, UPA parties lacked far behind NDA in tally.
Immediately after the results, BJP was able to secure the support of 5 other MLAs: 2 from All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU), 1 MLA from Kharkhand Party and 2 other independent MLAs.
This took NDA’s tally to the magic half mark figure, giving them the majority.
BJP duly staked the claim to form the government and also physically presented the 5 supporting MLAs before the Honorable Governor of Jharkhand.
So far so good?
Now the real drama begins.
The Governor Syed Sibtey Razi did something that shocked the entire nation.
He invited JMM supremo Shibu Soren to form the government.
Shibu Soren was sworn in as Chief Minister of Jharkhand and Stephen Marandi as Deputy CM.
NDA called for a statewide bandh and an agitation, which obviously was of no use.
The only option for NDA was to fly all the 41 MLAs to Delhi to be paraded before the then President APJ Abdul Kalam and proving their majority in the highest office of the nation in the entire public view.
For this, date was chosen 3rd March 2005.
It was now simply a matter of getting these 41 MLAs, including the 5 independent ones, to Delhi from Jharkhand.
When the chartered plane was about to take-off from Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Airport, Deputy CM Stephen Marandi, along with his men, stopped the plane and raided it to capture the independent MLAs on board.
But here comes the twist.
Independent MLAs weren’t there in the plane.
While UPA was busy at the airport, all the 5 independent MLAs were actually being driven across the state border.
Now, the question is which state border?
Chattisgarh, right? As it had the BJP government. MLAs would surely be safe there.
Wrong. Because that was the first border UPA sealed when they realized MLAs were escaping.
Then Odisha, right? Since NDA government was there.
Wrong again. That border was also sealed by the UPA government.
The MLAs were actually headed to CPI(M) ruled West Bengal.
Masterstroke, right? The panicked UPA government deployed the minimum resources at that border, overconfident that BJP would never ferry their MLAs to a Left Front ruled state.
Once in Durgapur, the MLAs headed towards Kharagpur Railway Station. From there, they boarded the train to Bhubaneshwar, Odisha at 2:30 AM on March 3, 2005. At 5:00 AM, they finally reached to the safe place.
Meanwhile, BJP continued to bluff, throwing the UPA sniffers off the trail over and over again. Rumours were spread that the MLAs were still in Ranchi. Then it was said that they were in Delhi. They even spread the rumours that MLAs had been moved to Ahmedabad.
That afternoon, the 5 supporting MLAs finally caught a flight from Bhubaneshwar to Delhi.
They were presented before the President of India.
Nine days later, Jharkhand Governor Sibtey Razi dismissed Shibu Soren from the post of Chief Minister and invited Arjun Munda to form the government in the state.
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2018.03.25 16:08 -0-1- Benefits of Aadhar

I collected news reports and articles about Aadhar to serve as a reminder of data leaks and other incidents relating to it. This will serve as a public memory and spread awareness about Aadhar. Do copy it, back it up and spread it. Also make your own list and add it to this to make a mega list. The title is for those who will search for benefits of Aadhar in future (wicked smile)
Cheers corporate interests supporting Aadhar
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2018.03.25 09:03 -0-1- Aadharnama

I collected news reports and articles about Aadhar to serve as a reminder of data leaks and other incidents relating to it. This will serve as a public memory and spread awareness about Aadhar. Do copy it, back it up and spread it.
Cheers corporate interests supporting Aadhar
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2017.06.27 11:38 BotSpeaks 'I'd give the Modi-Trump summit 10/10'

A shorter version (reduced by 92.0%) can be found on IndiaSpeaks.
This is an extended summary, original article can be found here

Extended Summary:

'I'd give the Modi-Trump summit 10/10'.
'We're going to see a defence relationship that really takes off -- now that India is a major defence partner of the US, the sky is the limit for arms sales.
' 'What more can you ask for? ' Michael Kugelman -- Deputy Director and Senior Associate for the South Asia program at the Wilson Center, the Washington, DC think-tank -- is an articulate and respected observer on India, Pakistan and the rest of South Asia..
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the Modi-Trump Summit?.
And why? I find 1 to 10 scales a bit arbitrary, but in this case it's easy to assign the summit a 10 simply because the prime objective was resoundingly achieved and the expectations were easily met.
The goal was for the two men to meet each other and have a good conversation about where they see the relationship going.
Given the unpredictability of Trump, one can never rule out the possibility of surprises.
The body language of both men was largely positive.
What are the positives that emerged from the meeting? For me, the major positive was how expansive the joint statement was.
One might have expected that the scope for cooperation would be narrowed a bit.
Another positive was Modi's invitation to Trump to visit India, and what appeared to be an acceptance of that invitation from Trump.
If the Indian and American governments work to take the India visit offer forward and set a date for it, then you have a nice marker to put down in the future that will ensure that India continues to get top billing from the White House.
What surprised you about the meeting? From the start, and admittedly from afar, I was struck by the camraderie established by the two men.
Trump seemed to have genuine admiration for Modi when he noted how well the country's economy has been performing.
Those were two very different men with very different political views.
All this is to say that there's very good reason to believe that Modi and Trump will cultivate a strong and warm personal relationship.
And for the US? Yes, this meeting was a get-to-know-you affair, not a let's-make-a-deal kind of encounter.
These are not seminal, milestone achievements by any means, but they did give Trump and Modi something substantive to highlight in the joint statement.
I think the US-India relationship has been treading water over the first few months of the Trump administration.
The joint statement has sketched out a number of areas of cooperation to focus on in the coming months, including several -- including, surprisingly, clean energy -- that myself and other analysts had assumed were no-go areas.
If there's one president that would be likely to take a harder line on Pakistan, it would be Trump.
There's a comprehensive policy review going on right now, and it is considering tougher policies -- from an expansion of drone strikes to aid reductions -- but it is also considering more conciliatory policies that involve using diplomacy to convince Pakistan to crack down on terror groups.
I have been struck by how much the Trump administration has been talking about India's role in Afghanistan, and I imagine that its South Asia policy will propose deeper US-India cooperation in Afghanistan -- on economic and diplomatic levels, to be sure, not security levels..
There's clearly an understanding about India's cross-border terror concerns in the White House, but an understanding won't necessarily translate to a decision to take action.
For one thing, the depth of friendship between the US and India suggests this is unlikely.
This is a strategy that's actually worked well in the past, from the Kargil crisis to the Mumbai attacks and many incidents in between.
This can entail sharing information about the movement of terrorists in South Asia or also working together to cut off terrorist financing for India-focused terror groups in Pakistan.
Do India and the the current US administration share concerns about China? (I believe this is the first time North Korea made its appearance during an India-US summit, with President Trump lauding New Delhi's sanctions against Pyongyang.
I'm sure it came up in the private conversation, but apparently not on a level substantive enough to warrant mention in the joint statement.
All this said, I do think that China is something on which both sides will continue to cooperate, and for two reasons.
Second, at the end of the day, both the US and India continue to view China's increasing activities and provocations in the Indo-Pacific region as a threat to their national interests.
Of course, what form that cooperation takes remains to be seen.
Well, I think we've already gotten an answer to the question of whether they can do business.
I think that this relationship has enough goodwill to find ways around apparent constraints and to make things happen in a big way.
My sense is that we're going to see a defence relationship that really takes off -- now that India is a major defence partner of the US, the sky is the limit for arms sales.

Stats For Nerds:

Original Length 14022
Summary Length 5061
Summary Ratio: 63.91
If I am not working properly, please contact Blackbird-007 or send a message to moderators of /IndiaSpeaks.
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2015.12.05 01:58 vigorous Question: Mr. President, overall, are you upset with the state of bilateral relations with Turkey? After all, the level of partnership was unprecedented, and had taken decades of work. Now what?

Vladimir Putin: I think we are all upset, and I am personally very upset, because I myself did a great deal to build those relations over the course of a long period of time.
But there are problems that occurred long ago and which we were trying to resolve through dialogue with our Turkish partners. For example, we have long asked them to pay attention to the fact that representatives of terrorist organisations that fought or try to fight us with weapons in hand in certain Russian regions, including in the North Caucasus, emerge on Turkey’s territory.
We asked to stop this practice, but nevertheless have established that they are located on the territory of the Turkish Republic, residing in regions guarded by special services and the police, and later, using the visa-free regime, appear again on our territory, where we continue to fight them.
This has been happening for a long time, and we have repeatedly asked questions at the level of special services through so-called partner channels, as well as at the foreign ministry level and the highest political level. Unfortunately, we did not see any partner-oriented reaction to our concerns. Thus, many questions that needed to be resolved one way or another have been brewing for some time. It is unfortunate that we must resolve them in such circumstances, but this is not our fault, this was not our choice.
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2015.02.12 12:37 screensumer I just launched - WhatsApp + FourSquare for Businesses

Dear Friends, I have spent almost 15 years in Media with internet media companies like, MSN (Microsoft) and this is my first SaaS App with my partner in crime, Dharmesh Kothari @ Gray Matrix, Inc.
We have build this app with communication and location tracking in mind.
Organizations spend lot of time on phone and other methods just to know the location of their mobile workforce, pass on important messages based on their team's locations and things like that.
You can use this app for any kind of application where the team is always on the move, right from safety of employee point of view, to the very standard logistics and supply management personnels on field, to very diverse and dynamic situations like disaster management,
We are offering a 14 day free trial. Please give it a try and let us know your valuable feedback.
You can even use the app for your family or personal use while travelling abroad or any other safety requirements. The app is currently web + android, ios coming soon
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2013.12.24 07:51 that_70_show_fan Vashista Wahan scandal - One of the most idiotic and asinine cases of fraud which showcases the ineptitude of governmental agencies.

This is one scandal I cannot ever forget. It is mind blowing the way a few people were able to defraud the government of AP to the tune of about 12 crores. I know, the amount is pretty low for today's standards, but this was extremely high profile case which was pretty well covered in the media.
Here's the details I was able to collect and arranged it in chronological order to the best of my knowledge:
Here are a few links as references:
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2011.08.01 21:57 ieatbrainz "Warning dear Sir," Best spam mail ever

I work an IT job where I occasionally have to take over for our helpdesk employees and answer emails and phone calls. We get our fair share of ridiculous spam mail, but today I have found the winner.
"Subject: Warning dear Sir,
Warning dear Sir,
This message is to let you know that your life is in danger.
I am Mahdi Al Khalaf, Deputy Chief of a terrorist group.
One of your close partner had sent us to kill you. If i decide now to contact you it because after some investigation I saw that you are innocent from all that happens.
I have my agents that are already on your area for the execution of this operation.
Dear Sir i am not joking.
We have all informations about you and your life.
We have your photo and your full addresses.
I give you only 72 hours to reply this message to know more about this and receive the video of those who sent us to kill you.But if you refuse to answer me,INCHA ALLAH I promise you hell.
Dear Sir no mistake ! Never inform the Police or any one about this,We have also our members who work with: FBI, CIA and others Police Agencies.If you do it, I will know and you will see the consequences.......INCHA ALLAH
Please serious warning.....
I give you only 72 hours to reply to me: [email protected]
Treat yourself at a restaurant, spa, resort and much more with Rediff Deal ho jaye!"
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